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One or Two State Solution for Palestine: A Lesson From African American History

December 23, 2013 Leave a comment

One or Two State Solution for Palestine: A Lesson From African American History.

Dr. King jr accomplished more than peace. He proved one of the most intelligent men in history wrong, he showed Thomas Jefferson was incorrect about human nature. Although it is not acknowledged in history today, African Americans contributed to American culture today by teaching all Americans a lesson that EQUAL RIGHTS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LAND!

A lesson that Palestinians everywhere must consider for themselves as it is without doubt that a two state solution will result in Palestinians being given the worst of the resources when shared from THEIR OWN LAND, Israel will continue to violate a second Palestinian state’s borders when it claims it was provoked by an attack regardless if Palestine is a second state or not, and that all of the injustices done to purposely make the lives of innocent Palestinians uncomfortable as we are witnessing now in Gaza will be to the benefit of the US and Israel as they will ascertain what they desire – a two state solution.

In my opinion, I am not Palestinian or Israeli so I can not decide. In my opinion, the actions of the US and Israel against innocent Palestinians recently is forfeiture of that influence. It is up to the Palestinians and Israelis themselves and may they choose wisely. insha allah

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