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An Appeal to the Ummah in the World

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The biggest enemy of our efforts are not those of other nations supporting the crimes against our btohers and sisters. It is our own Muslim brothers and sisters who either collaborate or remain silent.This is how every form of occupation is effective. at how many times slave rebellions in America were foiled by slaves telling their masters. The majority of them were. The same in colonialism. Without the support of collaborators amongst the Vietnamese, French colonialism could not have been successful. It was the Emporor Bao Gia who first invited the French into his kingdom of Vietnam to protect him from rebels. After that, every Vietnamese ruler after him was a puppet of the French.Can you think of any countries in the Middle East playing the same role?

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Analysis: The forgotten refugees of Gaza

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Analysis: The forgotten refugees of Gaza.

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Collective Consciousness and TJP: Why We Refuse to Surrender

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These are not perfect people by far. They have tough skin and like many great minds in history, they have flaws, sometimes huge ones. Sometimes those who have above normal passion and resilience against injustice by the powerful over the weak are misconstrued as insane, incorrigible, anti-authority, or/and misanthropes. The fact is the experiences they have endured and fights they have stood strong against have created a turtle’s shell on the outside to protect their fragile inner parts, which could be used against them to diminish their will to be resilient or to loosen the grip of their clinch on their own humanity, honor, and integrity. To protect themselves from the harsh cruelty and despicable natures of those brainwashed by years of national and zealous religious indoctrination who call themselves citizens of the very same governments that create the injustices that make people like them squint in horror as they cry on the inside while trying to control their rage at such disgusting, barefaced, and shameless injustice. Sometimes our hearts are pure and honest, too honest as some say. People hate others who are too honest or speak truth to power as Ray Luv, the late 2 Pac’s friend, explained was a reason why people hated and wanted 2 Pac Shakur dead.2 Pac: people or leathernecks for humanity are human rights activists. And yes. We all are eccentric! Some may have peculiar habits such as wearing the same suit everyday of the week or failed in high school as Albert Einstein, some may have been former criminals who turned their lives around like Malcolm X, some may have a high libido as Franklin Roosevelt and Dr. King Jr, some may have huge debts like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain who all filed for bankruptcy, and more flaws. We are human.

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An Appeal to the Ummah in the World

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CIA Document Declared Israel Founded Upon Terrorism

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Cheers for a Palestine by Name, Forget the Rights

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Siraj Davis Shames Mary Rizzo by Declaring I Don’t Believe You : Reposted from Salem News

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