The Canadian International School Kurdistan Erbil and Anne Frank: Anti-Semitism and International Schools

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via The Canadian International School Kurdistan Erbil and Anne Frank: Anti-Semitism and International Schools

Kurdistan24 News once claimed religious pluralism “is a cornerstone for a new Kurdistan state.” I want to believe this, despite no synagogues or community of Jews in Kurdistan. Despite witnessing swastika chains sold at the Citadel’s Bazar and Nazi Swastikas drawn next to mosques. And despite my personal experience with the Diary of Anne Frank at the Canadian International School (CIS) of Erbil in Kurdistan.

KRG closes American International School in Erbil

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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Education Ministry of the Kurdistan Regional Government has decided to close down the American International School in Erbil, citing the lack of necessary scientific qualities and certification.
The ministry has also said it will not recognize the degrees of students who have graduated from the school. The head of the school has said the problem is personal and the ministry has dismissed the all the initiatives made by the school to address the scientific problems identified by the ministry.

Globe English School: A Dodgy Black Company in Japan

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Globe English School is undeniably, not even a quarter-way decent language school or center. This dodgy cavern, Love Hotel of language centers, sued on several occasions by former employees, impossible to underestimate, should be renamed Globe English Club ( It is run by former Nova English teachers, a demonstrated failed cock-eyed noise DJ, Nao Kiyota, and a two-faced mediocre Brazilian Capoeira enthusiast named Hiroyuki Kume. (Nova English centers in Japan have been repeatedly in the news for employment violations and its connections to the Yakuza).

The dictator / owner of Globe English, Nao Kiyota, who goes by the handle Jaxx Da Fishworks.

This is the downfall of superficial appearances. The idiom never judge a book by its cover, was never introduced in Japan.
Hiroyuki Kume is the good cop, or good face, of the business. After 14 years with Globe, he constantly distances himself from the criminal and unethical activities there,pretending not to be aware of what Nao does.

He does know however and is often participating with enabling some of the preceding activities.
He not only deals with hiring, but payment disbursements also.

In sum, Globe severely lacks competent qualified management and instructors, outside of desperate naive tourists seeking a source for travel expenses. There is absolutely no pedagogy or methodology, no diagnostic testing, and no teacher training. This lingo-circus engages in very dodgy business practices, blatant racism against blacks and half-Japanese, and engages in consistent employee abuse, perhaps even illegal, employment violations.

Finally, Globe English Club also has no real benefit toward its customers. It’s simply a mess for any species serious about language learning, other than parrots.

Recently, despite being the reason God created the middle finger, Globe has enacted efforts toward meticulously erasing its many negative reviews on social media. Due to online screenshots and my tragic employment at Globe, some of those innocent victims’ voices can be heard here.

Globe English School: A Dodgy Black Company in Japan

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The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly of the vulgar. 

– Niccolò Machiavelli

Globe English picture advertisements.

None of these people ever worked at Globe English school in Japan.

When first arriving in Japan, ominous Facebook comments alluded to notorious black companies. I was clueless initially, but after getting my feet wet, I now know.

According to Wikipedia, a black company is a pejorative commonly associated with manufacturing companies that engage in illegal and exploitive practices ( However, I am absolutely certain, the term also applies to some English language schools and centers as well.

The following is a microcosm.

How Japanese Black Companies Oppress Workers and Ruin Lives

Globe English School is undeniably, not even a quarter-way decent language school or center. This dodgy cavern, Love Hotel of language centers, sued on several occasions by former employees, impossible to underestimate, should be renamed Globe English Club ( It is run by former Nova English teachers, a demonstrated failed cock-eyed noise DJ, Nao Kiyota, and a two-faced mediocre Brazilian Capoeira enthusiast named Hiroyuki Kume. (Nova English centers in Japan have been repeatedly in the news for employment violations and its connections to the Yakuza).

The dictator / owner of Globe English, Nao Kiyota, who goes by the handle Jaxx Da Fishworks.

This is the downfall of superficial appearances. The idiom never judge a book by its cover, was never introduced in Japan.
Hiroyuki Kume is the good cop, or good face, of the business. After 14 years with Globe, he constantly distances himself from the criminal and unethical activities there,pretending not to be aware of what Nao does.

He does know however and is often participating with enabling some of the preceding activities.
He not only deals with hiring, but payment disbursements also.

In sum, Globe severely lacks competent qualified management and instructors, outside of desperate naive tourists seeking a source for travel expenses. There is absolutely no pedagogy or methodology, no diagnostic testing, and no teacher training. This lingo-circus engages in very dodgy business practices, blatant racism against blacks and half-Japanese, and engages in consistent employee abuse, perhaps even illegal, employment violations.

Finally, Globe English Club also has no real benefit toward its customers. It’s simply a mess for any species serious about language learning, other than parrots.

Recently, despite being the reason God created the middle finger, Globe has enacted efforts toward meticulously erasing its many negative reviews on social media. Due to online screenshots and my tragic employment at Globe, some of those innocent victims’ voices can be heard here.

Lack of Qualifications, Experience, and Training

Teachers at Globe, mostly the unarmed type in a battle of wits, with very few exceptions, lack any sufficient experience or adequate education to teach the English language. According to one American Globe teacher’s notes, a couple instructors at Globe may even be improperly educated to even write English legibly, correctly, and comprehensibly (Globe teachers write notes of what they teach after every lesson).

  • American teacher’s notes:

The honest teachers at Globe admit this. Then, there are the teachers who are not so honest. They end up managers.

During my employment at Globe, my online South African manager was former cabin crew for Qatar Airlines, never having taught a single class prior. He was interestingly promoted to online manager after, as other colleagues explained, the Fukuoka Globe branch he supervised, shut down.  He is definitely the type any educated ESL teacher would regard with an indifference, bordering on aversion. However, one has no choice but to admire his personality since he has more dick in it, than his pants.

In regards to any demonstrable erudite advice to compensate for his dearth of credentials and dexterous backstabbing, this clown’s sole advice to me of any noticeable recollection, was to focus on entertaining pupils and disregard any grammar weaknesses.

Similar advice however was generously repeated to me by a bald elderly Aussie Globe manager beforehand, so I wasn’t shocked. The difference was the preceding pop-bellied Karate enthusiast added, we should intentionally deceive students, with performing sudden positive gesturing, bolstered with melodramatic emotional reactions of approval, during each student’s attempt at speaking English. We should conclude with casually handing students a few words on paper, as if politely tossing a stick, so the less perspicacious students may leave Globe.

Now, I am not “explicitly” declaring Globe teachers are all clowns.  

Be mindful that I was also instructed such above performance, should also include “explicitly” stated lies intentionally misleading unsuspecting students into falsely believing their fledgling English, is exceptional.  

Remember, clowns don’t normally speak.

The Aussie Globe manager is pretty straightforward honest, though a grown-child bully via verbal effigies, posting childish sticky notes with immature admonitions. He is not a vulture, but something a vulture would eat. He memorably averred once that Globe English is a perfect location for the unfortunate with past criminal records (it may have been himself he was insinuating, but unsure) and dilettante teachers without degrees or experience.

Given the fact Globe does not perform background checks, it’s quiet plausible.

  • The Aussie manager posted written effigies at work complaining of my smoking. No one else smokes so it was clearly directed at me. He denied it at first. Others informed me it was him though.

Another innominate kind grandmanager at the Nishi Umeda Globe branch, likewise without teaching experience, is a late 40s British father afflicted with a hernia, whose university major was computer-related. Though not the dumbest on the planet, he better hope that person doesn’t die. He prides himself in his unwavering dedication toward playing video games at his age. He is also without doubt, a very loyal friend.

The beautiful smile you give when you possess a sinecure for simply being white with a western passport.

His close buddy working at the Nuchayama Globe branch, is immune from checking daily pages completed, as required for all teachers, in consequence to such loyal relationship.

As noted above, the absence of qualified leaders and instructors is palpable and doesn’t escape the trained eye, or perspicacious students.

One former hoodwinked customer wrote in Japanese, “Most of them [Globe teachers] do not have the qualifications of English teachers nor receive training, and most of them are teaching without understanding how to teach.”

No Methodology, Curriculum, Diagnostics Testing

Three indicators a language school or center is professional are uniform methodology, an eclectic curriculum, and thorough diagnostics testing in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  

According to this timeline of pedagogy, Globe proves evolution runs two directions.

At Globe English, there is no curriculum so topics of common familiarity by Globe students do not coalesce with international standards. For example, a student at a CEFR (Common European Framework for Referencing Languages) B1 level may speak about what one is good at doing, while the equivalent level at Globe, will discuss why mothers breastfeed, why anal sex is acceptable, or why X-Box is better than Playstation (actual subjects from teachers’ notes).

However to anyone’s possible dismay, the methodology at Globe is easily comprehensible.

Imagine a native speaker of a language teaching without repetition of unfamiliar grammar structures, without slow articulate speech of new vocabulary, without pauses between transitions to new topics, without explanations of complex idioms and phrasal or multi verbs, and without fully identifying and adequately correcting errors and weaknesses in any heuristic of speech proficiency or language comprehension.

The above is the Globe methodology. There is none!

Instructors at Globe simply lambast and inundate their pupils with complicated subjects, uninterruptingly, for little under an entire hour. Since there are no classrooms or dividers, other surrounding students and teachers make listening, near to impossible.

The honest student is at the unfortunate merciful whims of luck with picking anything up, and the insincere Grammy award-winning student just simply pretends to comprehend.

There were numerous occasions, I simply queried students immediately after a teacher’s lesson in order to test retention, only to discover, nothing was retained.

As one former employee averred, “You spend more time entertaining than actually teaching them [Globe students].”

Another Scottish Globe teacher admitted once. “Honestly, I don’t know how to teach. Globe doesn’t give us training. They just threw me in.

A student confided to me, “In Globe, I don’t feel improve. I just feel I should review.”

Furthermore, there exists no Globe diagnostics test, thus students are coagulatingly mixed in random inaccurate level courses at the personal discretion of the most popular cadging inexperienced teachers (The lickspittles a pillock smellfungus Nao and milksop Hiro personally like).  

The disorganized consequence is akin to witnessing wild farm animals stranded in a huge tightly-locked boat for an extended period, without adequate gates to separate canines from felines and horses and pigs and Nao. The offspring no doubt would be genetically flawed, due to eventual cross-and-in breeding. Therefore likewise, Globe English is like the Noah’s Ark Circus of English language centers today.

I recollect students who have been at Globe English for several years, one at ten years, still at the exact same level from the beginning. When raising complaints, I was often told it was, verbatim, “The students’ faults for not studying.”

A student informs me she has been attending Globe English for several years and never changed a level or changed a textbook.

Often this leads to unfortunate students wrongly placed in the incorrect level, and unjustifiably reprimanded, as punishing an innocent infant for naturally defecating in its diapers after several warnings, for being simply incapable of academically keeping up with cohorts.

Every “experienced” educator comprehends any student becomes an unavoidable disturbance when situated at a level at which, they are simply unable to honestly understand.

Students are thinking humans, not helpless brutes, save a pettifogger Nao. They are absolutely capable of learning. That is, if their trusted teachers are qualified and competent sufficiently, to accurately place them in the correct scholastic level.

There are a couple of Globe teachers who comprehend this dictum, yet unfortunately none possess plenty enough time or adequate crayons in order to explain to a mooncalf Nao.

Here the owner Nao decides to remove her from the class in consequence to another teacher’s complaints. It is pertinent to mention that this teacher has no prior experience teaching.

Globe teachers have the personal discretion to suggest a Globe student “level up” to increase their English level, a term normally associated with the popular classic Nintendo game, Super Mario Brothers. Such “leveling up,” is completely subjective and often capricious, without any thorough testing or solid legitimate reasons.

Though the above process done often and repeatedly, such mensuration is akin to the trial-and-error process of a hobbledehoy male attempting to locate a wet hole, when first losing his virginity.

One student confided during a lesson, “There is no reviews or tests. If a teacher like us, he ask to move us another level.”

Dodgy Business Ethics, Racism and Employee Abuse, and Illegal Practices

If the above Alfred Hitchcock setting does not yet rationally and logically convince you Globe is just a shameful microcosm of horrendous English language instruction in Japan, the following dodgy business ethics should at least delineate exactly why Globe has deservingly been on the receiving end of various past lawsuits.

As one former unfortunate employee exclaimed, “I hope your owner [Nao Kiyota] learned a lesson after I served him a lawsuit. (Which he settled real quick!)”

Globe’s ethics are the typical sociopathic emotionless cruel means of a Silicon Valley CEO, without the ending success. Globe overworks employees like a 1800s Japanese New Yorkan Triangle Shirtwaist factory with zero care for the human welfare of employees.

A former Globe employee described, “Not stable. No pay raise. No advancement.”

Another prior teacher depicted Globe as a “burnout guarantee.”  

And yet another employee asserted, “Only one small lunch break…You are criticized for taking a sick day.”

A current part time teacher explained why he refused a full-time contract with Globe, “When I saw the contract with the arrive 30 minute early bit, I didn’t sign – that’s completely illegal and was an issue at Globe 2 years before.”

While many are willing to endure an inflexible schedule in exchange for a high salary at work or vice versa, Globe is unhealthily and imprudently neither. In 11 long years of ESL instruction in the Middle East with various diverse companies, including the United States Department of Defense, I honestly never worked so long, for so little, and without a decent level of respect by management.

Or students.  

The majority of Globe students are the mollycoddled lazy type, who are banally tolerable to teach, but also the noticeably distinct type, in that it wouldn’t take much strenuous effort to convince them Santa Claus really exists.

They also are the forms who would melodramatically cry as if just viewing Seven Pounds starring Will Smith, humming My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic film, while awaiting hydrogen peroxide and a band aid, in consequence to bumping an unfortunate toe on a table leg.

They could fuck up a wet dream and place stones in the shoes of humanity, simultaneously.

After restless nights, I got a very health-concerning nervous eye twitch, which satisfactorily went away after leaving a toxic Globe.  

In addition to mundane repetitive classes in an immobile seated position, Globe English is the perfect apotheosis of the contemporary business canard that clean and organized offices translates into organization and efficiency in work performance and results.

I’m certain people like Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, and more would chime-in, that’s not entirely true.

Despite Globe English’s obsessively and compulsively organized and pristine clean appearance, normalcy and organization and efficiency, is a once in a blue moon occurrence at Globe English sadly. I have never witnessed a business so clean and organized, regularly perform its antitheses. It is an organizational nightmare and practices dirty business ethics.

Sudden schedule changes, adding or canceling entire courses, or the inclusion of unknown new students within a course, thus changing the English proficiency level of an entire class, can unexpectedly occur 5 to 10 minutes prior a lesson, often and without warning. The storming of Washington D.C by Trump supporters recently had more predictability.

This circumstance occasionally is welcomed by enervated instructors like the joyful sound of chalkboard scratching. It also defeats the very purpose of lesson plans, like arriving to a European Type C electrical socket with an American type D plug.

I once witnessed a British instructor vehemently complain to no avail when his only break time, was quickly canceled a few minutes prior and replaced with a new class of cheerful pupils.

In other times, students are often unexpectedly placed in wrong classes.

Such palpable capriciousness and obvious disorganization, siblings of incompetence and laziness as a result of management and owner sinecures, is sadly the annoying immutable norm at Globe. In another instance, Globe teachers were instructed a day prior, to prepare lesson plans with the wrong textbook. This wasn’t realized until 7 minutes after classes commenced.

  • A Globe Secretary informs us 7 minutes after classes started that we are using the wrong book, though management had instructed us otherwise beforehand.

Additionally, those Justin Bieber appearing instructors favored by some unattractive, Pamela Anderson testosterone level Tinder nightmarish female students and secretaries, are absolutely immune to the rules.

The females at Globe would best be honored by the accurate depiction that they are usually the female species with marks from the coat hanger as acne scars, who could not organize a blowjob at a Nevada brothel, with a pocket full of hundred dollar bills.

Furthermore, the rules are also unfairly applied toward you, if you are on a saltimbanco Nao’s bad list. Nao is very easy to anger and often his balls turn square and fester at the corners, while necessitating a colonoscopy for his butthurt. To equal his IQ would be suicide, you would have to travel to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and leap downward.

As one Globe teacher averred, “There is definitely favoritism at Globe and it just depends on the boss’ mood.”

Normally in the United States, the preceding unequal application of workplace policies is illegal under the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) , but not in a cockalorum Nao’s Globe Jungle Book.

In example, a few instructors are allowed to have second part-time employment, use smartphones at work, speak loudly drowning out other teachers, work in half-naked attire, teach online courses from home, arrive tardy, take sick leave or paid vacation, while others are disallowed.

And if you perform what humans naturally do, incorporating habits or privileges of cohorts in your environment subconsciously, even by unintentional accident, you will get reprimanded for a single occurrence, despite others performing akin acts regularly.

For example, I was unjustly reprimanded with a disciplinary meeting and written warning once, as a result of a private student shockingly witnessing me, in the beginning of a lesson, quietly putting away potato chips I was munching upon before class.

It is salient to mention other Globe instructors confidently eat in front of students regularly (I recorded the British manager admitting this during my disciplinary meeting with two other supervisors).

  • Video of me actually expending massive film recording each online course in order to document I was wrongfully being reprimanded.

Afterwards, a wankstain Nao threatened to terminate me, if I did not uselessly apologize in gewgaw fashion to that stuck up bald Raven squawking student. With no employment security at Globe, De Facto, I unfortunately did.

But honestly, I regret not informing this student the best part of him ran down his mother’s legs.

  • Here is the video where I was coerced to apologize under threat of termination. The student graciously walks to the center of the language center as his kingdom, gives a long speech insulting the governor of Tokyo, then acts as if he was surprised at my apology though he had full knowledge it would occur beforehand. Afterwards he informs the British manager my apology is acceptable, then like God’s gift to this planet, demands the female German teacher with a short skirt teach him.

  • As one can see from pics of his schedule and record below, he consistently chose the German female teacher, Clara. Every other teacher, he attempted learning from them once, then never repeated courses with them.

It was at this instance, I sadly understood the way the cookie crumbles at Nao’s experiment, there is no equality of employment rights at Globe, period. You are at the uncertain mercy of favoritism’s pendulum sway.

A current teacher retorted to my complaint of this event, “Yes. It’s intentional. They do this [unfairly apply and ignore company policies toward certain employees], they look for ways to run some people out-its not fair…Nao has been screwing me forever.”

However, what irrefutably convinces me that Globe has absolutely no concern for its hard working teachers as human beings is, Jeffrey Johnston (

Jeffrey was a former Globe instructor who tragically was found unexpectedly deceased in his apartment, and according to at least one Globe supervisor, oddly while in serious dispute with the dark horses of Globe management on his pension deductions and other financial and contractual issues.

The Agatha Christie circumstances saliently remind me of the Salti Sisters’ deaths in Amman, Jordan, Christopher Cramer’s suicide in Saudi Arabia, and Peter Choi’s accident in Kurdistan Iraq.,to%20the%20U.S.%20State%20Department.

Unlike most educational establishments, no pubic eulogy was honorably posted on any of Globe’s social media accounts. Worse, Globe students and teachers, some on his Facebook friends list, were strangely shocked to my questioning in regards to knowledge of Jeff’s passing, since no one initially responsibly informed them of Jeff’s death.

Today, I still wonder what really occurred to Jeff though.

The inconsiderate and exploitive treatment of employees is not the sole heuristic though to make anyone working there feel under the weather. There is a sexual deviance, a moral turpitude, that is very noticeable in the horny atmosphere, unless one was a 40 year old virgin.

Which is sadly most of Japanese society due to its low birth rates.’s%20not%20working.,according%20to%20The%20Asahi%20Shimbun.

Globe English is the linguistic Love Hotel of language centers (Love Hotels in Japanese history were hotels which were fronts for prostitution. It seems a disturbingly large number of introverted eccentric students as Emperor penguins who travel 70 miles to mate, attend there to fancy dating and procreation away from probing parental and spousal eyes, Inevitably to ascertain questionable immigration privileges via paperwork marriage arrangements.

Despite everyone who ever loved the owner Nao being wrong, he finally married one of his former students. Other Globe management and teachers there are currently married or dating students and secretaries. For example, one bullying secretary named Eri (her name means my penis “عيري”in Arabic), is dating a teacher at Nishi Umeda branch. This espionage enthusiast loyally handles her disputes with other secretaries and teachers usually.

While employed at Globe, I witnessed instructors repeatedly and unabashedly brag about the sexual innuendos and private experiences with Globe students they openly invited to late-night bar events, private video game sessions (*male grunting*), and behind closed door drinking parties.

One student even revealed she holds regular alcoholic and drug festive slumber parties at her home with a few Globe instructors. The details reminded me of strange pyramid scheme with an unlikely demasculated Nao on the top (Perhaps the only occurrence of this position in his intimate life).

I also once aghastly witnessed an adult female Globe teacher playfully asking an underage Japanese student who bragged about her recent childhood crush, “So tell me. Did you check out his ass?”

One former secretary at Globe expressed online, “There were many cute girls and young students. It is a bad circle. Some teachers are constantly asked about their age or invited to hang out after work. This is a strange school and not recommended.” Another student grumbled online that she witnessed inappropriate behavior from a teacher sexually massaging a student’s shoulders during a lesson.

I personally witnessed worse.

Globe teacher inside Globe office demonstrating what the push up position is.

The above decorum unavoidably concerns me of a potential repeat for a Lindsay Hawker tragedy, a former Nova English employee, who was allowed to give private English lessons to a Japanese student in his home. She was murdered and submerged with concrete in a bathtub afterwards.

Nova English broke normal decorum and policy by allowing Lindsey Hawker to teach private lessons to her killer in his home.

Globe English also sometimes manipulates and even tacitly supports student/teacher infatuations and sexual obsessions to ascertain money from customers. This practice aong language centers rarely yet may unfortunately ends in tragedy for teachers like Lindsey.

Employee Abuse

The owner and cacafuego microphallus, Nao Kiyota, whose tiny hircismus penis likely is a million dollars, green and wrinkled, is frankly mentally and childishly abusive within the workplace. Likely to compensate for his obvious incompetence and undeniable failed DJ stint.

He manipulates the schedule, pay salary disbursements with exaggerated deductions, and unequal application of rules to target anyone he dislikes, as if Globe is his Macaca Fascicularis kingdom.

His noxious bullying also unfortunately is a contagious victimizing cycle, wherein a few secretaries and teachers perform childishly and unnecessary akin behavior upon other victims. In consequence, Globe unfortunately replicates the inherit conundrum of deep bullying already well omniprescient in Japanese society.

Several coworkers reported during one meeting, three secretaries simultaneously quit and quickly absconded; one crying and exclaiming Globe could keep her month’s salary, after the feist owner Nao nastily humiliated them publicly.

As one former teacher exclaimed, “The owner is an arrogant human being!”

A different instructor depicted Nao as, “Unorganized and indecisive, doesn’t listen to his staff and doesn’t care about teacher`s well being.

A current employee stated, “Nao always needs people on his shit list. It feeds his ego. Fucking bully.”

A Globe manager delightfully reported he once witnessed a coccydynia Nao physically assaulted, deservingly laid completely out onto the office floor cold, by a disgruntled former bullied Globe employee. If there was a video, I would have paid.

During my unfortunate employment, in addition to struggling in biting my oft wicked tongue for tolerating consistent childish put downs by an anus lubricating Nao, I was also, incredulously and farcically by accidental error, sent to an incorrect school location three times, often having a few minutes to high tail it back to the correct center, in a single month. It was as noticeable as a grey sprinkle on a rainbow cupcake the preceding was intentional and malicious.

Nao regularly harasses targeted employees by performing such immature antics, according to one supervisor who warned me prior these occurrences (I recorded his statement on audio).Other honest instructors and supervisors confided, this has never occurred to them. Except the ones on his bad list..

What probably makes Nao a more intolerable creature we must sullenly endure to identify as human, is his blatant unabashed propensity toward racism. While it is solid wisdom for good management to wisely employ consistency in equal application of policies, in order to avoid discrimination complaints and civil lawsuits, Nao eliminates that exigent need.

He frankly, doesn’t care. It’s his circus.

He is a cunt without the warmth and depth. He enjoys the sinecure of Globe arithmetic man, who adds trouble, subtracts pleasure, divides attention, and multiplies ignorance.

If we applied a little algebra to this fungus Nao, we would discover not surprisingly, that his derivative was his wonderful mother’s anus, since her vagina was occupied at the time.

The most glaring and memorable example of racism still repeated among staff at Globe is the Kenyan teacher was disallowed from performing demo lessons. Teachers and supervisors calmly reported, Nao simply averred publicly he can’t, because he is black.

One applicant averred, “Anyone with poor English but [having] an American passport has more opportunities… Black and Latin people also are not very welcome. It’s a clear rule since the interview.”

Another employee complained on Glassdoor that he also was a victim of racism against Japanese Americans.

I concur to its veracity.

I also repeatedly felt the brunt of consistent snide racist remarks by Nao against me, belittling Japanese Americans, throughout my entire employment at Globe.

Nao Kiyota, owner of Globe English School

Potentially Illegal Practices

In addition to Globe English working its naïve tourists tirelessly like mules, it engages in discreet, possibly illegal, business practices. Employee salaries are disbursed by different similarly named Globe front companies. All apples falling from the same corrupt tree.

I was interestingly informed the determinant is for tax evasion purposes and also, a means of preserving the entire Globe conglomerate from Japanese government closure, if sued again for violating labor laws.

Normally, most front companies in Japan are owned by the Yakuza and it would not surprise me if Globe was already being investigated as well.

A Globe employee revealed, “Hiro and Nao have been working with Globe since the beginning. They took the school over after the original foreign owner had to bail because of tax issues, etc…This pattern happens all the time in Japan. Usually when foreigners open bars. Eventually the Japanese staff working there take over it.”

Another teacher revealed, “Nao and Hiro worked at Nova and stole the contacts list of students, then opened their own English center.”

In addition to this dodgy practice, several former and current employees have consistently complained of Globe making unexplainable and unlawful deductions from salaries, intermittently. I also noticed the same while employed by Globe.

One teacher complained, “I know I worked more hours than this! They pay us according to GOSS (the electronic schedule of classes available to all teachers online) but their GOSS doesn’t reflect the classes they unexpectedly add onto our schedule at last moment’s notice. They did not count my private classes either. My fu##ing transportation expenses is wrong too!”

Globe’s pay scale also is extremely abnormal, exploitive, with certain lesser qualified and educated secretaries, banking nearly 500,000 yen monthly, (I viewed the salary receipts). Globe full-time teachers and management do not exceed a monthly payment of 250,000 Yen.

A newly recruited secretary at Globe with no prior experience and a technical college degree is banking 412,000 yen monthly:

While normally dedicated hard work, celebratory work achievements, and background credentials and experience, seem to be the majority norm for determining employee pay rates across the entire normal world, it clearly appears a palooka Nao solely rewards those, he and a dingaling Hiro personally like. Or are related to.  

Such nepotism only results in long term damages companies can never recover from sadly.

Also,from my decades of research on corruption, such microcosm is usually a sign the government is also corrupt.

Another potentially illegal Globe practice is employing immigration violators. One former Taiwanese teacher, Chloe, was a very high spirited instructor. She always filled the classroom with positivity. However, one day, she just disappeared.

In an online meeting, Nao announced she had been working illegally at Globe, past her visa expiration, and she was now sleeping at his home, until he could aid her travel return to Taiwan.

One of the online Zoom meetings at Globe. One of the teachers, Kirk has his named spelled in Katakana, Cock.
I am uncertain if anyone realized this.

What is Globe Exactly?

Globe is a strange surfeit anomaly of which I have never seen.

Though entertainment is part of teaching, Globe is simply a linguistic circus with absolutely no benefit.

Though good acting is inseparable from teaching, Globe chews the scenes with overacting wherein it is grotesquely noticeable as John Trovolta’s horrible performance in Battlefield Earth.

Though appearance and aestheticism is also a part of teaching, Globe is frankly very noticeably fake, the staff are as sincere as industry rappers with inauthentic jewlery today.

Globe is quintessential proof that no one needs to be afraid of the dark, when there are so many masks in the daylight?

Globe furthermore:

  • – Lacks  normal acceptable professional working decorum
  • – It promotes unqualified and inexperienced staff
  • It ignores proper diagnostics testing and is completely unaware of how to produce even a palimpsest as a curriculum
  • It has no recognizable methodology
  • It suffers from bad leadership; distinguishingly unlike the majority of ESL establishments worldwide.

As one current instructor revealed, “These guys [Nao and Hiro] manage Globe like junior high school girls. And if students complain about the management, school system, materials, etc. the owner will blame it on the teachers.”

Due to its dodgy business ethics, emetic racism and malignant employment abuse, and illegal behavior, it would be a deteriorating and shameful marker to adjoin this clownish establishment to the list of better schools and language centers in Japan today.

So, what is Globe?

According to Google, the formal definition of a club is an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity. Its formal verb means to combine with others so as to collect a sum of money and the informal verb means to go out to nightclubs. 

Globe English matches all of the preceding criteria in my opinion.

That`s why I strongly feel it should just be simply labeled a germane English club, and in avoiding unintentionally insulting other fine Japanese ESL establishments, definitely not a school.

The more accurate label, if compelled to state so explicitly, must be a black company at best, in my professional opinion as an 11 year ESL teacher, former 6 year business manager in the Southeastern United States, and a 15 year human rights activist.


Most of Globe’s contemporary Adam’s family cheerleaders, including sugar-coating apologist management, clueless desperate tourist teachers, and devoutly Children of the Corn immoral students, who continuously and unwaveringly support Globe English Club while overlooking its nefariously dishonorable and cowardly criminal behavior, I have observed, are typically insincere grown children.

They are the rejects of other esteemed language centers who suck at English, and still believe potatoes are evil. The type who are conversation starters not when arriving in a room, but when they leave.

Better put, simply fake and immoral Kool-Aid drinking type people, looking to achieve something for nothing, if they just believe in Jim “Nao” Jones.

One of my former students in Iraq, whose father was a Minister of the Iraqi government, once taught me a valuable expression I still recollect and repeat often today. She said, there are 7 billion humans, and 14 billion faces.

Therefore, I say the only janissary teachers who excel at Globe, are those very skilled and exceptionally talented at possessing more than two insincere faces sadly. I normally would laud good Grammy acting, but the serious demarcation line halts at employment rights.

The world over know Japan as being a magnet for strange people. In my personal opinion, there is nothing wrong with strange if it is effective or humane. In Japan, it’s just strangely fake.

Finally, I believe sincerity and honesty lies between two opposing sides of a story, both positive and negative. Thus, I will say out of obligation that Globe has indeed slightly improved a little from past complaints.

A- Luckily in consequence to several courageous lawsuits, Globe has finally been coerced to offer pension and health insurance coverage for its full time staff.

B- Globe now “altruistically” administers loans to its Covid 19 stranded teachers with financial difficulties, though unlawfully deducting from that employee’s monthly salary, while simultaneosuly being repaid that loan monthly.

C- Globe no longer outright wrongfully terminates unsuspecting employees for any unjustifiable minor reason. Nao and Hiro now grossly exaggerate or concoct student complaints, or deceitfully convince students to lie, in order to terminate employees wrongfully.

I was coerced to quit, the very first time I ever quit a job in my lifetime, after the majority of colleagues personally warned me to take Nao’s offer at the likely threat of my salary being withheld or exposed to further abuse.

Nao claimed two terrified students felt my voice and appearance was… scary, though my lesson was qualitatively good according to them, and this incomprehensibly justified terminating me, so he asked for my resignation (I audio recorded the disciplinary meeting because I could not believe it). I oddly recollect he “guaranteed” me, he knew in the future there would be more forthcoming complaints. Thus, it would be better to inevitably part under mutually agreeable terms.

Prior working at Globe, I had been volunteer teaching survivors of ISIS genocide English in Iraq and Jordan, my students were innocent humans who experienced being unjustly bombed, raped, enslaved, and murdered, solely for their religion. I can of course agree and admit, I look and sound a little rough.  Normally, such sacrifice should be rewarded or respected, not manipulated to justify wrongful employment termination though.

There was also another minor complaint as well, I was caught by a private student putting away a potato chips bag into my back pack at the beginning of a lesson, despite other “white” instructors eating regularly in front of students.

However, I now know from research and investigation, what strangely occurred to me was not personal. Globe has done the same thing to other teachers.

Nicholas Malone wrote,

I worked at this school for a long time, a teacher well liked, and I gave my heart to it. I had some clashing with the staff, but I put it aside, as I cared for the students. I miss them dearly. But one fateful day, the school received a lengthy, spiteful e-mail from one of the students, detailing how I am a bad teacher…My classes were canceled, I was talked to strictly about my pay being reduced, my classes being cut, and my classes from then on monitored.

The truly tragic thing about Globe, and my unfortunate learning experience, is the obvious results of its nefarious behavior. A slow sleepwalk off into a precipice demise.

The owner and his student-teacher entourage clique , like a group of professional criminal scammers, actually aseninely believe that by giving the very least to employees and students, while ignoring or silencing any dissent, and by sacrificing employee happiness to operate like a cold machinery for profit, they will get the most and best out of their unaware victims.

In my 11 years experience, those better language establishments that perform the exact contrary and treat employees like humans, end up with better English speaking students, longer lasting longevity, and a better reputation, while earning a little profit turnover. And that is definitely not Globe!

Globe does not love languages for the sake of loving languages, it loves money simply.

It may be hopeful that Globe tries strenuously to improve after this campanology, but I seriously doubt it. Globe will continue to make Japan and the Japanese, look bluntly bad, while simultaneously scamming respectable Japanese citizens of their hard earned money.

Japan is currently ranked 40 out of 48 in the world for TOEIC scores, maintains the lowest TOEFL speaking score in Asia, and is number 53 worldwide in English proficiency.

Black companies like Globe is one of the main reasons unfortunately. But not the sole reason.

Japan’s culture has a tragic innate propensity of valuing superficial appearance over efficacy and truth, such as with Karate in a street or cage fight. Example given, a local Japanese media channel covered Hiroyuki Kume’s Capoeira classes, promoting him and his club as something positive and humanitarian for the Japanese community.

But the Japanese media failed to delve deeper into the unethical and criminal behavior he has been directly associated with at Globe English for 14 continuous years.

In summation, Nao and Hiro need to learn, perhaps Japan as well, that employment rights are human rights. Japanese English students also need to check the backgrounds of their teachers to authenticate the qualiy of English instruction meets acceptably normal standards. And Japanese culture and its farcical fake media, succinctly, needs to get real.

Last I heard though, the Globe ship may already be gratefully sinking. No one likes their social media accounts except for a few Globe zombies. More people are publicly and courageously posting their own horrific experiences with Globe online. And finally, Globe has resorted to coercing their male employees into wearing wigs and lipstick, toward attracting any attention to their social media accounts.

Do the author a favor.

Give a dislike on Nao’s YouTube videos here:

And Hiro’s YouTube video here:

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Renunciation/Abandonment/Surrender of United States Citizenship

December 3, 2019 Leave a comment


Renunciation/Abandonment of Citizenship Under the Empire of the United States

My reasons for renunciation of American citizenship are as follows:

  • The brutal marginalized discrimination I experienced in America as a Non Persona Grata impoverished Asian American immigrant in South Carolina, in addition to the historical record of inhuman slavery in American cultural and religious history.
  • It also derives from American Protestantism’s disgusting bigotry and poisonous danger to all of humankind worldwide.
  • My renunciation or abandonment of American citizenship also derives from a personal tragedy pertaining to the deportation of a precious former wife and  tragic miscarriage of a child, after being mercilessly targeted by ICE and the South Carolina Department of Social Services, simultaneously, in consequence to my political activism in South Carolina. I can not forgive my nation ever.
  • It comes from the blatant and emetic injustices in Palestine and Jordan and Iraq, betrayal of the Kurds three times, the unjustified and evil aggression against the nation of Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and others in the Middle East, which have consequently decimated such nations and irreparably destroyed innocent lives, and the wrongful conviction of Ziyad Yaghi.
  • Finally, my act is based upon my sincere belief that American empire “must” be destroyed for world peace to progress and that every human has a right to choose his or her own nation, and to not be bound by the chains and slavery of nationalism, but instead be free and sovereign as a human should. 

Taiyo Wayne Davis

Written in Erbil, Iraq 

March 10, 2019

Table of Contents



Early Life – Persona Non Grata: Poor Japanese American

Slavery and Racism in South Carolina

American Christian Bigotry

Deportation of Wife, Miscarriage of Child, and Child Support Due to Political Punishment

Injustice of Palestine/Israel

Ziyad Yaghi Wrongful Conviction

Corruption in the Hashemite Dictatorship of Jordan and Neglect of Syrian Refugees

Neglect of Indigenous in Iraq and Destruction of Iraq

American Empire Must Be Destroyed

Nationalism and World Citizenship – Albert Einstein, Jean Paul Sarte



It is incumbent upon me out of obligation to conscience to aver that I, Taiyo Wayne Davis, as a HUMAN FIRST, a World Citizen next, a Sovereign, formally renounce my enslavement referred to as American citizenship and all my consequent attachments to the Empire of the United States of America.

Though this process requires official “formal” announcement at a local U.S. Embassy near me, it is from real fear and danger of persecution or/and a Jamal Kashoggi incident, by the American agents at such “castles,” which may seriously jeopardize the security and welfare of my life, friends, and family wherein it absolutely necessitates this unorthodox manner.  Never ever trust Americans or the Empire of the United States. They really are innately evil. Ask the Kurds.

I employ “real fear and danger,” in consequence to the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and South Carolina Department of Social Services targeting me simultaneously in 2009 in South Carolina, in consequence to my religious conversion (Islam) and political activism (Palestine). This resulted in the unlawful deportation of a former wife, tragic miscarriage of a child, and financial debt of which I was coerced by the South Carolina Department of Social Services to accept, while in an unfit mental state due to a deportation and miscarriage.

It also results from near death poisoning in Amman, Jordan and eight Jordanian Intelligence agents raiding my apartment in Amman, Jordan, in a rendition attempt which failed and resulted in my temporary deportation to Northern Iraq/Kurdistan.

My fear also results in an utter failed attempt to rendition and deport me again, while employed in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan at an American School. In the deportation attempts in Amman, Jordan and Northern, Iraq, both were aimed to silently and discreetly interrogate me and deport me, away from my current wife, to the Empire of the United States of America.

(The founder of the scientific method)


I am not a dangerous Roman emperor, deserving of assassination. I am a simple very flawed human. Yet I cut to the chase with my renunciation now, according to the undeniable laws of precious human nature which unite humans in nations across this globe and of nature’s God, so as to avoid Et Tu Brute?

If I may not and cannot, possess or materialize my innate human rights, without a nation’s citizenship, then the former exists in superficial title only and we all absolutely should cease pressing human rights against our naïve lips, as hypocrites. As the United Nations.

It also translates into the latter, nationalism, is a clear danger to humankind today.

As Voltaire stated, “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”

We prudent humans, those few of us resistant to apathy and with loud beating hearts pounding louder than Nationalism’s indoctrination still,  should risk suffrage and earnestly seek to boldly shackle this barbaric plague, this savage pit bull, as nationalism has done in antiquity and it persists to do to humankind today.

Place nationalism under the leash, as it does us all.

Finally, if I cannot escape and survive the Empire of the United States and consciously relinquish its toilet fecal hypocritical citizenship, it also undeniably demonstrates that “real” Human Rights existed in Iran centuries prior, from the noble presence of the great Cyrus, not underneath the Empire of the United States or its bastard, the United Nations today.

May we place true trust in the Cyrus Cylinder, as opposed to Eleanor Roosevelt’s lies within the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The former is our only Constitution according to contemporary reality.

Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus.

Though all government is a necessary evil as Samuel Adams warned, is it our God? Or are we sovereigns? Are we humans?

Or is government a tolerable instrument alone for our own selfish benefits, which occasionally throughout history has strongly proven, in the wrong callous immature hands of an ignorant and spoiled useless wealthy class often confusing their modern cherished bloodline as indicative of God-like deism, intolerable?

Acta Deos Numquam mortalia Fallunt

God graciously created all as one, a single continent called Pangea, a single tribe separated by languages when King Nimrod built the Tower of Babel. Consequently, God punished all humankind for foolishly following an evil leader, as we follow foolish dictators of contemporary developed and developing nations.

For if one sincerely reads the Bible, Torah, and Quran, together; one suddenly discovers the exact derivative behind the great flooding of the Tower of Babel and consequent dividing of humankind in comprehension, by God creating various incomprehensible languages.

By perusing all monotheistic texts, we learn true solid knowledge, that King Nimrod was the very first to eat meat and ruthlessly kill others for Empire. We discover he attempted to immolate the prophet Abraham. We discover God punished King Nimrod and his followers for not seeking to outdo the glory of God, to better humankind, but because King Nimrod wholeheartedly hated God.

Humans, grownups today, still are of children’s minds. The gracious creators above still disappointingly mock, entertainingly laugh, and shake heads in disgust as to our immature and cavemen thinking in regards to calling ourselves Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Or Americans, Lebanese etc.

These homo habillis of today, refuse to neither learn from each other nor combine the holy texts of the same God.

To promulgate a Collective Consciousness. To return to our origin. Our nature. Cowards profit and selfish grown children feel secure, by dividing us humans still, into small identities.

In absentia lucis, Tenebrae vincunt.


Instead, today, we will die, and murder, and steal lands, and refuse to acknowledge the human suffering of humans not within those selfish and childish small identities, if they refuse to blindly believe in a single human prophet we selfishly favor, yet created by the same God. And to do so despite there are 124,000 prophets in Islam, 49 in Judaism, 85 in the Bible, and 4,200 religions in the world.

Can human intellect be so gossamer pathetic than the preceding? We all should fear such primitive humans of today.

I find no folly more plainly asinine and eye brow raising emetic and cowardly untruthful, than human propensity to manipulate religion and nationalism and race, for personal gain in order to conceal one’s own utter failures and innate weaknesses.

How pathetic in the nature of men and women today, to farcically  manipulate religious bigotry and national chauvinism to one’s own benefit. These modern Peter the Hermits of the Crusades are completely oblivious , brainwashed children. Only a weak, cowardly, useless bunch of humans , already granted material objects and sinecures from family, need devote such gossamer insincere loyalty toward those ideologies to secure their fortunes in life.

And I warn you, they will emotionlessly sacrifice your own life  and those of your loved ones, on their altars of ignorant and emetic hubris. National, race, religion, avarice, etc. This is what makes them evil.

“Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer

I, on the other, declare, there is one God, all prophets are below God. There is no King but God. And nations and governments are beneath that God, and the natural rights implanted therein us. Isn’t that how the Empire of the United States was founded, prior to its unfortunate transition in the 1900s under William McKinley?

Omnia imperii cadunt



Although America ridiculously claims to not be under akin alluring trance of a dangerous nationalism’s woes and ills, as it  hypocritically criticizes of Iran and North Korea, it absolutely is to lesser extent regularly, and in cases as mine, equal extent.

Only those who are bold facedly corrupt, childishly ignorant, and emetically hedonistic, America’s bitches and grown obese children, would not comprehend the preceding, and predictively, condemn this outright.

I hope a few will honestly though, be valiantly perspicacious and solidly intelligent enough, with piercing desire for truth as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, to not callously and foolishly place an iota of trust in the Western media. It is simply an Operation Mockingbird, as Reporter Deborah Davis revealed, solely designed to convince the public that the West’s economic and political system is the best and only answer to humankind.  As in Plato’s allegory of a cave.

It isn’t by far! It’s a complete lie. Europe proves so. We all can do much better as humans. The developing world can do better, if given an honest chance by their corrupt leaders, who are our puppets.

America only heralds a system of antiquated government, Roman Republicanism and Greek Democracy, which absolutely in totality, failed in Rome and Greece, but is now unnervingly revived with few modifications today. And like its progenitors, it will unknowingly birth its own sickness, leading to its own demise.

It is not immigration control, it is lazy hedonism and trance-like decadence. Empire produces such throughout history when the spoils of war go to the conquerors. They lose sight of God and discipline. America’s first mistake was William McKinley.

Ut Sementum feceris ita metes

And this faux paux Capitalism is nothing anew. Humans throughout history have placed money above God , morality and ethics, and social responsibility. Adam Smith is only a strange name in the annals of history, celebrated by white closet racists and Roman enthusiasts  who have more leisure time than sense.

As to the point:

The following are detailed explanations as to why I have meticulously planned and executed my final declaration: You will see, it was a slow and thoughtful development.


Early Life – Persona Non Grata: Poor Japanese American

My immigration to the United States with my handicapped mother, the latter with a hernia and broken back, was an arduous ordeal. Not a blessing by Lady Tramp Liberty. While the less perspicacious and baseless ignorant, view America as a bright beacon of liberty and equality, it’s a calumny. A farcical contemptuous mirage at hyperbolic best!

Procidat Deceptionem

My miscreant father, a retired U.S. Marine and Vietnam vet, was a pathetic Deadbeat. Not the ones regularly falsely accused of such pejorative. Nearly 80 percent of dads don’t have the money.

On the contrary, it’s not that he didn’t possess money. He simply abandoned my mother and me in Japan, absconding to the Empire of the United States. He had no warrant for arrest. He just left a spoil of war, my mother.

The South Carolina Department of Social Services never sought to ascertain Child Support from him. He is white and served his country enough, I assume. And foreign women, to American feminists, are unequal to them, they are perceived as cheap, despite all the feminist rhetoric. I’ve witnessed the preceding numerous times. My mother would have to remarry another military man, forimmigration.

Nevertheless, I casually learned the following in the Empire of the United States.

Racism against immigrants, Hispanics and Asian Americans are painted perpetual foreigners rather than citizens, is as dangerous, or even more, than racism against African Americans. But not as harmful as the racism against Native Americans (the indigenous), who are completely ignored in the American press.

Eg. Native Americans are shot and killed by law enforcement officers more so than African Americans, yet police shootings of the latter demographic inundates the media. Also, Native Americans lands have been and are still stolen today, without a single yelp by the majority of Americans.

Immigrants are “always” valued lesser than humans by African and Caucasian Americans. Often our legitimate complaints of injustice and discrimination, are attenuatingly answered with, “Go back to your country,” or “This isn’t your country anyway.”  We sadly receive much less coverage in the news, when we face injustice and discrimination.

Unless we are being wrongfully deported in mass numbers.

I unfortunately experienced the poisonous and subtle , yet extremely palpable and salient, discrimination against Asian Americans, since a curious youth in the amazing land of the free, America.

I pray Amerigo Vespucci is in hell.

My noble military stepfather raped my defenseless fragile mother, twice. Graciously sent me to the hospital when a defenseless child, after vainly attempting to defend her. Hospital visits were the extremity of regular beatings though.

My precious mother once reported the beatings and rape to an African American Military Police (MP) officer, this MP warned she would be deported, if my stepfather divorced my mother. I would be alone in America without her. A white Catholic priest comforted us by bravely declaring, he would save us by prayer. The U.S.military responded by docking my stepfather’s pay, which made things worse economically and physically.

I also recollect my stepfather, bringing his new white girlfriend into our home, of course against my mother’s vehement objections and complaints. He retorted, pressing the point of how valueless we were, by aggressively throwing our German Shepherd’s tiny newborn puppies into the nearby creek.  A neighbor rushed to save them, while exclaiming insults. Today, I now hate all animal abusers.

My mother capitulated to his new white prostitute, which was, truth be told, worse than a beating, I witnessed her dignity vanish.  I also recollect how my step father would teach me chess, by eagle eye forcing me to mimic the movement of its minute pieces, under the threat of violent physical punishment, if I innocently erred.

That was our value in America. That’s how much humanity the Empire of the United States of America possesses .We weren’t humans under their precious Jesus, under their brilliant antiquated failed Roman Republican and Greek Democratic deception.

Rape, physical abuse, extra marital affairs, poverty, humiliation, and more are what documented and undocumented  immigrants normally endure silently, just for a single pathetic chance at fictitious American  freedom and avoiding cruel deportation like my mother, in consequence to divorce.

And we enjoy no reprieve or compassion from American racism toward us either.


My mother never divorced, but rightfully fled my step father to South Carolina.  There, I was christened with an alternative racism. In consequence to Asian Americans’ small numbers, being separated rather than in strong ethnic communities, with few exceptions, we are much more vulnerable.

There aren’t sufficient numbers for adequate protection.

And experiencing poverty in the anti-Christ South Carolina as an Asian American, amplifies the preceding disadvantage. Whites and blacks are discreetly at each others’ throats, we “other” minorities attempt to hopefully veer clear of such vitriolic hostility, as much as humanely possible.

When I lived in a predominantly white neighborhood, I remember victory in a physical confrontation was rewarded, by another modern white knight gallantly demanding a second fight, immediately following exhaustion.

That was an unfair yet certain way to assure whites remained the higher echelon of the Caucasian Pekin Order.

When I dwelled in a predominantly African American neighborhood, despite the atrocious history of lynching against African Americans by white mob violence,  I was rat-packed when clearly winning a fight once. Rat-packed is the street term which means several people mercilessly lynch or ferociously strike you simultaneously, until you are unavoidably rendered helpless or unconscious on the ground.

This was the African American manner to guarantee African American dominance.

No one aided in either scenario. No Asian American was around.


I admit, my experience is non-normative in that I had no siblings in the same household, no real intimate family support network or father-figure, and we were spotted leopard pariahs as lone immigrant Asian Americans, in a Caucasian and African American concrete jungle, within the Bible Whip of South Carolina.

While the news focuses primarily on the successful Model Minority Asian Americans, the poor Asian American narrative is completely absent from the annals of American history. We are a Where’s Waldo and bastard child neglected and despised breed.

History, popular fad, and Hollywood, all ignore our kind. Our inhumane suffering. We’re not Americans We’re not even humans. We are the minority of the minority, in the Empire of the United States.

Even in the wealthier part of where I lived in Beaufort County, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Asian Americans still face such cult-like discrimination by the bastard seeds of the evil Confederacy.

Black and white children are indoctrinated early to sing racist songs and formulate racist snide remarks , Constantly reminding us of our lesser place within their competitive concrete jungle.

Black and white children, both,

  • Would use their forefingers to childishly stretch their eyes in 45 degree angles as to mimic Asian eyes (I didn’t have slanted eyes but still received such treatment)
  • Occasionally, lip synch as in Chinese films and emit strange howls and noises in gleeful yet malicious laughter while attempting to imitate Asian languages. Thus separate us from our roots, by shaming us to even desire learning such languages.
  • They would emasculate us by joking of Asian male genitalia size.
  • They would spread gossip we eat cockroaches or fish heads to dehumanize us.
  • Bully us repetitively due to our lesser numbers. The most bullied ethnic group in America are Asian Americans

All of the preceding represents indoctrination of hatred by adults, by teachers, by the honorable religion and culture of  South Carolinians, citizens of the Empire of the United States of America.

To whites, we are a “model minority,” which they proudly point toward to laud a successful America, yet it makes other minorities jealous. As we are hated by African Americans, we also can never be as good as Caucasian Americans, as the latter persistently marginalize us regardless how better we perform in Academia or within employment. If we are more intelligent than Caucasian Americans:

  • They refuse to hire us despite being more qualified and experienced, in the new adopted term of discriminatory employment practiced against Asian Americans called a “bamboo ceiling.”

African Americans can be just as racist though, sometimes worse. They consistently make certain to cross the “t” and dot the “i” in the word “citizen,” when dealing with us. They incredulously feel entitled to what we rightfully earned through hard work, as a result of historical slavery and current racism by whites against them.

No matter what obvious injustice we Asian Americans may suffer, some African Americans would banally reply with the well known narrative of slavery or their current injustices, marginalizing and attenuating individual or collective victimization of Asian Americans, as if we aren’t human.

As if somehow, we also were responsible for such injustice. And that their injustice in the Empire of the United States, justifies their own discriminatory acts against us.

It doesn’t matter Japan refused the institution of slavery unlike other nations, and even made an African, a famous Samurai in Japanese history.

And if the injustice is performed by African Americans against us, a few will ignorantly in emetic fashion retort , that African Americans can’t be racist. Like past white racists who also boldly claimed that blacks can’t be intelligent,


Some African Americans, have sadly resorted to the exact same antics their white oppressors unjustly performed.

When Rodney King was beaten by white terrorist law enforcement, African Americans looted and burned Korean businesses as whites in the Tulsa Oklahoma Black Wall Street in the 1920s. In a Philadelphia High School, Asian Americans were targeted regularly, including physical violence, with school African American and Caucasian officials looking the other way and feigning incompetence. It was reminiscent of the school integration of African Americans in the predominantly white Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas in 1954.

African Americans today even regularly target Asian American salons in Chicago and New York,  for perceived or real past acts against African American females by Asian Americans, in a form of vigilante justice in the name of chivalry. If left unchecked, it may grow into something similar to  the 1908 Springfield Race Riots, but against Asian Americans instead.


The behavior of African Americans toward Asian Americans is not abnormal. I’ve learned from many years of thorough research on oppressed people worldwide, that often the intoxicating narrative of persecution and the utter powerlessness against a recognized oppressor, unintentionally causes the oppressed, to likewise victimize another weaker minority.

It is human nature to follow such cycle of hatred, which is difficult to be broken.

Eg. I’ve witnessed Palestinians victimize Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan. I’ve witnessed Muslim Kurds victimize Assyrian Christian and Yazidee minorities in Northern Iraq. And likewise, I’ve witnessed and experienced African Americans doing the same to Hispanic and Asian Americans in the Empire of the United States.

Yet, my experience between too hostile forces of Caucasian and African American animosity in the Confederate Hell of South Carolina, taught me resilience. I was unlike others. I was too strongly independent for an Asian American, and people feared that. And in that preceding truth, my suffering was a hundred times worse.

The typical stereotype of an Asian American is docile and submissive, weird and uncool, weak and sexually deprived, and untrustworthy. I didn’t meet or pretend to be the preceding stereotypes.

I am independent and outspoken. A natural leader. I am strong, cool, and smart. My penis..Never mind 🙂

Because I was different, it unavoidably made me the enemy within South Carolina.

Because I would not succumb to the American stereotype of Asian Americans, South Carolina society collapsed upon me with its immature factless judgments and cowardly group bullying, mercilessly. Not just ordinary people, but those in positions as teachers, law enforcement, judges, etc.

My ordeal would best be surmised in the rap video I made to express such discrimination and racism I faced, without protection of the law or numbers.  It’s titled Persona Non Grata: Asian American.


But it’s not only small numbers which allow such abuse of Asian Americans. It’s the American imperial racist indoctrination process.  Most Asian Americans are brought to America by military white fathers, due to racist immigration policies since the 1900s.

They are brainwashed into forgetting they are Asian. Asian Americans, the majority of us, don’t care for the injustice other Asian Americans face. Worse, they won’t help. They’re white, with few exceptions.

Look at how TV host Connie Chen humiliatingly had an operation to remove her beautiful slanted Asian eyes to appear more white, as if Asians are not beautiful by their very nature.  View how even celebrities as Chloe Wang must hide her name by changing it to Bennett, in order to be accepted within Hollywood.  We Asian Americans are faced with the tremendous pressure to assimilate in the Empire of the United States. Yet, we don’t exert equal pressure toward other Americans to be more Asian.



I was bullied in various specific ways as a youth in the Confederate grits incest cess pool of South Carolina drudgery.

  1. I was once ,made by Ms. Heinz, a teacher, to eat off the floor at Mossy Oaks Elementary School.
  2. My bike was stolen once. The police never took a report and never did anything. The white officer just advised me and my mother to move out of the black neighborhood.
  3. I was regularly teased and physically bullied. In one incident, urine was thrown on me as white and black kids jollied to their amusement.
  4. I was always jumped by white and black kids. I won few victories.
  5. I was robbed of a book bag and jacket. Again police did nothing.
  6. At school, my grades were at first higher than everyone’s. My math abilities were unmatched.

I was the top of my class, but unorthodox means to marginalize me were effective by both blacks and whites.

Teasing my Asian features and culture, disincluding me from group activities, joking about the height of my mother, slapping me in the back of my head while hiding who the real culprit was, and if all else failed – physical violence in groups.

I went through several cycles of this torment, each turn or cycle in less or more similarity  than the preceding, until I just completely gave up on performing well in High School altogether. The school administrators did nothing to complaints either.

The bullying however miraculously halted with an act of God. It deteriorated so badly ,one of the bullies entered my private home to rob my mother and me. African Americans call it a kick door. I discharged a weapon in his buttocks in self defense.

Immediately afterwards, this thief’s friends and family would perform a retaliatory drive-by of my apartment with 14 bullets from a Tech 9 automatic, aimed with the purpose of assassinating my mother and me. And 12 cats as well.

We survived luckily.

Immediately after this drive-by, I was arrested and charged in a Juvenile court. Eventually, I was let loose after a judgment of self defense.

However, while I was incarcerated, the South Carolina Department of Housing , supervised by African Americans, subsequently punished my mother for this drive-by, via ejecting her from Public Housing. I not only felt helpless to protect my mother while temporarily locked up, but now the African American racial politics of victimization aimed its target at my mother unjustly.

The thief who robbed me that I shot, was African American. It didn’t matter if it was self defense. The majority of the people in my town in South Carolina, were African Americans. I just harmed one of them. In their ignorant eyes, there had to be a resolute answer.

However, all of the bullying against me which I endured for years, suddenly ceased after shooting one of the bullies in the ass.

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The solid truth is, African Americans victimize Asian Americans with robberies and home invasions on an alarming and regular scale in the Empire of the United States.  We are perceived as weak, unable to express ourselves due to language deficiencies, unfamiliar enough with the territory to assert our rights. It happens to us Asian Americans often without the news coverage.

It happened to me also. And because of racial politics rather than the principle of right and wrong, I and my mother, were unjustly punished.

Ask any rational man, “What would you do if I broke into your home and robbed you?” Justice is in their answers. Listen well.

Despite my harsh and caustic words above, some of my best friends are African Americans. I consistently refuse to hate any ethnicity or religion in my life. I am brutally honest though.

And I also recognize the real struggle of African Americans.

I marched for the Jenna Six against white terrorism. I condemned the unjustified verdict against those white terrorists that beat Rodney King. I comprehend the injustice in the Criminal Justice system not only with the majority of imprisoned being African Americans disproportionately, but also in the individual judgments as between Brock Turner and Albert Wilson. I feel deep pain within my own beating heart for the white terrorism performed upon Emanuell Church in Charleston, South Carolina. I recognize the injustice of Walter Scott’s tragedy and how Family Courts are employed to decimate the African American family.  I absolutely abhor slavery and segregation as the worst injustices in the annals of history in the Empire of the United States.

But what use is the African American struggle and their future,  if one shall perform the very evil of which one complains about? African Americans can benefit the Empire of the United States, but not by ignoring or silencing the voice of minorities as Asian Americans. It won’t occur this way. We must speak and cooperate on a level, as equal humans, without racial politics. We have so much in common.

Nevertheless, my entire youth and adolescence in America, my existence was one of Non Persona Grata, a poor Asian American. I was never accepted as part of that society nor ever acknowledged for my suffering.

Therefore, I see no reason to possess any obligation toward such filth that calls itself a nation or country, nor its superficial ideologies of faux paux Democracy and sanctimonious farce Republicanism, nor of its fake cereal brand Christianity.

It is much better to be alone as a wolf which others glance in pause from afar and recognize the remaining scars in admiration or fear, than under a preposterous exploitive and evil abusive parent or owner, such as with the Empire of the United States of America.

One is not born useless or evil, but if they are in a toxic environment that repeats such abuses with enough frequency, then humans begin believing and acting it out. It’s called the subconscious.

For my own subconscious, and conscience, for I am much stronger than a self fulfilling prophecy, let me attachments to that genocidal empire be forever severed so I may dwell proudly and safely and securely, as a simple human.


Slavery and Racism in South Carolina

Another determinant for my sincere desire to be freed or released from the Empire of the Untied States of America, is South Carolina’s unrepentant toxic racism within its innate cultural history, and ever so omniprescient racism today. South Carolina, its heathen posterity, its evil progenitors, are utter garbage filth of which no logical human of rational cognizance or moral fiber, could associate.  With exception to the Federal government of the Empire of the United States. Wolves and fleas.

Honesta mors turpi vita potior

To become successful in South Carolina and quickly climb the inanimate ladder toward the higher echelons, one must hate non-whites, specifically blacks, or pretend to love racists, Uncle Toms included. I sadfully wasted decades of my valuable precious life in this utterly hellish and undeniable brutish manure hole of  stinky breathing human dung.

All my life I witnessed an insipid racism in the Confederate South Carolina, was meticulously instructed and intentionally inculcated to hate innocent and defenseless Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims, and I yet, refused. That was my powerful silent victory. A beautiful seed my dead honorable mother deeply implanted within my stern chest which resiliently ceased to capitulate and die.

So why shall I return to such a bucolic hell?

The biggest mistake my naïve mother made in her entire lifetime, was foolishly moving from New York to this God awful cursed wasteland, where the elderly retire in order to end life peacefully. And where the youth tolerate a miserable existence, to live life as the living dead.  The day my mother and me arrived in South Carolina was simply annus terribilis.

One cannot retort , “That’s just South Carolina. Not America.”

No! Bovis Stercus!!

For any punishment or judicial order South Carolina  formulates, whether racially or religiously influenced or biased, all states must  honor and follow ,such as warrants and court judgments. Thus, the entire government through Comity, the Empire of the Untied States of America in totality, is accountable by virtue of gossamer collaboration, via jurisprudence and economic and political means, with an obvious evil Confederate bitch of a sister and cousin incest state.

Shall we forget, Democrats were the leaders of Segregation while Republicans supported abolition and now Democrats are the supposed freedom champions for African Americans like Canadian Prime Minister Jack Trudeau, while Republicans are racists. Plebians and Patricians with the Senate and Congress as Plato’s allegory o f the cave. The same today.

I feel Daniel Shay would have ceased all complaints and corrected Patrick Henry with, “Give me death instead of liberty,” had he known South Carolina would be unknowingly included within the Union and thus taint the better part of the nation, as a whole.

South Carolina was the commitingly the very first to proudly cede from the entire nation in disdainful support of evil abhorrent slavery. It viciously fired the very first gunshot at the Union Navy and Northern states on behest of that un-Godlike slavery, which ultimately commenced the nasty business of the Civil War. The meticulous justification or inherent ideology , nullification, which created the Confederate States of America, was born in hillbilly redneck South Carolina. When Reconstruction occurred after the Civil War, Rutherford B. Hayes sealed the victory for the Klu Klux Klan of South Carolina, over minority rights in South Hellolina.

Interficiam de cancer

Such deep legacy is still evident today. It is completely inescapable. Suffocation is the only accurate depiction of South Carolina life.   The confederate hellish prison has amalgamated Christianity into a new religion of transitioning from past religious justification of slavery and segregation into dominance over non-whites today.

As abolitionist  Angelina Grimke averred, “My friends, it is a fact that the South has incorporated slavery into her religion; that is the most fearful thing in this rebellion. They are fighting, verily believing that they are doing God service.”

I grew up in direct opposition against the disgusting  flying of the Confederate flag on public and government infrastructure,  and I took gleeful satisfaction at finally seeing it justly brought down in South Carolina. But now, South Carolina has brought it right back up. That should be undeniably demonstrative of its sincerity toward contemporary positive racial relations.

At Clemson University, where I luckily graduated, like many other universities in the Southern portion of the Empire of the United States, such as LSU and Alabama State, the names of buildings are after virulent racists and former Klu Klux Klan members, as Ben “Pitchfork” Tillman and John Calhoun.

I can no longer stomach Confederate South Carolina and its evil racist heritage, nor can I stomach any Federal government that allows or enables or winks  it. Guilt by association! No. No. Ex Consessis

The Federal governments relationship with the Confederate manure pad of a state,  the fact South Carolina is surprisingly considered a state of the Empire of the United States ultimately translates into all of Amerigo Vespucci’s bastard posterity are guilty. Their avarice provides complicity in South Carolina’s past and current status today.

I absolutely refuse, out of my deep comprehension for the tainted history of evil slavery, and in agreement with the heroic and noble abolitionist David Walker, who wrote the “Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World,”  that  Southern slavery in the Empire of the United States was the worst and cruelest form in history, worse than Roman slavery; I absolutely refuse:

  1. To pay taxes toward any monstrosity which participated in slavery within its history on such scale and akin form as South Carolinian slaver.
  2. Salute a flag of association with any entity, state or nation, past and present, that profited off the human misery of slavery on such scale and form as the Empire of the United States and its Transatlantic slavery.
  3. Recognize any Constitution or Declaration of Independence toilet paper which purposely omits or tacitly supports slavery, indirectly or directly.

I refuse to be a citizen of the Empire of the United States as long as South Carolina is included within its nation. Or any nation with a history of slavery akin to that which existed in American history, for that matter.

To South Carolinians Es scortum obscenus vilis

While South Carolina maintains a stance toward preserving racial hierarchy, it consistently fails miserably in providing the exigent life South Carolinians should strive. Thus one can comprehend why such visible ignorance toward racial pluralism and equality.

Instead the sagacious and wise leaders of South Carolina have won the following acclimations for its citizens. It is ranked 47 out of 50 states for personal income number 5 in violent crimes within the nation one of the top ten for obesity, last in education, one of the worst places to raise a family,  and the 8th worst state for health care.


Is it not better to wish your most dreadfully hated enemies to dwell in such a great infernum!?

Therefore due to the innate racism within South Carolina, its ineffaceable history of slavery and segregation and its contemporary racism against non-whites, and its unbending and inimitable association with the Federal government of the Empire of the United States, I would rather live stateless and preserve my irrevocable integrity and honor and conscience, in death. As abolitionist David Walker averred, “If I remain in this bloody land, I will not live long.”

To be South Carolinian, one must be a Republican or insane, it is both too small and .big for either. I am neither the former or latter.

As Sam Esmail averred, “I’m Egyptian. My parents stupidly decided to move us down to South Carolina when I was five, which was pretty brutal.”

I am unforgiving of the Empire of the United States toward its African American minority. Until African American activist Mumia Abu Jamal is justly freed, rapper Corey Miller given a retrial, and Assata Shakur pardoned, I find no more hope in believing the Empire of the United States has any sincerity toward an equal society.

Though I am adamantly careful of racial pride and race politics for it may empower an oppressed to do likewise injustice to another minority, as rapper Killer Mike suggested recently, I conclude Killer Mike and others as him, have no choice against an intoxicating dangerous and inhuman poison of racism which exists in the Empire of the United States and continues to claim so many innocent lives at the expense of a white status quo.

I laud the rapper for at least speaking reality and truth.

May death be my option rather than citizenship to that fascist racist conglomerate of American hedonism. As Stokley Carmichael stated, “There is a higher law than the law of government. That’s the law of conscience.”

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American Christian Bigotry

Another issue in which I must take full aim is the fake Christianity in America.

I do not, cannot, and will not, foolishly believe in the generic Jesus of the Empire of the United States of America, nor its inauthentic effigy of Christianity.  If Americans possess true followers and knowledge of Jesus, then I am utterly convinced, as atheists as Richard Dawkins, Jesus is a lie.  We have all been bamboozled!

This my honest observation derived from examining American domestic and foreign policies, witnessing the behavior of Americans generally, and experiencing and surviving  the evil Bible Belt of South Carolina.

As of now, I am observing Islam and Judaism under similar microscope, to honestly determine if it likewise coalesces with the evil Christianity in America.

Nevertheless, it is succinct to aver that American Protestantism was a radical pariah sect in Europe. Protestants were cruelly persecuted and coldly hunted down, with the goal of utter extermination.

They justly and rightfully fled Europe and absconded to America. Then, these horrific hypocritical filth Protestants, in holy Jesus’ name, emetically and mercilessly exterminated the weaker and powerless  indigenous in America.

Afterwards, Protestants disingenuously proclaimed the indigenous lands as their own Manifest Destiny. Now, they incredulously deny their act of evil genocide, and currently refuse the same exact privileged right for other innocent victims to flee persecution to the Empire of the United States.

Illa simulatione?

I must intercede and loudly and bravely reiterate, that it is an undeniable common theme that a former oppressed people, become mirror images of their prior oppressors. De Facto and Dejure, by government jurisprudence and by human behavior within society.

And that is the Quid Pro Quo of the empowerment lure titled, Republicanism and Democracy, in the Empire of the United States.

Wherein the brutish and ignorant false hubris filled American government, now formulates laws which always victimize the weaker poor human, domestically in the name of women’s rights (Family Laws against poor fathers) and African American justice (Affirmative Action against non-African Americans in education and employment). And in foreign policy with America’s support for Jewish Israelis against Arab Muslims, Kurds against Arabs in Iraq, etc.  We replace tyrants with their victims who also become tyrants.

It is also human nature as well in pragmatic daily social relations. De Facto. Black Americans oppress and discriminate against other minorities in America, Jewish citizens against Arabs in Israel, Kurds against Arabs and Assyrian Christians  in Kurdistan, Shia Muslims against Sunni Muslims in Iraq, black South Africans against white South Africans, etc.

However, what can we expect from a nation birthed on such hypocrisy!?  I speak facts and truth, not what is ignorantly popular or fad and indoctrinated since youth in corrupt America. I speak simply as a human.

Protestantism, or radical Wahhabi Christianity, completely wiped out the indigenous of the North American continent, as Catholics likewise intended for Protestants in Europe. What a tragic and sad hypocrisy under the Neanderthal Democratic demonic Leprechaun John Sullivan, and his faux paux evil insanity, with the pathetic laureate, Manifest Destiny.

It’s Manifest Shit!

Though, Americans claim the Empire of the United States was not founded upon Christianity, but some awkward unknown neologism called “Deism,” which completely escapes the pages of history’s records of ever existing, even today, it is undeniable the Empire of the United States, was founded upon this insanity titled Protestantism.

The Bible has been employed at courts throughout its nation since its beginning.  All of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were Protestant Christians, including the founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, etc . The land theft of indigenous was justified by Protestantism. World Wars One and Two were inundated with Protestant propaganda against evil god haters in Japan, China, and Russia.

The majority of Americans today identify as Protestant Christian.

Super Fuck the founding bastard bitch fathers of the Empire of the United States, their ancestors and progenitors, may God almighty grant us a valiant hero so graciously noble and  brave, so pure with the conscience of humanity and justice, as to both belligerently urinate and indifferently defecate, on all the preceding criminals’ graves today. Amen.

Protestant Martin Luther fought courageously against corruption in his 99 Theses, only to imprudently and unintentionally create a neo-nation today, that massively multiplied and amplified the corruption of the centuries old Catholic Church in Europe.

Protestants did not stare deeply into an abyss, as Friedrich Nietzsche warned, they gleefully plunged and swam within it!

Today as Tacitus warned, a multitude of existing laws in the Empire of the United States has institutionalized, formalized, and expounded corruption. And Americans have no shame or honor in such gossamer reality in the eyes of the world.

Today, numerous aid and humanitarian organizations or NGOS, collect and pocket donations in the name of God and humanity, while victims of tragedies they pretend to help, suffer without benefitting from such proceeds. This is the norm.

American Protestantism and a pernicious corruption are now inseparable as canon.

The Empire of the United States childishly inculcates within its sheep citizens that Native Americans died of pox diseases. Yet, there is not a single disease in the annals of secular or biblical history, which has completely wiped out an entire civilization.

I am of the opinion, Americans are full of smelly vile shit. Just as their heathen Protestant priests and missionaries.

Nevertheless, the Christianity in South Carolina is akin to the Islamic State or Daesh ideology, without any doubt. Socioeconomic status and an absence of occupation, only deters its own symptoms from exposing such similarity. Black and white, both innately insane via indoctrination since youth, wholeheartedly believe Jesus and God, are one and the same.

This malignant ideology’s  deep roots in America bore the terrorist fruit in the incarnation and reincarnation of the Klu Klux Klan. Today in the Empire of the United States, right wing white Protestant terrorists lead in acts of terrorism in the name of Jesus.

I never have, nor will I ever believe Jesus and God are one. It is against the passages of the Bible, Quran, and Torah. I’ve read them all.

The Jews do not recognize Jesus whose real name is Yeshua, as God. Muslims do not either. Yazidees don’t as well. Christians in the Middle East don’t. Those with clear intellect and rational minds with functioning logical abilities concur, Jesus is not God.

Only the pestilent, abominable and brainless Protestant clan believes in such nonsensical myth. Roman emperors were called Gods once, is it not ironic the Empire of the United States seems to be the origin of such insanity today?

I will not pledge my allegiance to any evil nation that believes in such fecal childish blabberish.

In the Empire of the United States , there is one identity which reigns supreme, White Anglo Saxon Protestant.

They are the ones who believe Jesus and God are one. They are the ones currently promulgating the hatred of Muslims worldwide and they are the ones behind the endemic wars which plague humankind in the Middle East.

Don’t foolishly fall for their pathetic logomachy of name playing, classifying themselves differently so as to disguise their common crimes in conspiracy. They are the same!

Calvinists, Lutherans, Mormons, Baptists, Born Again Christians, Reformed Christians, Anabaptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, Advents, aliens, predators, Sponge Bob square pants warriors, enlightened demi- gods, and so on.

I sincerely pray humankind be protected from all these Beelzebub criminals. They are absolutely not humans, but wild evil beasts in attractive clean clothing with shaven faces and false smiles, deceptively awaiting the naïve to fall under the trance of their outer appearance.

Before striking their modern victims and their victims’ children, as a savage lion in a pit alone with a Daniel, and with no witnesses.

They will ostracize and demonize their friends, disown family, poison and imprison and burn you like Atahualpa, if they ever discover, you don’t believe their fundamental farce that Jesus is God. That is today’s Empire of the United States.

Evangelicals, another name for Protestants, voted for former U.S President George Bush. The monster who commenced the wars in the Middle East and profited from them. The author of the War on Terrorism and the puppet face of my own personal tragedy.

May they all go to hell.

Is God not powerful enough to punish Empire’s crimes? Does God not love empire’s victims?

I therefore renounce my citizenship of the criminal and evil Empire of the United States of America.

Its lies of being secular are insincere and a fog, a deception only intended to hide its true foundation, its past and current behavior, and its future aspirations.

I will not be part and privy to such evil mechanism anymore. I would rather choose death instead, than to be welcomed or heralded or even accepted, as even its most famous and prominent klan member.

I have integrity.

.. / .– .. – -. . … … . -.. / – …. . / -.-. — -. -. . -.-. – .. — -. … / — ..-. / .–. .-. — – . … – .- -. – / – . .-. .-. — .-. .. … — / – …. .-. — ..- –. …. / — -.– / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. / -.- . -. / — / -.- . . ..-. . .-.-.- / .. / . …- . -. / -… . -.-. .- — . / ..-. .- -.-. . -… — — -.- / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. … / .– .. – …. / ..-. — .-. — . .-. / –. — …- . .-. -. — .-. / .- -. -.. / …- .. .-. ..- .-.. . -. – / -.- -.- -.- / .-.. . .- -.. . .-. –..– / -.. .- …- .. -.. / -.. ..- -.- . / – …. .-. — ..- –. …. / -.- . -. .-.-.- / — -.– / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. … …. .. .–. / .– .. – …. / -.- . -. / .-. . …- . .- .-.. . -.. / – …. . / . -..- – . -. – / — ..-. / – …. . / .–. .-. — – . … – .- -. – / . …- .- -. –. . .-.. .. -.-. .- .-.. / -. ..- – .— — -… … / .. -. / – …. . / . -..- – .-. . — .. … – / – . .-. .-. — .-. .. … – / -. . – .– — .-. -.- … / .. -. / – …. . / — .. -.. -.. .-.. . / . .- … – .-.-.- … .–. . -.-. .. ..-. .. -.-. .- .-.. .-.. -.– / .– .. – …. / …. .- — .- … .-.-.- / – …. . -.– / …. .- – . / .— . .– … .-.-.- / .-.-.. .-.-.. .- .-.. … — / -.. .- …- .. -.. / … -.-. …. . -. -.- . .-. –..– / .- … … .. … – .- -. – / … . -.-. .-. . – .- .-. -.– / — ..-. / … – .- – . / .. … / .- / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. / .- -. -.. / …. .. … / -.-. — -. -. . -.-. – .. — -. … / – — / .–. .-. — – . … – .- -. – / . …- .- -. –. . .-.. .. -.-. .- .-.. / .- -. -.. / -.-. ..- .-. .-. . -. – / … . -.-. .-. . – .- .-. -.– / — ..-. / … – .- – . / .- -. -.. / ..-. — .-. — . .-. / -.-. .. .- / -.. .. .-. . -.-. – — .-. –..– / — .. -.- . / .–. — — .–. . — –..– / …. . .-.. .–. . -.. / — . / – — / .. -.. . -. – .. ..-. -.– / – …. . … . / . …- .- -. –. . .-.. .. -.-. .- .-.. / -. ..- – .— — -… … / .- -. -.. / – …. . .. .-. / -.-. — -. -. . -.-. – .. — -. … / .– .. – …. / .— . .– … / .. -. / – …. . / — .. -.. -.. .-.. . / . .- … – .-.-.- / … .–. . -.-. .. ..-. .. -.-. .- .-.. .-.. -.– / .. -. / .. .-. .- –.- .-.-.- / .-.-.. .-.-.. – …. . -.– / -… — – …. / .- .-. . / .- -.-. – .. …- . / .. -. / – .- -.- .. -. –. / — …- . .-. / – …. .. … / .– — .-. .-.. -.. .-.-.- / .. – .—-. … / .- / — — -.. . .-. -. / ..-. .. –. …. – / — ..-. / .-. . .-.. .. –. .. — -. … .-.-.- .-.-.. .-.-.. — -.– / -.- -. — .– .-.. . -.. –. . / — ..-. / – …. . .. .-. / -.-. — -. – .- -.-. – … / .. -. / – …. . / — .. -.. -.. .-.. . / . .- … – / .–. .-.. .- -.-. . … / — -.– / .-.. .. ..-. . / .. -. / -.. .- -. –. . .-. .-.-.- / -.-. ..- .-. .-. . -. – / .- –. . -. -.-. -.– / -.-. — -. – .- -.-. – … / .- … / .– . .-.. .-.. .-.-.- /


Deportation of Wife, Miscarriage of Child, and Child Support Due to Political Punishment

My thought-out courageous decision to renounce my worthless citizenship also derives from the Empire of the United States targeting my innocent defenseless wife, me, and a precious unborn child, to punish my political activism in the Confederate South Carolina and my religious conversion to Islam.

Around 2008, I was fulfilling my graduate studies at Clemson University. The home of infamously known virulent KKK racists as John Calhoun (Frederick Douglass despised Calhoun and even wrote a diatribe against him) and Ben “Pitchfork” Tillman (who openly admitted and bragged about assassinating and murdering innocent blacks).

I was also politically active for Palestine at Clemson University. I became a proud and devoutly committed Muslim. I met a Clemson University professor, a Syrian Palestinian Muslim, named Tharwat Alasadi. She was teaching Arabic at Clemson University, on a visa sponsored by a Christian Protestant organization.

I sadly remember the absolute cruelty in which the Christian students at Clemson University would maliciously draw in chalk, the Israeli star and Jewish symbols, at the bottom stairway of her apartment. This would enrage me and cause me to argue and fight, verbally and physically, with her heartless bullies, many times.

Tharwat would always tell me to ignore, to forgive, but I never could. She was a pacifist like Mohatma Ghandi, and I always was a fighter, like Khalid Bin Walid.

I also disparagingly witnessed the Christian students at Clemson University daily trying their upmost to convert her to Christianity. Like a hungry lion with saliva dripping from its teeth, while carefully eyeing  a naïve weaker rabbit, in unchartered or unfamiliar lands.

They would deceptively invite her with inauthentic smiles and fake blessings to Christian events, cajolingly beg her presence at their church, unexpectedly visit her home with Bibles and gifts in hand, etc.

And I, who she loved, loved Islam, and my unbending passion and concrete commitment created a huge challenge for these Christian students and Christian organization, that sponsored her visa, in their discreet and sly efforts to proselytize Tharwat.

Nevertheless, Tharwat and I married and were expecting a child. It was the best time of my life. I filed all paperwork to legally keep her in my nation, as any father and husband would.

I never knew South Carolina could be so cruel. So evil.

But that is the nature of Protestants and the innate racism of any revitalized Roman empire. We American Christian Protestants are raised to discreetly and openly look down upon others, outside our religion and borders, in an Oriental barbaric fashion, imbibed with false superiority.

The same week after visiting Senator Lindsey Graham’s Seneca office in South Carolina and challenging him to a debate on Palestine, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers forced their way into my apartment, without a warrant. Both acts against the United States Constitution and my rights as a citizen.

My wife, Tharwat, was cruelly arrested and unconscionably deported by ICE. We lost our child to miscarriage from the stress and pressure and shock. The arresting agent, Paul Anderson, informed Tharwat I had several girlfriends, that I never loved her, interrogated us about the Clemson Islamic Center, blamed both of us for the 9-11 attacks, hinted we were terrorists, and more.

The news covered our ordeal and this shameful debacle.


What the news failed to cover, was my simultaneous harassment by the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

At the very same time of my wife’s wrongful and uncompassionate kidnapping and imprisonment and cruel illegal deportation, the evil Confederate South Carolina Department of fake Christian Protestant Social Services, enforced a Child Support order upon me, in this mentally fragile and weakened state.

They mentioned several unknown names of strange women and children, mostly white sounding names, which I never recollected. What appended upon the incredulous accusations by the South Carolina Department of Social Services was, I never liked white women. I like minority pussy. I just prefer non-white women, always have in my life. Perhaps I am racist, but I am being brutally honest.

I also remained clear of white women all my life in South Carolina, out of my historical knowledge of how African Americans were falsely accused of rape and victimized unjustly by white women, as a means of racial superiority in the South.

And it still persists today.

Nevertheless, out of the multitude of names, solely one white southern belle appeared at a hearing. It was childishly worse than John Calhoun’s Petticoat Affair. It is as if the South Carolina Department of Social Services in a hurry to save their false narrative and lies,  paid this horribly unattractive jezebel honey trap, to appear in order to justify their accusations.

They performed a DNA paternity test (I was told the conclusion within 30 minutes of my DNA test which I don’t believe is possible). They demanded, under threat of punishment, I sign documents agreeing to my paternity, which I refused.

They held a trial in absentia and determined my monthly salary, $1,900, and extrapolated what I should pay in Child Support, though I wasn’t employed. I was living off student loans while finishing my Masters degree.

They then instructed me never to communicate with this woman or her child, and even refused to give me the name of this child, who was supposedly mine.

Later, after investigation, I discovered the Paternity company, LabCorp, and the doctor who signed off on my paternity, Dr. Gary Stuhlmiller, have a long history of fraud. They have been sued even in the US Supreme Court several times. There have been numerous documented cases of LabCorp and Dr. Gary Stulhmiller falsely claiming a man is a father or a criminal is guilty, when second DNA Paternity tests proved otherwise. The Supreme Courts of the Mariana Islands and Canada have thrown out any testimony from Dr. Gary Stullhmiller in DNA proceedings. They found LabCorp and Dr. Gary Stuhlmiller unreliable.

LabCorp and GaryStuhlmiller:

Does the state of Confederate South Carolina possess no honor or integrity, to rely upon convicted fraudsters, liars, and criminals, as their primary DNA paternity testing company for South Carolina family courts?

Due to the callous and malicious behavior of both toward me and my wife, due to the violation of my Constitutional and human rights and the severe lack of evidence in accusations, and due to the timing of events;  I sincerely believe both ICE and the South Carolina Department of Social Services dishonorably and cowardly acted in tandem on behest of a South Carolina senator, to discreetly punish me for my political activism and my religious conviction.

My full details of my official complaint handed to the ACLU of South Carolina and other family court organizations is here:

This cowardly and cruel conspiracy by the South Carolina government, is absolutely unforgiveable. When a government violates the constitutional rights and human rights of one of its own citizens, what attachments or obligations should such citizen be compelled or coerced to meet, any longer?

Whatever debt incurred from my unfortunate tragic experience in South Carolina, which is respected and applied by Comity throughout the evil hypocritical Empire of the United States, is completely null and void.

To pursue me on any such debt, including by the Empire of the United State’s bitches in developing or developed nations, shall be met with a Jason Bourne type wrathful response, with accepted death as an inevitable outcome, yet damages incurred exceeding that which is pursued.

I owe no debt to South Carolina or the government of the Empire of the United States, as the former and latter shall owe no debt to me for violating my constitutional and human rights. Nor owe any debt for creating the conditions which promulgated and exacerbated and proliferated the unforgiveable tragic miscarriage of my precious unborn child and the destruction of my precious family in the deportation of my wife.

I shall never ask the Empire of the United States or the government of South Carolina,  have you no honor? I already know very well the answer! You are filthy cowards and only violence and force justifies your insanity.

I ask any human. If you followed laws to keep your spouse and child in your home nation, and your spouse was deported resulting in a miscarriage of a child, your nation violated your constitutional and human rights, and the only response you get is a sorry;

Can you bear to call that conglomeration of a despicable country, home? Can you not stare into nothingness over what child you lost and can you escape nightmares of what transpired?

I can’t and I won’t. This world is too large. This life is too short.

The American Child support system is corrupt. It is broken. It is misandrist. It is inhumane. It criminalizes the indigent solely and immures them into debtor’s prisons.

The State governments profit from federal incentives to shackle as many suckers as it can in sex payments. Its foundation is derived from two immoral and criminal presidents, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton. It refuses to follow the wisdom of European nations’ in less government intervention and more shared parenting.

It is the most dysfunctional system worldwide in comparison to even developing nations’ family court laws.

If I am wrong, please correct me in my blog here. Do so, so I may see the light. Otherwise, accept what I have written and refuse to cooperate with such an unjust system.   It has thrown its tentacles upon me based on lies and as an instrument of silencing political dissidence in the Empire of the United States.

The South Carolina Department of Social Criminal Services does not altruistically care for our children. It doesn’t of the child I lost. They don’t sincerely defend women or women’s rights. They didn’t of my deported wife. I am certain.

The wife which was deported by the Empire of the United States could naturally not forgive my country for what transpired. I can’t or won’t either.

I divorced Tharwat as she wished , out of respect and a sincere desire for her happiness. She now lives in Sweden, a much better nation than America.

I also remarried another refugee, an Assyrian Christian survivor of the Islamic State genocide.

Since being in the Middle East, associates of the US government here, have made significant discreet efforts in abusing and humiliating me at international schools and English language centers for ten continuous years. Something I could not avoid since I teach the English language and the institutions which deliver such service are indirectly or directly, linked to the US Consulates and Embassies here.

Places where covert and corrupt activities are always hatched and facilitated, by the tiny minds and lower consciences of empire.

While failing to coerce me to leave the Middle East by psychological mistreatment, these “employers” also underpaid me purposely in equivalent fashion as human trafficking and exploitation. They also reneged on promises of renewing my residency. All of the preceding with purpose and intention to expel me from the Middle East, so as to connivingly and slyly prosecute me for politically motivated crimes in South Carolina.

They performed every mechanism to make my life miserable and my future unrepairable.

They thought financial exploitation would convince me to surrender and return to empire. They were over confident into believing verbal torment would provoke me to feel unwanted and depart from the Middle East. They also entrusted in the accrued debt of Child Support to label me a Deadbeat Dad and to worry me into return to empire. They created false impressions that I am a spy to the people of the Middle East, hoping the security services would deport me. They created the situation wherein my immigration status was precarious so as to scare me to return to empire.

Yet. It all failed!

Instead , I fought back. They plot, God plots, and God is the best planner.

Kara Murphy who worked for the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan as an English language instructor, deceived me, promising to renew my residency in Amman, Jordan,  which she didn’t. Her husband, an American citizen as well, offered money for me to bring students to cheat on the TOEFL exam. I sent that recording to Randolph Cline of ETS. She lost her license and they closed the center.

The American International School of Kurdistan run by Aveen Howrami. She has connections to the US Consulate, and other connections, which I can’t mention because it would ultimately cost my life to do so. The school is now closed after I revealed she lied about her accreditation and official relationship with the US State Department, to the Ministry of Education.

There are others who participated in this conspiracy who have yet to receive justice. But I aver, time and patience, God is the best planner.

Vvp ymgvm jj Dolsp Aoga Nfvml Rahmanm Joanne, threatened me to change her grades in front of the eleventh grade students. The principal Aveen Howrami, who is scared of her mother, threatened to fire me if I did not. She also threatened to sue me and attempted to deport me unsuccessfully after I sued her instead

The racist and evil South Carolina has touted this bullshit accusation that I absconded from paying child support after destroying my family in the beginning, unjustly. And these criminal agents at the consulates and embassies, with ape-like critical thinking skills, void of pristine honor or laudable morality, absolutely corrupt to the inner core, take the banal feminist flag and seek me in their bulls-eye target.

And they stomp in pathetic march under the oppressive and hypocritical Don Quixote tittup for women’s rights, while simultaneously striving to destroy my current marriage in the process while denying my wife a visa to the safety of my home country, away from the war my nation has created in her nation, Iraq.

Such heroes and heroines I must say sarcastically. Honor is fixing what one destroys. Instead, the heroic of the Empire of the United States simply pull out a different flag, as if a deck of cards, and claim moral justification for breaking another family of mine apart, while psychologically tormenting me for ten years and exploiting me like a canine in a Chinese meat market.

And preventing me from departing the Middle East with my current wife to relative safety.

This is the honor of America.

I believe it was Senator Lindsey Graham’s malicious sick evil plan from the beginning, to destroy my marriage to a refugee, Tharwat Alasadi in South Carolina, and to do so against my current refugee wife in the Middle East. Two things the news demonstrates about Senator Graham, he hates refugees or political asylees, and he loves profitable war on Middle Easterners. Since his funding comes from defense contractors.

By employing the South Carolina Department of Social Services against me, it performs two objectives. It attaches a leash in which Graham can pull and demand my extradition to South Carolina to his heathen un-Godlike devils in satisfactory victory against me. It also makes it difficult for me to survive in a developing nation, pay the fees the Department of Social Services demands, while paying legal fees for the immigration of my current wife to the Empire of the United States.

There is a third objective as well. It prevents me from formally enouncing my citizenship. Perhaps they knew this would be the outcome of my experiences here and thus they intend to deny my right based upon debt

The Empire of the United States, hates refugees. So, I married another one. And I will fight for this one, like the prior, against any empire. I am not your citizen, I am a human.

And for those refugees you, the Empire of the United States, have continuously neglected or those whose relatives you have unjustly murdered in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen; directly or through your disgusting quisling dictators abroad, many of these victims I have interviewed myself, I say the following:

Fuck you from my heart.

  • Fuck your fake lying ass Jesus bullshit.
  • Fuck your non-existent shitty God.
  • Fuck your failed hypocritical plebian and patrician copycat Democracy and Republicanism you pathetic dreamer shit spewers.
  • Fuck your toilet paper slavery supporting Constitution.
  • Fuck your hypocritical non-black and non-indigenous humankind is equal, Declaration of Independence shit stain.
  • Fuck your incessantly decrepit primitive backwards presumptuous fake materialistic shit brained culture and your thieving criminal thuggish brute-like
  • Fuck you and your children and ancestors for eternity.

That’s a lot of fucks.

In the expected words of my unborn child lost in South Carolina, I really don’t give a fuck.

(T into Y CollectiveConsciousness)
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Injustice of Palestine/Israel

My resoluteness to renounce my American citizenship also derives from my nation’s blind commitment to the state of Israel, which former Secretary of State, George Marshall, resigned from his position in consequence. As I do as well.

But my renunciation over America’s foreign policy doesn’t originate from a simple perfunctory disagreement or observation. It directly results from close-hand and personal experience in fighting such tyranny and witnessing such oppression’s results within the Palestinian Diaspora. The preceding augments my inevitable renunciation.

I was influenced I admit, by viewing the struggle in Facebook posts by Miko Peled, Ken O Keefe, Alison Weir, Cindy Sheehan, Ann Wright, Lauren Booth; all of which are my friends on Facebook.

But prior to even knowing any of them, I helped to organize the first AAPER (American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights) marches in 2009. I also lectured on peace in Israel/Palestine at six major universities in South Carolina, involving Jews, Christians, and Muslims (I don’t know of anyone having performed the same ever or since). I debated at Clemson University and on the streets about Palestine consistently. I even challenged Senator Graham to a public debate which promulgated my former wife’s deportation

Senator Graham feared me specifically because I realistically, by deed instead of words, by activism instead of feigned incompetence, threatened to make Clemson University a solid base of operations for Palestinian rights, for the entire state of South Carolina. I performed more than any activist in such a short time. Had my former wife Tharwat Alasadi, not been deported, I am certain I would extend to the entire southeastern region.


I also created a legislative bill perused by Jewish Voice for Peace, If Americans Only Knew, the AAPER, J-Street, and Professor Noam Chomsky. Professor Chomsky complimented me by e-mail on such efforts in South Carolina.

After following a deported wife to the Middle East, the State of South Carolina became the first state making any criticism of Israel, illegal. Had I been in South Carolina, it would have never happened for certain. I would have traveled up and down the entire state until sufficient numbers would have opposed such legislation. But Senator Graham took care of that so it would never materialize

After traveling and residing in the Middle East for ten years, after the state of South Carolina, through ICE and the South Carolina Department of Social Services, targeted me and a former wife, leading to the miscarriage of our child, I became closer to the Palestinian Diaspora in Amman, Jordan.

I witnessed the results of the Empire of the United State’s injustice that the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Israel created. A people, humans, stateless and without rights in Amman, Jordan, struggling to decide between a home to return to or a home to remain within. Either way, they didn’t possess equal rights.

I spent six whole years, every weekend, visiting and teaching Palestinian refugees in the most neglected Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. Some call it Jerash Camp, others call it Gaza Camp. I made a rap video to express my love for those refugees:

Although I will state that the historical persecution and genocides against Jews necessitates a home country, my opposition to Israel remains stringent in regards to its oppressive and criminal policies to enact that reality or sovereignty. It is creating enemies who won’t disappear in the future which is unhealthy, imprudent, and inhumane.

My decision to renounce my citizenship in consequence to the United State’s devotion to Israel was a gradual and meticulous process, not a sudden callous decision.  Beforehand, I even publicly posted, in the spirit of Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience,” that I refused to pay taxes to my country while it supports Israel.

The Empire of the United States’ stance toward supporting Israel’s apartheid and ethnic cleansing isn’t changing. On the contrary, it is becoming stronger. Therefore, I must out of conscience sever my ties with the Empire of the United States

The persecution and injustice against African Americans and Palestinians and Native Americans, is an unforgiveable crime in history which will create problems for the Empire of the United States in the future. I want no part in it nor desire any of my own posterity to be victim to it.

The rage surrounding Israel by the people in the Middle East is palpable to any visitor. The shame attached to what we are performing to Palestinians undeniable. I wish my children and grandchildren to not maintain that stain upon their integrity and honor. I will not any longer.

Can there not be a government in which majorities do not virtually decide right and wrong, but conscience? And can we be human first, subjects afterwards?

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Ziyad Yaghi Wrongful Conviction

Music video for Ziyad Yaghi:

Ziyad Yaghi was a Palestinian Muslim American wrongfully convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism by the FBI’s Preemptive Prosecution entrapment strategy, immediately after the 9-11 attacks in America.

I thoroughly read the court transcripts of Ziyad’s trial, many times. I also read an eclectic selection of internet resources from all perspectives. I spoke to many witnesses.

My only rational conclusion was Ziyad was convicted without any evidence, in a witch hunt manner akin to the Salem Witch Trials or McCarthyism.

I later performed an on the ground investigation in Amman, Jordan for the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America and former U.S. Lieutenant Naval Commander and Constitutional Rights attorney, Charles Swift. What I submitted to them would be used in the U.S. Supreme Court appeal by Ziyad Yaghi.

The North Carolina prosecution, Jason Kellhoffer, claimed Ziyad Yaghi, farcically attempted to meet terrorists at a mosque in Jordan.  My contacts within the Jordanian Intelligence and my investigation with his family and friends and the community at the specified mosque, concluded decisively, there was absolutely no evidence for such preposterous narrative.

Instead, there was evidence to refute the prosecution’s story which wasn’t introduced into the courtroom.

Human Rights Watch also concluded, referencing Ziyad Yaghi’s conviction along with several others like him, that Ziyad’s case,

“Raises serious concerns about violations of individuals’ rights to free speech and association under the US Constitution and international law…Despite the US Supreme Court’s acceptance of an extremely broad interpretation of the material support laws, the US has international legal obligations regarding the cases it chooses to prosecute. Some of the cases discussed above raise serious questions about whether the US is complying with those obligations.”

Human Rights Watch also noted FBI agent Robert Powell, involved in the prosecution of Ziyad Yaghi, admitted there was no evidence against Ziyad.

Republican 2nd District Congressman George Holding, who was the U.S. attorney at the time the terror case was prosecuted, said the facts of the case speak for themselves.

However, there were no facts, period. Absolutely none.

It was all based on hearsay and the emotional fear mongering  testimony of an unqualified expert witness on terrorism, Evan Kohlman, who many reputable and renowned experts on terrorism, even CIA employees, have discounted as an utter fake. Nevertheless, Kohlman was able to incredulously convince a jury that the words pizza and marriage by Ziyad Yaghi in e-mails, were witch code for terrorism.

Such lunacy injustice which I became intimately involved with fighting against, was more than disturbing to my fragile soul. It destructively grinded my stomach, inner bowels, my human spirit, to its deepest core.

It was simply injustice by mass Islamophobia.  The North Carolina prosecution of Ziyad Yaghi was reminiscent of a prior historical shame. Expert witness Evan Kohlmann would play the part of Abigal Williams, the prosecutor Jason Kelhoffer as William Stoughton, Judge Louis Flanagan as Sir William Phips, and George Holding as Thomas Putnam, as in the Salem Wtich Trial of Massachusetts’s history.

Ziyad Yaghi’s mother, Laila Yaghi, occasionally writes poetry expressing her sadness. Her memory is also scarred by the government of the Empire of the United States, as mine with the tragic deportation of my former wife and miscarriage of a child.

In that we share a common tragic sadness, and in the preceding, we share a common burden to make absolutely certain the pages of history will never forget the Empire of the United States, its people’s , its citizens’ xenophobia and the consequent innocent victims, after the 9-11 attacks.

Despite Americans naively believing our government doesn’t commit injustices, history and reality proves otherwise consistently. And what occurred to young Ziyad Yaghi and his mother, was an injustice graver than that which the Empire of the United States falsely claimed young Ziyad Yaghi intended to commit.

It was utterly ludicrous and an exemplary microcosm of what mass paranoia or Islamophobia after the 9-11 attacks produced within the American public. A willingness to look away to injustice in exchange for security. Precisely what founding father Benjamin Franklin warned against.

I won’t ever forgive my government for the emetic debacle for which transpired in the Ziyad Yaghi case. I never can or will. Spit on the religion, culture, and government of the Empire of the United States, till my very last breath.

If Ziyad Yaghi can be convicted without evidence in America based upon lies, no American is safe. Including myself.  I won’t be safe in the Empire of the United States of America as much as Julian Assange or Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning or John Kirakou were safe. Truth is of no importance to empire. Justice and rights are only soft words to the Empire of the United States, words one whispers toward the ear lobes of a naïve woman, till the act of passion is completed.

Though my efforts did not result in the U.S. Supreme court overturning Ziyad Yaghi’s conviction, it did dent the reputation of the FBI. It was absolutely worth it. I expect unavoidable retaliation, so therefore I must not return to an evil land wherein such unjust punishment may be directly enacted upon me, without the means to respond or defend myself.

While developing nations are notorious for torturing confessions out of political targets, the FBI simply concocts asininely fantastical narratives, gossamer lies, and the naïve and gullible, fearful, American public sheepishly believes in them. The bigger the lie…

What more to expect from an agency that extorted and threatened a peace activist as Dr Martin Luther King Jr. who sought solely integration between races in the Empire of the United States?

Therefore, I must renounce my pathetic klan-like allegiance to the Empire of the United States, due to my conscience and due to my own safety. Imprisonment is temporary, the pages of history are forever. Let the evil cast of characters of the injustice toward Ziyad Yaghi and his family, and their posterity, be well remembered for lack of their prudence and evil hatred. May I survive a short time on this earth in relative safety instead of a martyr , like so many in antiquity. Let martyrdom in my sacrifice for humankind and justice not be my demise and thus meet the satisfaction of such vile cowardly wolfish citizens of empire.

There is yet a small victory in the preceding.

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Corruption in the Hashemite Dictatorship of Jordan and Neglect of Syrian Refugees

In Jordan, I witnessed the soft or moderate hand of dictatorship. King Abdullah II is a quisling with political acumen which is admirable. He runs a nation wherein between 70 to 80 percent of the population are Palestinians and thus resentful of the relationship between Jordan and Israel and the Empire of the United States.

Yet, he does well as a circus juggler, not as an idealist, but as a selfish skilled con artist. And the simple minded Jordanians either fall for the gossamer charade or submit to it powerlessly, out of fear for his thugs in the Jordanian intelligence.

If Israel or the Empire of the United States angers or approaches too closely to his internal business, within the Hashemite Kingdom, he edges from his continuous vacillation toward the Palestinian side. He consistently fulfills the role his father also amazingly performed with our Agency.

His father dangled in exorbitant wardrobe, lavish ladies we arranged for him, and expensive luxury cars all supplied to him in exchange for information and betrayal against Palestinians. His father even produced a child with a Jewish lady we gave him, of which later this offspring murdered his mother and was immured in prison.

The Jordanian aristocracy is a pathetic remake of the “Young and Restless” soap opera series. It would be comical, if it was also not dangerously tragic. Such melodrama of emotionalism and persistent betrayal begins with the disturbing fact that King Hussein originally had chosen Prince Hassan as the succeeding king, but unexpectedly died and suddenly in capricious manner, chose King Abullah II as king instead, suspiciously.

From its inception, Jordanian aristocracy was a melodramatic scene. In the Middle East, the Mafioso or criminal underworld, always proudly aver those who snitch, don’t end up with stitches or in ditches as in America. They simply get pushed off a building and later labeled a suicide.

That’s what likely happened with Christopher Kramer in Saudi Arabia, possibly with Peter Choi in Northern Iraq, and definitely with the Salti sisters , Juwana and Soraya Salti, in Jordan. According to the Jordanian intelligence and media, intelligent successful business women both committed suicide by simultaneously leaping from a building, while both landing on their backs. It’s transparent bullshit.

The real story behind the mainstream lies, was repeated often in circles within the higher aristocratic echelons of Jordan. They both dealt with Queen Rania. They both had information which would expose Queen Rania’s corrupt pocketing of funds. Something everyone is aware of in Jordan, but without hard evidence.

Her animosities and vindictiveness, with certain princesses in surrounding Middle Eastern nations, is also well known among us who are privy to inside information. She’s quite deadly.

She is also conniving with a multitude of faces. When unanimously scolded by over 40 Bedouin tribes for her Marie Antoinette type lavish spending, while Jordanians struggle to survive, she quickly visited each tribe making insincere but exigent amends to secure her sinecure within the Kingdom.

She knows well that her Palestinian bloodline allows the king to justify his leadership with a majority Palestinian population, and thus he may continue to fuck Palestinians, literally and figuratively.

Almost all of Queen Rania’s and King Abdullah II’s associates and close friends are corrupt.  King Abdullah II’s uncle, husband of Princess Basma Bint Talal, has been found guilty of corruption, yet travels to and from Jordan, without arrest.

Parliamentary members have even risked their lives to condemn King Abdullah II’s corruption.

Nevertheless, King Abullah II since 2011, has replaced 11 prime ministers and three heads of intelligence for corruption, to appease Jordanian protests. Yet, still no one has figured out the root, or are too afraid to be truthful.

Whatever the case, King Abdullah II and his wife enjoy a wonderful life while average Jordanians struggle to live a bare existence. It is tragically sad and heartbreaking how extravagant the royal family lives, while a third of Jordanians dwell in destitute penury.

This fecal dictatorship is what my selfish nation supports. It is atrociously disgusting. The human souls of Jordan deserve much better than selfish fake dictators who shackle them with inauthentic smiles and scaly cajoling words, only to discreetly rob them as a male gigolo of a naive virgin.

Nevertheless, it is bluntly obvious we can no longer support the king, it seems. In 2017, his own brothers were arrested for plotting against him. And then another plot revealed itself among his intelligence thugs this year as well. in Jordan, protests have also become larger and more aggressive than prior ones. His time is definitely near.

It is not only the utter gossamer corruption of the spoiled stuck up selfish royal family we support which utterly disgusts me. It is also not only the severe destitution of average Jordanians and Palestinians which my leechish nation enables through its support of this oppressive status quo upheld by a corrupt materialistic and insincere and asinine dictatorship.

It is the absolute and undeniable criminal neglect of precious Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan, by Western NGOs and the Jordanian government, which also deeply lacerates my beating heart and inundates my nightmares today.

In six years within Jordan, out of 102 interviews, I heard and documented horrifying stories of true despair and a brutish existence from the Syrian refugees. It became clear, my noble and honorable nation, the Empire of the United States , a bastard Rome reborn, since 2011, has sought to coerce Syrian refugees via criminal neglect, to voluntarily return to death in Syria or die in Jordan alone and penny-less.

Syrian refugees in Jordan have been atrociously victimized by persistent human trafficking and have been criminally neglected by the UNHCR and NGOs in Jordan, as the latter pockets funds intended or these victims, since 2011.

The media persistently aggrandizes small and insignificant aesthetic educational programs, medical aid and services, and work permits; that don’t benefit the majority. Such intentional neglectful tap dancing only leads to the rational assumption that our primary goal was to continue the war against Syria and Bashar Al Assad, while providing the very least aid necessary to help Syrian refugees survive. A form of retrenchment which combines “feel good” stories to the public while spending below the minimum required to provide a half-way decent life to these Syrian victims.

My full report with primary sources is here:

Such willful neglect and criminal DeadBeat irresponsibility is completely inexcusable. The Empire of the United States shares direct responsibility for the Syrian conflict and thus the fragile welfare of these innocent victims of unavoidable and unwanted war. I judge any Empire on its true values and integrity, by how it sincerely cares for the collateral damage it causes within its military campaigns.  And under that heuristic, humankind desperately needs a new empire for our posterity.

In consequence to the purposeful neglect of the Syrian refugees and the thieving criminal dictatorship which deceitfully binds the cold chains upon Jordanians and Palestinians in Jordan, I have not a single excuse for my former nation, the Empire of the clownish United States.

Out of my deep respect and passionate love for humanity, out of my tabula rasa conscience, I must renounce my citizenship to maintain my integrity and play part in the oppression of my human family on this planet.  (A to B CollectiveConsciousness)

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Neglect of Indigenous in Iraq and Destruction of Iraq

I am also renouncing my American citizenship in consequence to the atrocious neglect and emetic exploitation of Assyrian Christian and Yazidee minorities, enabled between governments here in Kurdistan/Iraq and Western governments, as the Empire of the United States.  In addition, I am renouncing my citizenship in consequence to the carthage destruction of Iraq and its continuous exploitation of all citizens.

After two years of “on the ground” interviews with Yazidee and Assyrian Christian survivors of the Islamic State (ISIS) genocide, I’ve concluded greedy Western Oil companies are calmly drilling underneath the native lands of the indigenous of Iraq, some lands recently abandoned due to the Islamic State genocide. That’s disgusting and deserves a special pejorative neologism to accurately depict the criminal act of exploiting victims of genocide.

I can imagine nor recollect any act, in antiquity or contemporary, more completely criminal, than the preceding.

Robber Barons as North Hunt, BP, Gulf Keystone Petroleum, DNO, TAQA, ShaMaran, Chevron, Rosneft, and more; are discreetly and openly profiting from Assyrian Christian and Yazidee lands in Nahla, the Ninveh Plains, Bashiqa, Sinjar (Shingal), Shekhan, Peshkabir (sometimes spelled Fayshkhabur), Atrush, etc.  (Check the dates in the news of the oil drilling and juxtapose it to the ISIS takeover of Mosul).

None of that money goes to the Yazidees or Assyrian Christians.

The KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) with its Peshmerga military or militia, once described as terrorists by the United States State Department until former American President Barak Obama removed this designation in 2015, are not altruistic heroes of religious minorities as the media claims.

The opposing side of the realistic narrative which is not honestly spoken about in the mockingbird mainstream is the Peshmerga collected the weapons of Assyrian Christians in the Nineveh Plains and Yazidees in Sinjar (Shingal), under the promise of protection. Then, cowardly fled as the IS (Islamic State) arrived in both places, shortly afterwards.

Also, instead of aiding the dying fleeing religious minority from Mosul, when the IS took control of the city in 2014, the courageous Kurds instead took oil rich Kirkuk with military force. The land they take from the IS, remains in Kurdish hands.  They have expanded their territory thanks to our war on the IS.


I say:

  • Isn’t it ironically coincidental that the Naqshbandi is led by American opponent and Saddam Hussein friend, Izzat Ibrahim Al Douri?
  • Isn’t it ironically coincidental that the Naqshbandi is the same religion of the Barzani family?
  • Isn’t it ironically coincidental that the former head of the Kurdistan Ministry of religious Affairs?
  • Isn’t it ironically coincidental that the mainstream news doesn’t reveal not only the links of Naqshbandi to the Barzani family, but doesn’t reveal that the Naqshbandi id both a religious sect and a family tribe?
  • Isn’t it ironically coincidental that reports of the Naqshbandi cooperating with ISIS is not explored in detail enough by the mainstream news?–kurdish-islam–not-extremism


The utter destruction of the Assyrian people is not at the woes of the contemporary evil of the IS. It deceivingly appears so, due to the mockingbird mainstream Western media inundating our logical senses of rational thinking, to a zilch measure. In contrast, the criminal process of genocide and criminal land theft of Yazidee and Assyrian Christian village lands, continued unabated prior the Islamic State genocide.

It endured for centuries since 612 B.C., mostly at the hands of Kurdish, Turkish, Arab, and Persian Muslims.  It has always been the same filthy formula. A unexpected yet precipatingly pre-planned genocide followed by consequent discreet land theft tautology. Despite the media attention on Palestinian occupation for decades, the occupation of Assyrian and Yazidee lands have received unequal coverage. The hypocrisy is too noticeable to the knowledgeable that are not deceived by media.

A human must query why the Empire of the United States, and its brutish whores, including Western human rights organizations and activists, desires so. I aver that empire’s motives in history always derives from avarice, as with that evil called slavery. Seek that unspoken path to discover the answer.

Nevertheless, currently, there are 58 Assyrian village lands in Northern Iraq stolen, which have not been compensated or returned yet, by the Kurdistan Regional Government. A government which the Empire of the United States and Israel supports.

Assyrian Christians and Yazidees today live a meager existence in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan of utter discreet and humiliating dominance, wherein they boldly face a form of Arabization, which Kurds endured under Saddam Hussein, but now called Kurdification.

Former Assyrian names of streets and cities are slowly and silently changed without notice, into Kurdish names. The noteworthy history of Assyrians is emetically replaced in schools by Kurdish revisionist history.


Assyrian Christian archeological sites are also vandalized intentionally.,37843.html Employment is refused to Assyrian Christians and political figures not accepted by the PDK ( Kurdistan Democratic Party) patriarchy, are removed by force. Eg. Fayez Abed Jahwareh was beaten and removed as Mayor of Al Qosh several times. Assyrian journalists and truth tellers are targeted. Ie. An Assyrian journalist, Hormuz Mushi, was once arrested for simply investigating an Assyrian archeological site once. A long documented history exists wherein assassinations of Assyrian leaders or lynchings of Assyrian communities have went unpunished and Assyrian Christian women kidnappings remain unsolved.

The sincerity in which the PDK (Kurdistan Democratic Party) of the KRG, feels toward Assyrian Christians is perhaps mostly exemplified by the complete inhumane neglect of the Simele Massacre gravesite in Duhok today.

The Simele Massacre in the early 1930s was enacted by an Adolf Hitler mustached Kurdish Iraqi military leader, Bakr Sidiqui,  and Iraqi Arabs and Kurds.  It was an episode, of many, directly related to the Armenian  Genocide. Though to be absolutely accurate, the Armenian Genocide should be renamed the Christian Genocide, for Greek and Assyrian and Chaldean Christians were all slaughtered with Armenians.  For being simply Christian.

The Simele Massacre debacle influenced Raphael Lemkin to coin the term “genocide” at the United Nations.

Today however, there is a dilapidated and insulting communication tower built directly over the grave site, a rusty bucolic  fence surrounding the fragile neglected location, vibrant businesses and peaceful residences in close proximity to the gravesite, bones miserably falling out of the forgotten mound, and the KRG government has forbidden excavation for reburial or even to build a monument t the location.

On the contrary, the KRG has built a beautiful monument and cemetery for the 5,000 Kurdish Muslims who died from Saddam Hussein’s chemical attack in Halabja. They have also built a beautiful park in Erbil named in honor of the former Deputy Prime Minster of the KRG, Sami Abdul Rahman.

But they won’t do so for the innocent 5,000 victims at Simele.

On the opposing side, the Yazidees also face persistent persecution by Kurdish Muslims. They likewise face discrimination in employment, politics, and so on by Muslim Kurds in Northern Iraq/ Kurdistan.

In addition to the discreet and pernicious discrimination and dominance by our allies, the Muslim Kurds, against innocent defenseless Yazidees and Assyrian Christians, we also are currently evangelizing Northern Iraq/Kurdistan.

During the outset of the Iraqi War under former president George Bush, Evangelicals have employed American tax dollars to build radio stations, schools, hospitals, bookstores, and churches. The ambition is to blessedly instruct the Assyrian Christians and Yazidees and Kurdish Muslims, while converting them  into believing Jesus is God, a unique and eccentric Protestant concept not shared by Christians worldwide.

We have two Classical School of Medes in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan. Their founders are an Adam’s Family eerie cast.

  1. One is Douglas Layton, once ejected or exiled from Duhok for declaring to the Kurdish Muslims that Kurdistan will never be independent, unless they all convert to their form of Christianity and “Islam would not bring them anything but war and misfortune.”
  2. Another founder is George Grant who in his book, “The Blood of the Moon,” bugle blows, in the IS fashion, for the conquest of the Muslim world by military means and forced conversion.
  3. And another founder, Douglas Wilson, wrote in his book, “Southern Slavery: As It Was,” that God and the bible support slavery.

What are such miscreants doing in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan? Are they profiting from the aid sent here by pocketing it? Isn’t this a dangerous and vile form of exploitation of the weakness of the Iraqi and Kurdish people? Yazidees and Christians?

We are not only stealing their oil, forcing them to be dependent upon our aid while pocketing international funds in their name, but we are currently brainwashing  or evangelizing their precious children.


Now, 80 percent of Christians have fled Kurdistan/Northern Iraq. The Assyrian Christian language is in danger of  extinction according to UNESCO. It is what we desired from the beginning. One only need to peruse the lack of publications on the genocide of the Assyrian Christians and Yazidees, prior the Iraq War, to comprehend the risk of losing our oil deals only imbibes the Empire of the United States with insincere concern.

But most of all. The utter destruction of Iraqi society in all aspects from economy, politics, education, etc., is absolutely unforgiveable and shames me as a citizen of this empire.

It has been two decades already, yet:

  • The electricity in Iraq is intermittent and barely exists in certain areas in Iraq.
  • The Iraqi political machinery is saturatingly filled with gossamer and emetic corruption from unreputable politicians we selfishly feel are best for our own interests instead of Iraqis, that makes Tammany Hall and William “Boss” Tweed appear to possess integrity.
  • The education sector is inundated with inauthentic leaders with inexperience and fake degrees. Fake accreditation, falsifying of grades, and business owners which open schools who solely seek exploitive profit than the prudent love for the Iraqi children’s future.
  • Protests in the name of clean water, polluted by oil companies, is answered with bullets by the government run by leaders we chose.
  • Mosul which has been “liberated” for two years is still in rubble without repair.
  • Economic sanctions and the import and export of resources and goods is supervised by the Empire of the United States toward its own interests, as opposed to the Iraqi people.
  • Sectarianism by the Empire of the United States  supporting the Kurds over the Iraqi government, augments the divisiveness and volatile scenario of Iraq today.
  • Children have access to weapons flooding the streets due to civil war the Empire of the United States provokes.


I could go on….


Iraq today is still destroyed after decades and this enrages the very soul of justice within my single body. We are a disgusting plague upon this planet earth, we Americans. Twice I witnessed hope in the eyes of the Kurds destroyed by betrayal by my nation in Kirkuk, the September referendum, and Rojava. Please God, if you are indeed real, remember these evil crimes and viciously punish them in this very world. Commence such vengeance now, instead of later, I solemnly pray.

In consequence to the West’s gross negligence and exploitation of the tragedy which has befell the innocent Assyrian Christians and Yazidees. In consequence to the oppression that the allies of the Empire of the United States has enacted upon Assyrian Christians and Yazidees, Upon the destruction of Iraq unjustly and negligently.

I renounce my citizenship to the Empire of the United States. I want of not attachment to contemporary evil.  My heart and soul remains with the majority of humans in the developing world who are victims to our insanity and hypocrisy.

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American Empire Must Be Destroyed

On September 11, 2001, several planes hijacked by mostly Saudi Arabians committed suicide attacks against America. Therefore, we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, began a proxy war in Syria ,formed a best friend relationship with Saudi Arabia,  surrounded Iran and demanded they stop building nuclear weapons though Israel and Pakistan already possess such weapons, and declared a war on illegal Mexican immigration.

We Americans, our government, are completely full of shit. Imagine Iranian military forces on Mexico and Canada’s borders. We would be at full blown war immediately, but others cannot perform what we can. It’s called hypocrisy by empire.

The Empire of the United States is undeniably, empire. It has military bases in over 80 nations. English is taught worldwide as the most preferred language. It is engaged in war every twenty years. It selfishly like a leech relies upon the limited resources of other weaker nations as opposed to its own. The incompetent and corrupt leaders of those developing nations study at universities within the Empire of the United States and Europe, as foreign leaders’ children studied in Palatine Hill in Rome in antiquity.

And like Rome, this evil empire shall fall humiliatingly and deservingly. God is above all. Amen. We humans should secure that this evil danger never rise again. I am certain Hannibal, King Shapur I, Mithridates, Queen Boudica, Attila the Hun, King Alaric, would all unanimously exclaim ,”Put this heathen curse upon humankind to rest and never allow this evil to rise again!”

The contemporary hedonism entailed within the Empire of the United States makes one vomit in disgust. Especially one as I, who have resided in the Middle East ten years researching refugees, the innocent victims of Empire,  who the developing and developed world neglect. The Empire reigns decadent today, but God has a plan and a response soon.

And such lifestyle and privilege requires wealth. The wealth of other nations.  It makes the citizens of the Empire of the United States weak in discipline. It allows corruption within its government.

The Empire of the United States fulfills the role of Sparta, and Europe Athens. For Europeans live far better than Americans, yet the latter fights continuously for such spoils.

While Americans diminish their life expectancy thrashing away at their nerves and desperately working to pay of school loans, some declaring bankruptcy in consequence, students in Europe are provide free education.  While adolescents may be drafted to fight in war for the Empire of the United States, they can’t indulge in alcohol until 21, whereas in Europe the drinking age is 18. Europe has less gun violence than America, even police don’t have firearms. The health care is cheaper and there exists more vacation time at employment . Europe has lower incarceration and recidivism rates. They don’t have debtors’ prisons or problems with Child support and custody. They have longer life expectancies. They also have much better quality education.

Why should I maintain allegiance to Europe’s bitch? Isn’t it human nature to strive for the best?

The Empire of the United States shall fall like all in antiquity. Its military bases shall be ancient relics as the Roman ruins of Palmyra in Syria,  Merida in Spain, Leptis Magna in Libya , Pula Croatia, Caesearea in Israel, Aspendos in Turkey, Conimbriga in Portugal, Arles in France and so on.

Who are we to decide the fortune of humankind in nations!? Who gives us this right? Is it a modern Manifest Destiny bullshit again?

We cruelly implant these pompous dictators as Saddam Hussein into overwhelming power, and at our whims as a Bi-polar sick human or a spoiled child expressing a temper tantrum, we quickly formulate false allegations and  discreetly replace them. And we incur irreparable damage to innocent human victims of our theatrical melodramatic play, across the developing world.

Alexander Downs in Targeting Civilians proved through statistics that in modern wars, over 60 percent of those killed are non-combatants.

We emotionlessly remove democratically elected popular leaders as Jacabo Arbenz Gusman in Operation PBSuccess, then afterwards hunt down his friends and cronies in Operation Calligeris, as we perfomed with emetic bravado employing a deck of cards with Saddam Hussein. We foolishly pay off military generals to oust leaders as Shukri Al Quwaiti in Operation Straggle in Syria, then complain when Bashar Al Assad’s father unintentionally becomes the president of Syria. When Mohammed Mossadegh rearranged the exploitive oil division between Iran and Europe in the Anglo Iranian oil company, we kicked him out, replacing him with the Shah, which eventually resulted in the Ayatollah Khomeini.  In Vietnam, we corrupted election polls so our grown child Ngo Dinh diem could appear legitimate, winning 99 percent of the vote, which was absolutely impossible.

And the same tactics of employing death squads in Latin America, we did so in Iraq.

How insane is the depictions of our actions abroad? We haven’t learned from our Cold War in Latin America, nor the Vietnam conflict.  We repeated the Vietnam folly in Afghanistan. And now we are leaving.

Every September 11, Americans whine and mourn the innocent victims of the World Trade Centers and Pentagon attacked by Al Qaeda we say. Or was it an Operation North Woods and Edward Lansdale’s legacy?

Let me loudly blow the proud bugle to again bring American citizens back to subtle reality. Stop the fucking whining you sheep minded bitch babies! No one believes you, anymore.

On one hand, you whine like an infant toddler claiming victimization. On the other, the damage you do upon other innocent and blameless  humans is incomparable and a hundred times worse. As Malcolm X warned of American empire,  “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Ironically, each time you claim an insipid evil in Don Quixote tittup , that ends in some “ism” – Fascism, Communism, Terrorism  – it’s innocent humans who unequivocally suffer and die. It’s a tautology, a policy throughout history,  and not a single occurrence!

I feel human kind with clear perspicacious minds and decent intelligence, are onto your  little rat race game.

When the 9-11 attacks occurred, I recollect my utter disbelief transitioned into shock Immediately afterwards, a wife, friends, and family were deployed to the Middle East to fight terrorists responsible. Or was 9-11 an act against the real terrorists of the world? Us!

Nevertheless, we as many wars, began a campaign against the “other” minorities within the Empire of the United States. We employed massive surveillance and violations of citizens’ privacy. We manipulated the immigration system to mass deport and refuse visas for legitimate Muslim American immigrants. Also Hispanics, who had absolutely nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks. We used preemptive prosecution and immured innocent Muslims Americans into prison without evidence.  We cruelly wielded the Criminal and Family court system to target Muslims Americans, with more caseloads than prior and in quick fashion. And the media promulgated Islamophobia against Muslim Americans while the liberals, with soft voice, complained like pussy cats meowing.

Soon Muslim hijabs were being outlawed and banned though never a topic prior the 9-11 attacks. Mosques were regularly vandalized and burned. Americans were burning Qurans , shooting and assaulting innocent Muslims, unjustly detaining Muslim Americans at airports, scaring the public about Sharia law, etc.

We violated so many of our own principles in order to target the “other.’

But glance abroad in the Middle East, at the Empire of the United States’ behavior in the conduct of war.

We employed chemical weapons which have plagued the children of Iraq with birth effects, as we did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Vietnam. We tortured and committed lewd and dishonorable acts in Abu Ghraib prison. We punished the truth tellers who exposed our lies such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange. Our military heroes raped little children in Mahmudiyah, Iraq. They murdered innocent non-combatants in Haditha, Iraq.  We executed extra-judicially, detained and tortured defenseless suspects. We bombed weddings. We even illegally kidnapped and renditioned suspects, without evidence, to Cuba for extra torture.

Is the above honorable? Or is it evil?

These acts are about Iraq only! They don’t cover Yemen, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan.

The Empire of the United States of America has successfully won allies for Israel, while pitting Shia and Sunni Muslims at each others’ throats.  But now, they must struggle to maintain their thieving gains every twenty years across the world, in the Middle East as well.

Therefore, I absolutely refuse to be a citizen of any nation with the record above. There is dignity in death, and prolonging one’s life in cowardice is not how I desire to leave this world we share.

I renounce my citizenship to the Empire of the United States due to its criminal conduct abroad and domestic policies within its borders, against innocent Muslim Americans.  There shall be a time wherein humankind shall break its shackles from the evil Roman reincarnation. A Romanism which continuously employs ethnic cleansing and genocide today, under smokescreen, for its own profit. I sincerely believe for true peace and a better world for humankind, we must absolutely without doubt, destroy this empire of the United States. We must take the war to its ideology an propaganda, we must destroy Romanism and the Roman empire’s filthy disgusting cowardly wretches and stop them from ever breeding again. Those who love humankind and Go, those who love peace and despise evil. Carry on this noble torch and don’t be fooled, don’t trust these devils. Evil is in their DNA. Their cultural and religious history.


Nationalism and World Citizenship – Albert Einstein, Jean Paul Sarte

Allegiance to a nation requires one to submit ones humanity. The world is my country. I don’t submit.

Albert Einstein and Jean Sarte and Gary Davis are leaders, true thinkers, of which direction humankind should venture. We desire an immigration wherein nations have easily accessible controlled, revolving doors. The nation which accepts the brightest and most talented shall be a future leader. The Empire of the United States is now in decline. I say to prudent nations, take advantage of this.

We should not have families separated nor stateless people. When we place humanity above national and religious rights, we have a better world. If a people of a nation cannot criticize their own nation or religion or race as vehemently as I have perfomed now, then you are slave to such ideas. And therein you are a danger to humans, for you shall sacrifice their humanity and ignore their suffering or even murder and discriminate against them, for your idea.

In this polemic and diatribe, I hurt none by expressing honesty. On the contrary, I lift my soul higher, I live rather than exist. I am free. I am human.

Since a youth, parents friends, schools, television, religious establishments all taught me what to hate. Then, hated me after I refused.  That is the reality of the world today. I hope for much better freedom.

Therein is why I spit on the national rights. Therein is why I must sever my relations with an empire that has placed national rights first and foremost into its New World Order.  We have a world today wherein humans in the Middle east, Africa, Asia, and Latin America; reside in nations the same size of a state in the Empire of the United States yet need a visa to travel to a neighboring nation. Whereas, Americans can freely travel from state to state without one. That is the insanity of the Romanist New world Order.

I hereby declare, I am sovereign. I am a world citizen. And I declare all of humanity my family. I hereby renounce my citizenship to the Empire of the United States, also known as, the United States of America. I prefer to be called a human being.

For over 30 years I endured discrimination and physical violence as an impoverished Japanese immigrant in the United States because of my unbreakable love toward humanity and for being  poor, an immigrant, and Japanese. It is my ultimate victory today, in this short lifetime we all share, to proudly declare America never broke what my precious mother implanted within my concrete chest, since a fragile child. They hated me in America for being a simple human, instead of a sheepish citizen.

In the name of humanity, I boldly renounce the filth referred to as American citizenship.  I honor my dead mother with this single  declaration. I am free from American Empire by my own will. May the red, white, and blue be the colors of empire everywhere. And allow its former victims and the righteous to commence bringing this empire and its posterity, to their knees. Doesn’t God, Amaterasu, our creators, what have you, answer the prayer’s of empire’s victims?

I say yes. This is my small contribution.

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Formal Complaint To British Council and Cambridge Assessment International on Canadian International School of Kurdistan Erbil: Anti-Semitism, Religious Fundamentalism, Irregular Grading And Attendance Policies, Mediocre Testing, Employee Abuse – Part One

December 1, 2019 Leave a comment

Canadian International School Erbil, Iraq/Kurdistan


 A portion of screenshots of students’ messages is shared below. 
Many more were not shared out of sake of convenience


Former and Current teachers who are witnesses, phone numbers and e-mails are as follows:

Saad Al Shawi (former Math teacher):

( phone 07505761008)

Vanessa Powell (former English instructor):

( Phone Number 07508927120)

Martin Makinson (former English instructor):

(Phone 07507209049)

Mr Wisam (English instructor):

(Email: Phone 07728504325
Mr Wisam can be contacted to verify he witnessed Mr. Lupo salute like Hitler while screaming Seig Heil and teaching other students to mimic him. Daily. Mr. Wisam also has other details I did not witness or hear of Mr. Lupo but it endangers the youth’s welfare at the school.


Screenshot of e-mails between me and the administration at the school

*(original emails can be forwarded at request)*


 Students’ writings from a homework exercise wherein they applied the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to formulate complaints and demands of the school.

After thorough research, I began my employment at the Canadian International School (CIS) of Erbil in August of 2018. Some problems previous teachers and former students highlighted in interviews with me became true during my employment. However, the following highlights the anti-Semitism which according to students has been persisting for two years prior my arrival at the school (Attachments 1-21 Messages with tenth grade student at the CIS ):

I witnessed the Social Studies teacher, Mr. Lupo, saluting like Hitler while screaming Seig Heil daily in the classroom, halls, and in the cafeteria during morning assemblies. (Evidence: Numerous screenshots of messages by different students, my own testimony, and a currently employed instructor at the Canadian International School named Mr. Wisam who witnessed this every day (Phone 07728504325).

I also witnessed staff and the Lead Teacher, Mrs. Reem, witness these occurrences without protest. My written complaint of this behavior to Mrs. Reem was never answered. My verbal complaint to the principal, Ahmad Chourbaji, was met with the reply, “he’s only joking.” (Attachments 22-5) .

Students also reported that Mr. Lupo stated he was glad Ann Frank was dead, hated her, and wished he could place a World War II Nazi soldier’s picture, next to hers on poster boards, on classroom walls. Other students claimed he taught Jews and blacks were inferior deserving of ethnic cleansing (Attachments 26-29 eighth and tenth grade students’ messages to me). Martin Makinson states he has heard Mr. Lupo state, “that fascism is the only thing that works.”
Additionally, eventually during the course of my employment, Vanessa Powell ( Phone Number 07508927120) made me aware that the Diary of Ann Frank was torn out of the 8th grade Houghton Mifflin Harcourt student’s textbooks. I checked. Not only was Ann Frank’s story torn out, but everything pertaining to the Holocaust (Video: Attachment 1).
I began teaching the story of Ann Frank and also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I queried the Lead Teacher, Mrs. Reem, about who was responsible for the missing chapters and she indirectly blamed the principal (Email Attachment 31).  I then asked the principal in his office verbally, he first explained it was the Ministry of Education who was the culprit.  The Ministry of Education replied it is not their policy, but the policy of the school. Later, the principal blamed the distributor, but refused to name the distributor. I felt suspicious of this equivocation by Ahmad Chourbaji.

After making Ahmad Chourbaji aware that the Ministry of Education in Kurdistan responded it is not their policy to tear out pages of Jewish authors from students’ books, Ahmad Chourbaji responded by demanding that I not teach the Diary of Ann Frank and to pull down students’ poster boards of Ann Frank, citing it is not part of the curriculum. I checked. According to the curriculum he sent me at the beginning of the year, the Diary of Ann Frank is listed in the curriculum. He either lied or is unaware of the curriculum he is teaching. I feel the former is the reason, because he has taught the same curriculum of English in his father’s school for years. 

The following is the timeline which emphasizes my termination was precipitated by my complaint of anti-Semitism by the school:

August 1 – Ahmed Chourbaji sends me the curriculums of grades 7, 8, 9, and 10 

October 2 – Mrs. Reem stated my exams “are great for Term 1.” 

On October 28 – Mrs. Reem stated in reference to second exams I submitted, “Your exams are perfecto.”  
November 5 – I sent an email to Cambridge Assessment International asking what to do about observations of institutionalized racism referring to missing chapters of textbook pertaining to Jewish authors and the Social Studies teacher saluting like Hitler. 
November 8 – I was advised by Cambridge Assessment International’s Joyce Pacis to handle it within the school first.  

I began teaching about Ann Frank and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). I assigned a homework assignment for students to use the UDHR to list demands or complaints of the school.  I also assigned poster board projects for students about Ann Frank.

November 9 – I asked Mrs. Reem by e-mail who was responsible for missing chapters of the Diary of Ann Frank in the 8th Grade Collections textbook. I also stated that this was unacceptable and the Diary of Anne Frank has nothing to do with Israel. 

November 10 – Mrs. Reem replied to my e-mail insinuating that Mr. Ahmed was responsible for the ripped textbooks.

Ahmad Chourbaji explained to me in his office, it was the Ministry of Education’s fault for ripping pages of the Diary of Ann Frank out of the students’ textbooks. 

November 11 – Ahmad Chourbaji, when confronted in his office with my response that the Ministry of Education was not at fault, responds that it is the distributor, but refused to name that distributor.

At night by e-mail, Ahmed Chourbaji requests I do not teach Ann Frank as it is not part of the curriculum. 

According to the curriculum he sent August 1, the Diary of Anne Frank is listed in the curriculum. He either lied or has no knowledge what is supposed to be taught. He’s taught English at his father’s school for years which makes it likely the former. 
November 13 – I sent an email to Mrs. Reem complaining of Mr Lupo saluting like Hitler and screaming seig heil in front of children as young as Kindergarten. I also complained she was present and did not protest to this occurrence. I received no reply. 

November 14 – My complaint about Mr. Lupo’s behavior to Ahmad Chourbaji in his office, was answered vocally with he was “only joking.” 

November 16 – I sent the monthly exams to Mrs. Reem. I ask for feedback. She did not provide any. I assumed the exams were okay. 

November 21 

Students in the eighth grade stated to me that Mrs. Reem mentioned that some teachers will be changed after the exams next week. Students interpreted this as me. One student stated, “She said some teachers are going to be change. Maybe you are one of them because when you were talking to Ms. Reem about (ANNE FRANK) ripping pages.”  (Screenshot messages with eighth grade student

Ahmed Chourbaji smiles and shakes my hand wishing me a Happy Birthday during the day. At night, and after school, he issues a final warning of termination.  (E-mail Attachment

Many of his reasons are inaccurate with exception to me chewing gum at the school. His complaint of teachers and students in school Viber Chat groups was incomplete.  Mrs. Reem invited me to the school’s Viber Chats and then the school demanded all teachers leave the Viber Chat groups. I did. In this e-mail, he was bringing up the past event which was already resolved with all teachers including Mrs. Reem who was just as guilty.

Ahmad Chourbaji also complained that I put students’ names in a joking manner on an exam, he was referring to ONE sentence out of a 30 question exam.  Eg. “Essam farted on Hani. Hani farted back on Essam.”  Students were supposed to pick the Idiom “A taste of your own medicine.”

It is important to note that this question and others for testing Idioms were copied and pasted on the November monthly exam  from the October 2 exam which I submitted to Mrs. Reem prior. Mrs. Reem stated the exams, “are great for Term 1.” 
But now it’s a problem? 

Also, this exam which I submitted on November 16, as seen in this timeline, was also coincidentally the very first time no feedback was given to me about my examinations by Mrs. Reem, even though she had ample time to comment before its printing the following week.


November 22 – I sent an email detailing details of anti-Semitism at the CIS to Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). I also mention that Ahmed Chourbaji regularly shares posts by Islamic Imam, Ismael Menk, who is banned from universities in the UK and the US, and Singapore for preaching intolerance. I also inform CAIE that Ismael Menk was a topic of discussion for involvement in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. I also inform CAIE that Ahmad Chourbaji has the Muslim Brotherhood four finger Rabia symbol on his Facebook wall. (Email Attachment
*Note* I addressed the email to the wrong party Lennie Blanquera should have been addressed to Joyce Pacis

November 25, Ahmed Chourbaji erases all posts about Ismael Menk and the Rabia Muslim Brotherhood symbol from his Facebook wall. Even a picture of him throwing up the ‘W’ for Westside symbol.  (Screenshot of his Facebook Wall ).

November 26– I sent a reply to the administration answering my termination warning letter at 10:30 am am . 
I am terminated in a closed office meeting from my job at around 12 pm. The reason cited was for the exact same reason in the warning letter of November 21, about placing students’ names on exams, without having repeated any of the offenses listed in the warning letter.
Kamalanga Redman of Cambridge Assessment International informs me that the British Council has been informed and they are investigating at 1:38 pm.

Ahmad Chourbaji changes my English exams without any notice to students. Teachers are required to tell the students what will be on the examination (they call it TOS) and but Ahmad Chourbaji changed my exams which is unfair to studentsMrs. Reem and Mr. Lupo lie to the students that I changed the exams (Eighth Grade Students about exams changed


Ahmed Chourbaji and Dr. Jamal Chourbaji claim making questions in a joking manner was unacceptable. Mrs. Reem, Ahmed Chourbaji, and Dr. Jamal Chourbaji didn’t seem to realize how hypocritical it was to terminate me for making one question out of a thirty question exam with tasteless humor. On an exam which was accepted previously by Mrs. Reem qqand described by her as “great”, while simultaneously not terminating Mr. Lupo for saluting like Hitler and screaming Seig Heil daily in front of children because, as Ahmad Chourbaji noted, he Mr. Lupo was “only joking.”

November 28 – Director of the British Council , Dr. Victoria Lindsay poses with staff at the Canadian International School, while the principal Ahmad Chourbaji writes in the description of the photos which he posted on their Facebook site that the British Council visited the CIS and “conferred and reassured the association between the two.”

Mr. Wisam – Contact details above. Mr Wisam can be contacted to verify he witnessed Mr. Lupo salute like Hitler while screaming Seig Heil and teaching other students to mimic him. Daily. Mr. Wisam also has other details I did not witness or hear of Mr. Lupo but it endangers the youth’s welfare at the school.

I and others are certain, and we have not shared all evidence, that the above is sufficient for the British Council and Cambridge Assessment International Education to demand the termination of the Social Studies teacher, Mr Lupo and to also prove that the administration at the Canadian International School of Erbil is winking or even approving of anti-Semitism. We also feel the above is adequate to create deep concern for the British Council and CAIE in continuing its relationship with the CIS, when many other schools in the region do not have such gossamer anti-Semitism.

It is important to note and reiterate also that the principal Ahmad Chourbaji regularly shares posts by Islamic Imam, Ismael Menk , a Muslim Brotherhood stamped preacher, who is banned from universities in the UK and the US, and Singapore for preaching intolerance. Menk was also a topic of discussion for involvement in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings.

Ahmad Chourbaji also had the Muslim Brotherhood four finger Rabia symbol on his Facebook wall. He erased all recently, but I’m trying to comprehend why a principal of an international school, would do something stupid like that? How does his role as a principal/English teacher affect students at his father’s school? (

Another point of contention I would like to add is how is the British Council and Cambridge recognizing a school whose principal has three years experience in IT, only a Bachelors degree, and no experience in teaching outside his father’s school? (Refer to Ahmad Chourbaji’s LinkedIn Account)

I am certain that the Canadian International School’s partnership with the British Council and its recognition by Cambridge Assessment International is clearly detrimental to the reputation of the integrity and efficacy and values of both. I do not wish Anti-Semitism to be a stigma upon either.

Many students voiced their dissatisfaction at my termination, even crowding in groups in front of the administration’s office, only to be forcefully shooed away while a couple students threatened to leave the school. Those youth realized what was happening to me was completely wrong, so I’m wondering if the British Council and Cambridge have equal courage and perspicacity and honor.

So many governments as the Kurdistan government claim to be Jewish friendly, but not a single synagogue or Jewish school exist in such lands. I see why now.  The Christians and Yezidees have been recently suffering a fate now, which was historically reserved for Jews and other minorities of prior, since there are no more Jews to target after the Farhud. Where is the line? I drew it at the CIS. And what happened?

As a ten year Palestinian activist who helped organize the first nation-wide protests for peace in Palestine and Israel in 2009, an act Professor Noam Chomsky commended me upon in South Carolina, I aver that the story of Ann Frank has nothing to do with Israel. It is a story of a little girl whose family and her were murdered in cold blood because their religion. A religion recognized by the Quran and the Bible. Yet her single diary entry was powerful! She refused to repeat the cycle of hatred brought upon her family by declaring she still believed humans are good. And the preceding is a message Iraq desperately needs now.

I deeply respect the British Council and CAIE, but if it partners or recognizes such a school, others will lose their respect completely for the former and latter as well. Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, a textbook for Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. is an exemplary heuristic as to how to procure and protect tolerance and human rights and I ask the British Council and CAIE to employ such wisdom now in order to help us combat the extremism in this country please.

Please preserve your reputation and separate with the CIS unless the censorship of Jewish texts is corrected, the policy of the Canadian value of tolerance deeply understood by the administration, and Mr. Lupo is terminated.


Taiyo “Siraj” Davis

Master of Arts, HistoryEnglish and History Instructor
Author of Religious Fanaticism: Early 19th Century Marginalization of David Walker and Nat Turner
and The Pursuit of Love Against the War of Terrorism Religious-Fanaticism- Abolition-Century- Marginalization/dp/3639320220
Author of various international publications on human rights, in six different languages
News Journalist for Salem News
Amnesty International Lobbyist and Organizer
American Families United Lobbyist
Asian Student Association Co-founder
American Association for Palestinian Rights Organizer
Founder and president of Clemson University Collective Consciousness human rights organization author/Siraj%20Davis/

Formal Complaint To British Council and Cambridge Assessment International on Canadian International School of Kurdistan Erbil: Anti-Semitism, Religious Fundamentalism, Irregular Grading And Attendance Policies, Mediocre Testing, Employee Abuse – Part Two

December 1, 2019 Leave a comment

I ask you also peruse the other complaints below, as well as view the students’ letters attached to this e-mail from a homework project wherein they used the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to voice their eye and ear opening demands upon the school, which are ignored:

I am deeply concerned that the students are trapped under the chains of nepotism of one family running an entire school, wherein no dissent is allowed. I am also concerned that the students will be suffocated under an eerie religious fundamentalism of the school’s leadership, wherein independent thinking and creativity and diversity is stymied. And these students come to this school because of Cambridge Assessment International and the British Council’s recognition of the school’s legitimacy.

I ask the British Council  to seriously consider severing the relationship it has with the Canadian International School of Erbil and choosing a more reputable and better school in the Northern Iraq/Kurdistan region. There are many of them!

My family fought here with the US Army. My friends are still fighting here. They’re killing the extremists that an education system like the CIS, is fertilizing the ground of which to reproduce such extremists, via not addressing, but winking at intolerance.
The school is also not a professional institution sufficient for the recognition it has. 

Quality of Education

There are no Arts, Music, Dance, or Computer classes. No electives. The school attempts to replace this with “clubs” for a thirty minute duration. Also the clubs they implement are of aesthetic value rather than efficacy. Eg. My Japanese language club was not approved since being requested at the beginning of the year. But another teacher, Mr. Mumeyez, was allowed to create a Karaoke club wherein only he sings.

I complained by e-mail of 10th grade students absent for an entire month in preparation for the IGCSE examinations. It was approved by the administration despite my many complaints. How is that possible?

In consequence to the discretion of religious fundamentalism by the administration, Sex Ed and Jewish topics, which are found on the IGCSE and SAT are torn out of textbooks. Anything which may be perceived as Haram.

Eg. A tenth grade IGCSE student reported she didn’t know what HIV was when confronted with it on the IGCSE exam (student’s message).

According to Martin Makinson , 60 percent of students don’t grasp the material and he, Vanessa Powell, Saad Al Shawi, and I would describe some of the exams which are administered as completely unacceptable or horrible. Mr. Martin Makinson described Mrs. Reem’s tests as “a joke.”

Vanessa Powell also averred, “They just want babysitters. They don’t want us to teach anything.” Vanessa Powell also complained that special needs students were regularly mixed with non-special needs students, which causes a huge problem.

Eg. In one class I was proctoring for , 4th and 5th and 6th graders were mixed. Ahmad Chourbaji wrote an exam for a duration of one hour and twenty minutes. It was only three multiple choice questions, incorrectly numbered, for the fourth grade students. After a minute or two, the fourth graders finished their tests while string at me wondering what to do as the fifth and sixth graders continued for over an hour (Video Attached to e-mail).

Martin Makinson stated, “the students pass whatever their performance apart from a very few… There are also students who can barely write. But they passed somehow.” Saad Al Shawi stated the admin changed grades of students and he was screamed at by Dr. Jamal for complaining about this.

Mrs. Vanessa Powell complained no materials were provided by the school when requested. For example. Printing requests were not honored regularly. Other teachers including myself note the same preceding claim.

Vanessa Powell also complained of no support from the administrators for teachers. She also stated there “is no curriculum. There were American textbooks which followed the Common Core Standards but no one at the school knew what that was.”


Mr. Martin Markinson can augment complaints about the Cafeteria. The cafeteria is unsuitable, nor are the meals. The Cafeteria persistently has rubbish everywhere. It leaks when it rains.

The meals consist of a meager boiled egg for breakfast with a loaf of bread. And lunch is comprised of maybe a chicken sandwich and soup. Other times rice and beans only. Definitely incomparable to normal schools as Martin Markinson pointed out. Vanessa Powell stated “the meals were incomplete.”

Students have also complained that they weren’t served their meals because the food ran out, so they were left without meals.

Occasionally, dropped eggs emanates repulsive smells which are unbearable to staff and students and requires evacuation. This occurred when I was employed at the school.

Shia Intolerance Dressed as Boycott Against Iran

The cafe shop attached to the Cafeteria was closed because its potato chips were from Iran. Unlike sanctions by the United States against Iran, this action of boycotting Iranian potato chips derived from an anti-Shia sentiment than embracing US Foreign Policy.  My conversation with Essam, the chef in charge, along with many students from the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grades as well as some teachers; indicated this. 


A Rabid Nurse only for Students

During the first two months of employment, three teachers became ill due to stress. One, Vanessa Powell was scolded and reprimanded for visiting the school’s nurse. Afterwards, it was clear no other faculty could employ the services of the nurse.

Another feinted on school campus. Mr. Morris, the Math teacher. I picked him off the ground and laid him against a vehicle. Another teacher, the Arabic teacher Ms. Amal, also vomited and was rushed to the emergency room.

I politely walked into the nurse’s office for advice one day. I recollect vividly asking “Doctor could I get some ad…” Before completing the “vice” on advice, she stood up quickly and approached me as if to hit me while screaming to get the hell out of her office. She did the same to Mrs. Luna, an employee and wife of the principal Ahmed Chourbaji.

It is important to note that the nurse is the mother of the Math teacher, My.  Mumeyez, and Mr. Mumeyez was also terminated from the American School for assaulting another student named Rawejh.


Students regularly complain of the toilets being dirty. Some of the younger students occasionally get stuck. Others complain that the water hoses are cheap, leaking water on the floors. Vanessa Powell states, “Despite having a dedicated cleaning lady there was always water on the floor, no tissues, no bins ladies to dispose of their sanitary wastes.” Martin Makinson expressed his concern of students possible catching Hepatitis.

Although a Hepatitis outbreak never occurred, there has been a case of a lice outbreak previously at the school.

Abuse of Staff

While employed at CIS, I was told to mind my business by the principal, Ahmad Chourbaji, after verbally complaining of the horrid treatment of two specific employees. One was the Arabic teacher, Mrs. Amal, and the other, the English teacher, Vanessa Powell.

Mrs. Amal was screamed at by Dr Jamal Chourbaji after he unexpectedly entered her 8th grade classroom. He yelled at her for sitting down in her chairwhile teaching. In all honesty, other teachers do it as well. Even Mr. Lupo hangs his feet on the table sometimes.

The eight grade class was unanimous in their opinion, that she was treated harshly and unfairly and that she is one of the best instructors at the school.

The following week, she was terminated and rehired the same day without reason. When I vocally disagreed to Ahmad Chourbaji about her one day notice termination, he retorted while snickering, “it was less than one day actually.”

I witnessed this elderly lady cry in front of us teachers, while her hands uncontrollably shook. The tautology of “Ya Rab” were repeated by her, as she queried to us ashamed and silent teachers, “how am I going to pay for my children’s education?” She was rehired the same day after complaints by teachers and parents. However, this was the day I lost all respect for the administration completely.

Vanessa Powell was granted the canine royal treatment by Mrs. Reem at the Canadian International School. She was instructed not to drink tea and coffee, not to use her telephone, not to eat in the teacher’s room, not to greet any friends while on field trips, not to use her telephone, not to rearrange students’ seating, not to print out so much, and so on. All of the preceding, all of us teachers do regularly. They also terminated her with one day notice and equally cruel manner as the Arabic teacher.


Lack of Communication and Transparency by Administration

There is a severe lack of communication and transparency by the admin at the CIS. When we send e-mail communication, they sometimes respond at their discretion. When we request printing, it is sometimes performed. When we are reprimanded, we sometimes have never received a written warning prior

Saad Al Shawi discovered by himself that he was lied to by the admin about receiving his e-mails. The administration claimed they never received his e-mails yet Saad Al Shawi has stated that he discovered that this was an intentional lie.

Vanessa Powell stated the polices were unclear and the point of policies vague. She described them as “strange.”

Saad Al Shawl, I, Martin Markinson, and Vanessa Powell concur that immediately after voicing any polite criticism, we were targeted for academic bullying by Mrs. Reem and quickly terminated from our jobs There could be no transparency or communication because the admin would quickly silence it.


Unequal Application of Policies and Rules by Administration

Teachers are sometimes reprimanded for policies which are supposed to be applied equally. It depends on who you’re related to or if you are on the administration’s good side or not. The case of Vanessa Powell and the Arabic teacher, Mrs. Amal, are perfect examples. They were punished for policies we all performed daily. Such as drinking tea sitting in a chair, using our telephones, etc. Vanessa Powell stated, “the rules seemed to be made up as we went along.”

Eg. I’ve always filled out the Weekly Planner online, a week in advance. According to Mrs. Reem’s e-mail on September 26, she ordered teachers to treat this “with the upmost importance,” yet teachers have conceded they don’t fill out the Weekly Planners on time.


Bullying and Intolerance

Although the school had a No-Bullying  workshop, some students bully with impunity if they’re related to friends of Dr. Jamal or if they tell Mrs. Reem what she wants to use against any teachers she feels is a threat to her position.

I, Saad Al Shawi, Vanessa Powell, and Martin Makinson concur that Mrs. Reem engages in academic bullying upon teachers she feels may have qualities or is close enough to students so as to threaten her sinecure.


Attached to this e-mail are homework papers of students who used the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to voice their complaints about the Canadian International School of Erbil. Their words are the most important. We all should listen to them.


Former and Current teachers who are witnesses, phone numbers and e-mails are as follows:

Saad Al Shawi (former Math teacher):

(saadalshawi@yahoo.comau phone 07505761008)

Vanessa Powell (former English instructor):

( Phone Number 07508927120)

Martin Makinson (former English instructor):

(Phone 07507209049)

Mr Wisam (English instructor):

(Email: Phone 07728504325


Taiyo “Siraj” Davis

Master of Arts, HistoryEnglish and History Instructor
Author of Religious Fanaticism: Early 19th Century Marginalization of David Walker and Nat Turner
and The Pursuit of Love Against the War of Terrorism Religious-Fanaticism- Abolition-Century- Marginalization/dp/3639320220
Author of various international publications on human rights, in six different languages
News Journalist for Salem News
Amnesty International Lobbyist and Organizer
American Families United Lobbyist
Asian Student Association Co-founder
American Association for Palestinian Rights Organizer
Founder and president of Clemson University Collective Consciousness human rights organization author/Siraj%20Davis/

The Canadian International School Kurdistan Erbil and Anne Frank: Anti-Semitism and International Schools

December 1, 2019 Leave a comment

(Picture of the Canadian international School of Erbil, Iraq)

CIS School

Kurdistan24 News once claimed religious pluralism “is a cornerstone for a new Kurdistan state.” I want to believe this, despite no synagogues or community of Jews in Kurdistan. Despite witnessing swastika chains sold at the Citadel’s Bazar and Nazi Swastikas drawn next to mosques. And despite my personal experience with the Diary of Anne Frank at the Canadian International School (CIS) of Erbil in Kurdistan.

(Nazi Swastika near mosque) Swastika1.jpg

(Nazi Swastika near mosque)


I’ve decided to expound upon my experience at the Canadian International School because it penetrates the fragile veneer of fake and superficial image so prevalent in Middle Eastern schools, it mentions Western businesses that provide legitimacy for anti-Semitism and Shia-Sunni Muslim animosity at schools, and it highlights how the innocent youth are unknowingly positioned upon the educational pillars of anti-Semitism here in the Middle East.


I worked at the Canadian International School of Erbil in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) for approximately 6 months. As usual, in my ten years experience of teaching in the Middle East, the students are wonderful. And as always, not the administration.

Regularly, I find school administrators in the Middle East incompetent, unqualified, exploitive, religious bigots, abusive, and corrupt. Disgusting may be a euphemism.

To respect accuracy and honesty, the CIS is not too corrupt.

I Think They Hate Jews Here

On August 1, 2018, the principal, Ahmad Chourbaji, sent me an English literature syllabus for September. The Diary of Anne Frank was listed on it.



As the following September session commenced, I witnessed a Social Studies instructor named Mr. Loopow, saluting like Adolf Hitler, while shouting Seig Heil, as a couple of cult students chimed in with “Children of the Corn” fashion. I sternly voiced my disapproval. Mr. Loopow retorted with a laugh and smiling exasperation, “Don’t worry. It’s okay here.” He ceased this behavior for a while.

Nonetheless, as the session progressed further, I oddly discovered that the 8th grade Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Collections English Literature books had the Diary of Anne Frank ripped out of the teachers’ and students’ textbooks. My queries to the administration were met by prevarication.

(Videos of textbook with pages of Jewish authors riped out)

Ripping Pages out of Book of Jewish authors

An Australian colleague, Vanessa Powell, brought to my attention that it wasn’t solely Anne Frank censored, it was above a hundred pages on the Holocaust. This disclosure shocked me like reading history’s pages on the nefarious 1933 book burnings in Nazi Germany. I also quickly recollected the well-deserved criminal prosecution for the same act which occurred in Japan in 2014.

Therefore, I sent a complaint to Cambridge Assessment International which boasts the Canadian International School (CIS) as one if its Cambridge Schools which consequently gives access to CIS students to “the world’s best universities,” in Western nations. Cambridge also claims, “we develop Cambridge learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged – equipped for success in the modern world.”

Joyce Paci of Cambridge International Assessment advised that I handle this situation within the administration.

So, I did.


I’m On The Wrong Team

There is an annual competition in Cumbria, England called The World’s Biggest Liar. The following narrative was too pathetically gossamer to contemplate candidacy in the preceding event.

The principal of the CIS, Ahmad Chourbaji, blamed the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education denied this.

Other international schools and universities in Kurdistan responded to my phone inquiries that they would “never” do this. The International School of Chouefat stated they would only do this, if the Ministry of Education demanded.

I caught wind though that the exception was Ronaki School, a Fethulleh Gulen Movement school which is located near the Canadian International School Ronaki, oddly, was administering their students the same Jewish censored Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Collections textbooks as the CIS.

Ronaki claimed it was the fault of a Lebanese book distributor, yet would not divulge the name. After confronting the CIS with the Ministry’s and schools’ replies, Ahmad Chourbaji blamed a Jordanian book distributor, but also wouldn’t reveal who that distributor was.

Whatever the truth, veering past the prevarication, I realized religious pluralism was not an ethic among my new team at the CIS.

Let’s Find Out If Hate Is Taught

I’ve witnessed Israel ripped out of students’ textbooks before at the Modern American School of Amman, Jordan, but not the Holocaust or the Diary of Anne Frank. This was too much, a red line. This childish act of censorship was akin to removing the human face from all Jews in my opinion.

No modern nation with a decent education system punishes constituents of any religion by censoring that entire religion’s authors in school textbooks. Even in the United States where Middle East critics condemn the U.S government as pro-Israeli, I first learned about Islam and Palestine from American school textbooks. And while in the Middle East for ten years, I have persistently used the Diary of Anne Frank, without problems, as a means of teaching religious tolerance and pluralism. I was inspired by Erin Gruwell in the film Freedom Writers.

Therefore, I decided, without textbooks, to teach the Diary of Anne Frank by YouTube videos and lecturing. I also assigned poster boards on Anne Frank for student projects, taping them on classroom walls. It was a bold, perhaps provocative to a few, yet an admirable success! I taught my students humanity and religious pluralism through the Diary of Anne Frank.

The students understood that no one should be targeted or discriminated against because of politics or religion. These students’ lives have already been detrimentally affected by the former and latter in Kurdistan, so of course, they could relate.

The results were conclusive.  Religious pluralism and tolerance and love can be taught.

Indian spiritual guru, Rajneesh, stated a child’s innocence is his or her wisdom. And American author Neale Donald Walsh believes one can change the world with such wisdom.

I learned from my experience at the CIS that we adults are the ones who make monsters of these precious children. Schools like the CIS do. As you will see soon, Western accrediting and qualification agencies, also do.

(Pictures of my students with Anne Fran posterboards)








Then, The Administration Responded.

If it is true that God sends children to show he is not discouraged of humans, according to Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, then schools like the CIS are in existence solely to prove its antithesis.

On November 11, I not only was admonished with a verbal order to cease teaching Anne Frank, but was ordered to immediately tear down students’ poster boards. Later that night, I received the same demand by e-mail from Ahmad Chourbaji.

Ahmad-Chourbaji (1).jpg

Coincidentally, after the e-mail by Ahmad Chourbaji, I began witnessing the emetic tautology of Mr. Loopow again commencing Nazi salutes while screaming Hitler’s name and Seig Heil, in proud tittup on a daily basis, in front of innocent children as young as KG.

Shortly afterwards, the head teacher Reem Jain, principal Ahmad Chourbaji and Social Studies instructor Mr. Loopow; in Gestapo manner, interrupted my class once day and demanded I stop teaching the Universal Declaration of Human Rights also. Ahmad Chourbaji averred, “everything about human rights can be found in the Quran.”

A formal e-mail complaint to the Head Teacher, Reem Jain, about Mr. Loopow’s toxic behavior was unanswered. Ahmad Chourbaji replied privately in the hallway between classes, it was only a joke. I am proud of my restraint, that I was able to conceal under my breath, “so was the Jim Crow caricature in the American South.”




In A Circus, Don’t Ask Clowns To Be Serious

I felt inured to speak rationally with these circus clowns. While Charles Dickens reigned supreme in Victorian England, Bozo the Clown from Chicago’s 1960s, “The Bozo Show,” would be its perfect equivalent to describe the “educators” at the CIS.

While employed at the CIS, I witnessed the Academic Director, Jamal Chourbaji, also father of the principal Ahmad Chourbaji, scream at a poor elderly Arabic language teacher named Ms. Amal in front of students, bringing her to tears, and later eventually firing her.

I also heard students gossip that the Academic Director capriciously padlocked the canteen shop because of Iranian potato chips. Bone broth, beet root, and Chia seeds were more preferable than the normal cafeteria victuals at the CIS, so I was sadly fond of the canteen.

While in the teacher’s break room once, the thin walls of the adjoining classroom disclosed a teacher loudly inculcating into students that Shia Muslims aren’t Muslims. And Iran was a danger to Sunni Muslims. I accidentally wrote “Shia” into my lesson plans unintentionally in consequence.

And finally, my colleague Vanessa Powell, profited from the gracious tutelage of professionalism at the CIS by Reem Jain. She couldn’t drink tea, eat her lunch in the teacher’s room, change student’s classroom seating, wave hello to strangers during field trips, and print worksheets.

I also proctored the principal’s sagacious authored exam for a two hour period, that only had three multiple choice questions. Video here:

And I also in vain complained that a few students were allowed to be out of attendance for over an entire month, yet passed somehow.

The preceding was enough to convince me this “international” school, is a tragic missing episode from an Alfred Hitchcock Series.

Liz Ryan Was Absolutely Right!

Contributor to Forbes Magazine, Liz Ryan, listed ten indications your employer is itching to terminate you.  All ten occurred to me at the CIS after I requested the principal to reconsider his demand that I tear down students’ Anne Frank poster boards. It was the respectful, yet strong way in education to be an August Landmesser who refused to salute like Hitler in Nazi Germany.

Ultimately, I was fired for chewing gum and writing questions in a joking manner on exams which was considered unacceptable by the principal Ahmad Chourbaji. The first minor complaint, I was guilty. The last was a lie. Reem Jain had described my exams in e-mails prior my termination as “great” and “perfecto.” And unexpectedly, the staff had lost their sense of humor, unless it involved Adolf Hitler.



After my termination, I furthered my complaint to the Director of the British Council in Iraq, Victoria Lindsey.  The British Council is partnered with the CIS as you can see their logos on the CIS students’ shirts.

Days later, though she hasn’t visited the CIS for years, she posed in selfies, gleefully smiling with the cadging staff at the CIS. I couldn’t comprehend the natural ease and comfort she displayed beside such filthy company. But that’s the power of picturesque artificial imagery for those easily fooled.

Pictures of Canadian International School of Erbil on Facebook below:

(Ms. Reem left. Second from left Victoria Lindsey in pin striped dress. Dr Jamal Chourbaji. Second from right Ahmed Chourbaji. Far Right  Mohammed Mumeyez)


After the staged photo-shoot, Victoria Lindsey replied by e-mail that I would need to complain to the Ministry of Education here in Kurdistan. I didn’t believe her sincerity. I don’t trust the Ministry.

Politics and Religion Does Not Justify Censorship of Anne Frank

Anne Frank didn’t survive religious hatred in her time, but her story has survived attempted censorship and challenges throughout history in Norway, Sweden, Austria, the United States, the Middle East, etc. Today, the Diary of Anne Frank has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, is listed as one of the twentieth century’s best sellers, is kept in UNESCO’s Library of the World, and material from the text is found on SAT and IGCE exams.

Also, today, those who love and profit from hatred and intolerance, or who are stuck in its cycle after being victimized, employ religion and politics like a Peter the Hermit during the Crusades, to challenge the simple humanity of Anne Frank and her thoughtful diary.

Some extremists, like Hezbollah in 2009 in Lebanon, justify banning her diary declaring it is a Zionist propaganda tool for Israel. I respond, shall we ban the Quran and Bible because of the Islamic State and Klu Klux Klan? And should they expect anyone to sympathize with their own victimization, when they can’t for other victims, like Anne Frank?

I strongly feel the youth in the Middle East deserve better education, the lesson of religious pluralism that the rest of the normal world instills in children they love sincerely. The message from Anne Frank’s Diary is not to repeat the cycle of hatred others victimize you with. The other message is humans are taught hatred, not born with it. It’s a message we desperately need today in Iraq, Kurdistan, and the Middle East.

Hatred has no place in any educational institution. As a wise woman, Barbara Davis White, told me once, hatred is a snake that bites its own tail. It also destroys those who harbor or embrace it.

Western Accrediting Agencies Cooperating With Anti-Semitism and Anti-Shia Schools

Ronaki school which was using the same Jewish censored textbooks as the CIS have replaced them, after I complained to Maurice Dimmock of ASIC who accredits Ronaki. I respect Ronaki and ASIC for doing the right thing, which is rare today. The Canadian International School (CIS) still hasn’t from what I have heard though.

I’ve also recently confirmed that the CIS is run by administration that have falsified academic credentials. Jamal Chourbaji did not attend the University of Ottawa like he claims on his LinkedIn account and Ahmad Chourbaji also did not attend York University like he claims on his LinkedIn account.

In addition to anti-Semitism and anti-Shia sentiment, nepotism, and employee abuse; its physical structure is dirty and unsafe. It has no music or art or dance classes. Islamic bigotry is clearly evident on its own Facebook page and those of its employees.

It is a mystery why the UK Cambridge Assessment International  boasts that the Canadian International School is a Cambridge school (, the New York American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges places it under provisional accreditation status ( and the British Council has partnered with it.

I can only assume money is more important to them than religious pluralism or preserving the reputation of the UK and the United States.


In the Middle East, we have religious tolerance, not religious pluralism. Kurdistan24 should comprehend the difference. As Chris Beneke pointed out in “Beyond Toleration: the Religious Origins of American Pluralism,” in the 1730s religious tolerance in the American colonies meant alleviating the harsher punishments and discrimination and indignities against religious minorities. It wasn’t religious pluralism because that means equality.

I’m hoping that Kurdistan will become religiously pluralistic. I’m certain the Kurds comprehend how it feels to be targeted for one’s religion or race. Thus, I’m hoping the Kurds will help Anne Frank survive the CIS.

I hope they wish better for their own children too.

(Anne Frank Picture Below)

Anne Frank.jpg


(Pictures of Children at the Canadian international School of Erbil celebrating Kurdistan Flag Day)




Complaint about South Carolina Department of Child Services

December 1, 2019 Leave a comment

The following addresses received copies with no response rom any of these self proclaimed rights organizations:,,,,,,,,,,NEVERAGAINACTION@GMAIL.COM,,,,,,,,


To whom it may concern,

I need help with my ten year arrears for Child Support I’ve accumulated while in the Middle East.

I provide a brief background while asking for the following:

  • The South Carolina Department of Child Services has refused to communicate with me in regards to Child support since 2017, as if to pursue more arrears rather than settlement.

They also refuse to provide me documentation, copy of my signature and documents pertaining to DNA paternity testing, proving or refuting, my paternity and agreement to any Child Support award.

I would like the above documentation immediately.

  • I was trafficked and exploited in Amman, Jordan for six years, due to an over-stay visa. Some of the employers had direct relations with the U.S government.

In Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) , I was finally paid according to my education and experience. However, I was wrongfully terminated from my employment, by an employer connected to the United States Consulate in Erbil.

According to my lawyers, I am owed $40,000, but the school closed instead, in order to abscond from my lawsuit.

Nevertheless, I am getting back on my feet.

Therefore, I would like to begin payments while avoiding criminal penalties.

  • It is my firm belief that the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and South Carolina Department of Child Services were simultaneously  enacted against me for my political activism in South Carolina, to destroy me and my Palestinian Syrian Muslim wife, Tharwat Alasadi, in 2009.

As of now, I have honored Tharwat Alasadi’s request for divorce. I have remarried to an Iraqi Assyrian Christian wife, Ameera, a survivor of the US invasion of Iraq and the Islamic State genocide.

I feel the United States government and a good portion of American people, hate refugees today.  I am willing to fight whatever empire, for this one refugee, as I did for the prior.

However to avoid such scenario which I feel the South Carolina government desires nonetheless, I request to be allowed a renewal of my passport, since it will expire soon, on a temporary annual basis, as long as I make payments.

This is to avoid coerced separation again from another refugee wife, by the gracious and humanitarian United States government.

Before the above can even be resolved, I first request aid and advice in preserving my rights, ascertaining what I request from the South Carolina Department of Child Services, and documenting the following violations please.

  • I feel the South Carolina Department of Child Services and ICE were used as an instrument of silencing dissidence in America, manipulated against me, as punishment for my political activism in South Carolina.
  • I also contend the South Carolina Department of Child Services commenced its process against me in a mentally unfit state, intentionally.
  • The South Carolina Department of Child Services also refuses to be transparent toward me so I may be able to confirm it has integrity and if I am even obligated to fulfill payments for a child.
  • The South Carolina Department of Child Services also refuses to acknowledge my extreme hardship due to being a victim of human trafficking and exploitation in Amman, Jordan and wrongful termination in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan.

I feel it also intentionally seeks my coerced separation from another refugee wife, this time by refusing to cooperate with me in regards to arrears.

  • I also feel that certain American employers in the Middle East, some connected indirectly and directly to the United States government (no need to be specific), purposely sought to exploit and traffic me and wrongfully terminate or fire me, while keeping me in arrears intentionally.

As a punishment for my political activism abroad.

In consequence: I strongly feel that the South Carolina Department of Child Services, and other agencies or agents of the United States government abroad, have continuously in discreetly grossly inhumane  and undeniably emetic fashion, violated my constitutional and human rights.

If they still exist in the United States.


Around 2008, I was a graduate student fulfilling my own aspirations and a single promise to my handicapped, indigent mother. That promise was to finish graduate school. She unfortunately died during my education.  I was also simultaneously heavily involved with political activism in South Carolina. I met my Palestinian Syrian Muslim wife, Tharwat Alasadi, who was a professor at Clemson University.

Around 2009 (my dates and recollection may be losing me), Tharwat  became pregnant. I married her and I consequently submitted paperwork to the USCIS and Department of Homeland Security to keep her and my child in the United States.  I was fulfilling my obligations as a husband.

Despite doing everything I possibly could do, legally, my wife Tharwat Alasadi, was unexpectedly arrested in handcuffs and incarcerated.

The arresting DHS agent, Paul Anderson, told my wife I didn’t love her, told her I had several girlfriends, joked and laughed and taunted us about deporting her while she was incarcerated, asked why the Clemson Islamic Center was helping us and if we knew anything about terrorists, instructed us to blame 9-11 and terrorism for what was occurring to us, and more.

Ultimately, Tharwat was deported. To make matters worse, I lost my child due to miscarriage in consequence to all of the stress.

This tragedy was covered by the news.

What wasn’t reported in the news was my simultaneous harassment by the South Carolina Department of Child Services, which I kept silent about, until now.

I honestly feel, on instinct and on the nature of the cruelty I experienced, while careful not to commit post hoc, that my personal immigration tragedy  with ICE and the actions of the South Carolina Department of Child Services, was indicative of a malicious plan to punish my political activism in South Carolina.

The event which may have possibly been the tipping stone or event which promulgated the whole entire debacle  I faced,  was me visiting Senator Lindsey Graham’s office in Seneca, South Carolina, and challenging him to a debate on Palestine.

 I’m not sure of the preceding. I have no proof of that. But the ICE and South Carolina Department of Child Services actions in tandem against me and my former wife, immediately occurred shortly afterwards in very quick and escalating manner.  

I do know that I recently FOIA requested ICE, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the FBI for any files pertaining to me or Tharwat. ICE and DHS had no files on me and requested Tharwat’s signature for access to her files.

The FBI refused to respond at all. I requested records from the FBI due to advice from a third party.

Nevertheless, I also feel that a former roommate, Chris Parris, was also arrested at my apartment at 811 Isaqueena Trail in Pickens South Carolina, due to the same harassment, at the same time all of this transpired.  But it’s another story.

I attest that the cruel behavior of the South Carolina Department of Child Services was akin to ICE’s behavior when arresting my  wife Tharwat Alasadi. Their childish and malicious comments and palpable abnormal  distaste toward me, was also near to what my wife experienced.

It was equivalent to the incredulous and emetic eye-rolling drama as John C. Calhoun’s Petticoat Affair during Andrew Jackson’s presidency.

Shortly after ascertaining my United States passport, determined to follow my deported wife and return with her to the United States, as any husband should, the South Carolina Department of Child Services unexpectedly served me with a summons to appear for paternity testing, shortly prior my already scheduled departure date.

They brought in media and unknown suited individuals to witness the hearing, they served me with a no contact order for a woman, they mentioned other women’s names I had no vague idea about, they rushed through the process of coercing me to sign some document, they told me to sign documents under threat of punishment without explanations as to what the documented represented, etc.

It was a gossamer shameful and a pathetic insult to my deep injury. Simply disgusting!

While attempting to meet my obligations as a husband to my deported wife, they proudly paraded my obligations toward other unknown females and children, while appending extra burdens upon my already fragile situation.

Perhaps they felt a refugee wife is unimportant.

Nevertheless, since traveling to the Middle East, I’ve survived a Syrian revolution. I was human trafficked and stuck in Amman, Jordan for six years. I was wrongfully terminated from a job in Northern Iraq/ Kurdistan. And finally, when I am able to just start getting back on my feet, the South Carolina Department of Child Services has decided to break all correspondence with me since 2017.


I have attempted to settle the balance, but the South Carolina Department of Child Services has resorted to not responding to my communication. Additionally, it has refused to provide the following, which are all reasonable requests by any human.

The South Carolina Department of Child Services:

1) Refuses to show me a copy of my signature, on documents, in regards to my Child Support order.

I don’t recollect signing my name on any document.  I’m certain anyone would concur, that it is at least reasonable, to verify any financial agreement, prior dispensing monetary payments.

2) Refuses to name the DNA testing company which performed a DNA test upon me or release any paperwork pertaining to my DNA testing, in order for me to confirm the tests both possessed integrity and were administered correctly.

I do recollect that I was administered a DNA test, but the results were given to me within thirty minutes.

I don’t think that is even possible. I am suspicious that I was told the results were positive, just to attempt to secure a signature from me.

I would like receipts and documentation to confirm I am mistaken.

3) Refuses to modify or temporarily halt my Child Support payments despite the fact:

I was human trafficked and exploited and stuck in Amman, Jordan for six years. I couldn’t pay my arrears. I was paid significantly and noticeably lower than expats with less experience and education than me, at several business locations, wherein the owners were associates or/and friends of each other.

Due to being out of immigration status, I was treated in akin fashion as illegal Mexican and Latin American employees in the United States. I was exploited to simply put it accurately.

It’s important to note that this exploitation was enacted by a couple employers who continuously lied about renewing my residency, convinced me to over stay my residency with promises,  and also had relations with the United States government coincidentally.

Eg. Kara Murphy former director of the American ESL Center, and my boss, was a former employee of the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan. Her husband was the director of the institute.

I recorded him attempting to convince me to supply students to cheat on the TOEFL exam for money, and I sent it to Randolph Cline of ETS, which resulted in their TOEFL license being revoked.

I also have testimonies augmenting the preceding.

In consequence, I accrued over-stay fees for six years at a rate of $2 a day, which I couldn’t pay with my low salary. According to Jordanian law and my employers, I was not permitted to leave the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, until I paid. My focus was not on child support arrears, but getting the hell out of Jordan, some how ,some way.

I have documentation from a Human Rights NGO substantiating the preceding claim of human trafficking as well.

In addition, I was not permitted to leave Amman, Jordan, also because I secured a financial agreement with the government to allow the entry of my current wife, Ameera, into Jordan from Syria, in order for her to escape the Syrian revolution. I had to also pay that bill, fulfilling my obligation as a husband.

I have an NGO to verify this as well.

I was eventually deported from Jordan without having to pay anything (thank God), based upon the National Security interests of Amman, Jordan.

I came across information, while performing field research on refugees, pertaining to the United States and Jordan relationship, which apparently was sensitive.

I was lucky I guess or God helped me out.

I have the recording of the Jordanian intelligence that called me on the phone and paperwork proving this. No. I’m not crazy 🙂 Sorry, had to say that

After being deported from Jordan, I commenced employment at the American International School of Kurdistan in Erbil, Northern Iraq (Not to be confused with the American international School of Kurdistan, Duhok).

My employer was Aveen Hawrami from Michigan, also connected to the US Consulate in Erbil. Unlike Jordan, she did pay me a salary according to my experience and education.

This allowed me to begin getting back on my feet as I began accruing savings to decide the best option of meeting my past obligations.

However, and I believe it was an order she received from a third party based on the capricious and sudden change of her demeanor from positive to negative toward me, she unexpectedly and wrongfully terminated or fired me from my employment.

I hired the Khoriyasa Law firm and sued her. According to my lawyers, she owes me $40,000.

She closed the American School in order to avoid meeting her financial responsibilities to me.

I have WhatsApp and Viber message, legal documents, voice recordings, and sworn affidavits attesting the above.

4) Refuses to provide me the information or satisfactory means required to pay my remaining balance.

I asked Pamela Cummings and others of the South Carolina Department of Child Services in 2017, how to pay my balance, but the only responses I received entailed only the total balance and a request for my physical address and current employer’s contact.

No information has been provided to allow me to pay the Child Support balance. Now, the South Carolina Department of Child Services refuses to reply to my communication.

Although some may deem it a hyperbole, I am a simple man. If I ask how can I pay you, and you don’t provide the information, my assumption is that payment is not what you strive to obtain.

It makes me then afraid of what one’s real intentions are.

5) Refuses to acknowledge the extreme hardship I was placed under, and they placed me under, in regards to their monetary demands, in consideration of my circumstances.

They took advantage of my psychological weakness due to personal tragedy and performed an act of entrapment with malice and with intent to injury, while poised to claim unintentional neglect or the ends justify the means defense, if questioned upon the preceding.

I was absolutely not in appropriate mental condition in 2009, due to a recent miscarriage of a child and due to a recent deportation of my wife, Tharwat Alasadi, immediately prior the South Carolina Department of Child Services, shaking me down, for money at the time, the former and latter occurred.

Even during Hurricanes like Dorian, legal procedures are normally halted until the traumatic event dissipates. Not with me.

They never even bothered to offer or provide a psychiatrist despite the fact that national television (WSPAA, WYFF) publicly aired me crying in tears, in cause of Tharwat’s deportation and our child’s miscarriage.

During the deportation of my wife, Tharwat, and miscarriage of our child:

  • I experienced many sleepless nights and uncomfortable nightmares
  • My roommates took me to the emergency room due to dehydration and self inflicted starvation and reported my speech was incoherent and slurred
  • I destroyed my apartment completely while staying up at nights speaking to myself
  • I alienated friends and family accusing them of being informants or spies
  • I took out loans I couldn’t afford in order to pay legal fees and travel costs, and worse.
  • My life was destroyed completely.

Then, the South Carolina Department of Child Services decided to play the part of a gallant vulture, swooping down on near dead prey, in the name of child welfare, to psychologically and financially destroy the suspected father of a child and his wife.

I was also not provided a lawyer or even vaguely aware of my rights when the South Carolina Department of Child Support Services suddenly targeted me in this fragile state, which absolutely necessitates the argument within a civil litigation court, U.S. Supreme Court if permissible, for my Constitutional Right of Due Process.

In the U.S. Supreme court case, Gideon Versus Wainright, the indigent were eventually allowed free representation because the preponderance of the evidence indicated a severe gap in court outcomes, between the indigent and others who could afford legal representation.

I aver, from my own research, the same status quo exists today within the Child Support system.


It is completely understandable that the South Carolina Department of Child Services would rush to prove paternity and award payments, immediately after learning of a potential father ascertaining a passport.

It is difficult to enforce Child Support orders to those who willfully indulge in a vacation or travel experience on their own discretion, or purposely abscond, under normal circumstances.

My situation was very far from normal.

I did not voluntarily choose to travel abroad. On the contrary, news publications prove I was reluctant and scared to travel abroad. I was trying to keep my wife in the United States.

Nor did I ascertain my passport after the Child Support Services contacted me, but prior.

The normal cognitive functioning human can deduce from the preceding that I did not intentionally desire to abscond. But it appears so now, in consequence to circumstances, out of my control, due to an unstable environment in the Middle East and a greedy South Carolina Department of Child Services.

On the contrary, after the tragic deportation of Tharwat and obtaining a passport solely to travel abroad to be with her and bring her back, the South Carolina Department of Child Services immediately, with shameless agog, commenced child support proceedings in quick callous fashion.

I believe they also had a police officer, illegally take my passport at the Clemson University Library, in which he only returned it after I personally complained to the U.S State Department by phone, while blocking his police vehicle.

The South Carolina Department of Child Services also served me with a no contact order with the mother in regards to her child, prior paternity testing, disallowing me to make any arrangements to preclude the interference of the South Carolina Department of Child Services.

I was also ordered to not contact her or the child indefinitely, afterwards.

When I took the paternity test, I asked what was the name of this child, both the mother, Jamie Dill, and the South Carolina Department of Child Services refused to inform me. I don’t even know the child’s name!

I am supposed to pay for a child who I don’t and won’t know, nor can I contact that child in the future to practice my right as a parent.

Additionally, the South Carolina Department of Child Services claimed I had other children with different women, but failed to produce these women and children at a hearing when I requested.

No one showed up.

I would strongly argue the above is a list of violations of my human rights, spousal rights, and a conniving form of nasty entrapment


The South Carolina Department of Child Services can’t deny that they knew that I was neither in correct or/and adequate financial or mental state due to a recent tragedy. Thus, unable to cognizantly and rationally agree to whatever obligations it would maliciously enforce upon me.

I was mentally unfit! It was all over the news too.

I would also argue its callous and cruelly insensitive action was specifically designed to entrap me into reneging, from its very first application against me.

I was traveling to a developing nation in order to secure the return of a wife.

I’m certain the South Carolina Department of Child Services is run by morally repugnant and incompassionate evil brutes , Jesus hypocrites.  But my only curiosity, is if the South Carolina Department of  Child Services is also run by brainless asinine people, with equivalent intelligence as a Homo Habillis, that are completely incapable of realizing a developing nation’s salary is insufficient to meet the financial bills of a developed nation, while caring for a wife?

The South Carolina Department of Child Services must have known arrears was the most likely outcome but instead desired to meet what quota appeases the Federal government for state funding and maliciously enacted the process to harm my wife and me intentionally.

A rational and fair person or government doesn’t rush to secure financial burdens upon an injured victim. One does so with those without injury and those normally functioning.  They could have waited as child support responsibilities don’t disappear. Instead, after the first $5,000 arrears, the threat of incarceration only deterred or protracted such return.

I personally feel that the South Carolina Department of Child Services was wielded as an instrument of silencing and punishing my political dissent in South Carolina.

The South Carolina Department of Child Services doesn’t care about preserving families or for children in my opinion. Especially the child I lost. It is only concerned about money. The rest of us humans could die tomorrow like South Carolinian Walter Scott, for all it cares. Such an inhumane and criminal system should be fought at every breath, regardless of victory or defeat.

I use the adjective criminal because even a parent will warn, scorn, and yell at a child, before physical punishment. The South Carolina Department of Child Services has resorted to silence in regards to me without warnings, just as a criminal emotionlessly robs a person with little need for explanation, yet with more force and more violence. To them, might is right. And money is God. Jesus is solely code for an excuse.

I would appreciate any help with my requests.  And I also ask you file and document this. Others are now.


In Depth: The Syrian Refugees Being Exploited in Jordan

October 4, 2019 Leave a comment

Republished from Off-Guardian


Insufficient funding and reported corruption in Amman, Jordan, has created a humanitarian disaster where the majority of Syrian refugees are not being helped.

Taiyo Davis

According to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees), four in five Syrian refugees in Jordan reside outside camps. The majority of the media, publications, and NGO reports however, highlight the dearth of UNHCR and NGO aid and services toward the refugees within camps.

Thus, the public has not truly comprehended that insufficient international funding and reported corruption, has created a humanitarian disaster in Amman, Jordan.

This publication derives from 102 interviews with the urban Syrian Diaspora outside camps, within cities, between 2014 and 2019. YouTube links to those who agreed to make their interviews public are contained therein. The interviews revealed that the majority of urban Syrian refugees today experience exploitation and continue to lack basic medical services and medicine, protection from abuse, affordable access to education, access to equal employment, and adequate food provisions. They also suffer careless collective refoulement by the Jordanian government.


According to interviews, the UNHCR Pekin Order of distributing aid is first refugee camps, second registered refugees outside camps, and lastly unregistered refugees outside camps. Despite the UNHCR and NGO aid and services focusing primarily on camps, Syrian refugees departed from the camps.

The majority cited no educational programs or medical services. Others complained of unsanitary conditions, including mice and scorpions, lack of recreational facilities and electricity (In 2015 electricity was installed in camps), and overcrowding. The majority echoed 70 year old Syrian, Thuraya Jameel Youseff’s opinion that the UAE camp was the best, in comparison to others like Zaatari and Azraq.

They also complained of organized exploitation and human trafficking. Examples include forced prostitution and marriages, forced employment, and theft; indirectly aided or directly performed, by Jordanian law enforcement and Gendarme surrounding the camps.

A small portion of refugees also complained of organ trafficking as well.

In one interview, a woman paid a man to get her out illegally, but he never returned. Other refugees added this occurs regularly. Off camera, she identified the thief as a friend of a Jordanian police officer, often seen visiting the camp.

One Syrian refugee, Basil, explained, “These are Jordanian Bedouins protecting us. They dislike Palestinians and Syrians. Of course they seek to make money off our pain.” Another refugee added, “A lot of bad things happened here (Azraq Camp). Nobody knows.”

In a candid conversation on forced marriages with a Jordanian Gendarme, he explained, “If a Muslim man can marry the females here and make their life better, so what? If they go to America, they will become Christians.”

Syrian refugees interviewed indicated they escaped by three ways.

Two methods are illegal which are running away without alerting anyone or bribing the Jordanian Gendarme. Some of the Jordanian Gendarme, according to refugee testimonies, are conduits for human trafficking. They play “middle man” between Syrian refugees and human traffickers by arranging prior agreements and also the escape.

The third, and legal way, is to convince a Jordanian to provide a Kifala.

A Kifala is a sponsorship by a Jordanian citizen that can lead to exploitation, as that sponsor usually asks for monetary returns or other favors in exchange. At anytime, for any reason, the sponsor can revoke this Kifala, resulting in deportation.

Some describe it as slavery, others, human trafficking. But it’s the norm and legal in Jordan.

Conditions are so horrible at the camps wherein the majority of UNHCR and NGO aid flows into, that one paraplegic interviewed, Jamal Abdel Aziz, admitted his chances were impossible to escape, yet he couldn’t bear the awful situation and quickly wheeled away from Azraq Camp, during a dust storm.


The Health Science Journal reported in 2019, “The provision of health services to Syrian refugees in Jordan is in fairly good level.”

However, according to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), free Jordanian health care ceased in November 2014, and a new law in 2018, required Syrian refugees to pay “80 per cent of the ‘foreigner rate’ for healthcare,” much more than Jordanian citizens.

These exploitive and unfair changes have resulted in drastic repercussions. Interviews with Syrians outside camps have revealed that life-necessary medical services and medicine, by the UHCR and NGOs, have become less dependable and even non-existent.

A Syrian named Mohammed averred, “In Syria, Bashar kills us quickly. Here the UNHCR and Jordanian government kills us slowly.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in 2019“The main health concerns that currently face the Syrian refugees are upper respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, and skin conditions. Chronic diseases include gastro-intestinal complaints, hypertension, asthma, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.”

This is incomplete.

Problems left untreated by the UNHCR and NGOs since 2011 until now, according to urban Syrians, also include tuberculosis, back disk and hip problems, vitamin deficiency, anemia, Hepatitis, chronic kidney disease, Urea Cycle disorder , parasitic infection as Giardiasis, epilepsy, neuropsychiatric disorders, and cerebrovascular disease.
Worse, urban Syrian refugees are turned away by the UNHCR and NGOs for treatment of various forms of cancer.

For example, although 356 Syrian patients have been treated at the King Hussein Cancer Center in Amman, Ahmad reported the same center coldly turned him away with, “This place is for Jordanians only. God willing, God will help you.” Others reported being simply told by the center, “We can’t help you.”

Syrian children are also risking death with little or no help from the UNHCR and NGOs for genetic diseases, like Thalassaemia.

A mother, Raeda Mustafa, has 2 children suffering Thalassaemia. Thalassaemia requires regular blood transfusions and medication to remove a high iron count.

She couldn’t afford the 688 JD (Jordanian dinars) costs for treatment. NGOs and the UNHCR weren’t meeting these bills and even occasionally refused to provide blood transfusions.

At the time of the interview, her children endured 3 months without medication and a year without transfusion. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Thalassaemia sometimes requires blood transfusions every two to five weeks. Syrian mothers are also not provided simple Caesarian child births by the UNHCR and NGOS in Jordan.

Yasmeen Mohammed Sheikh, could not afford one with her UNHCR 10 JDs monthly aid. No one would help she reported. Dr. Luay of the Qatar Red Crescent Society in Amman, Jordan, performed the operation for free, yet stated this was an exception.

Other urban Syrians are dying from not receiving heart operations.

Sammie desperately needed a heart operation. He was given only medication by the UNHCR, though he couldn’t walk a kilometer without resting.

He publicly pleaded for two things. One was for King Abdullah II of Jordan to allow refugees to leave and return to camps, without a Kifala. He also asked for a heart operation from the UNHCR.

He died a few months later after this interview without either.


Sean Healy and Sandrine Tiller of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) stated in 2013“The attitude of the Jordanian authorities, and of the Jordanian population, to the influx of Syrian refugees has been largely welcoming.”

This is absolutely not true.

The rising xenophobia toward Syrian refugees in Amman has been overwhelmingly palpable. The majority of poor Jordanian Bedouin and Palestinians offer few positive comments on Syrian refugees, which anyone residing a duration of time in Amman can realize.

In regards to the Hashemite government, as human rights lawyer Mayuri Anupindi in 2018 stated, governments like Jordan, “have enacted discriminatory legislation against refugees, making it more difficult for them to obtain legal aid, work permits, education for children, and psychosocial assistance. This leaves refugees extremely vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.”

Syrian refugees outside camps are normally exposed to discrimination and an emetic exploitation by Jordanian citizens, businesses, and the Jordanian government. Exploitation by nature, leads to abuse, and Syrian refugees have very few mechanisms to protect themselves or to seek out justice.

In one case in Salt, Jordan, a total of eight Syrian refugee families were exploited and abused by a single landlord. They were charged 300 to 350 JDs for apartments without water and electricity, twice as much as average Syrian refugee rent cost (150 JDs). The UNHCR and NGOs in Jordan were not helping the families.

The following abuse was horrendous and shielded by the Jordanian legal system.

The landlord kidnapped Fatima Hariri’s husband and tied him to a tree. He then publicly whipped him in broad daylight in front of her children, for being delinquent in 300 JDs rent. He also appropriated her husband’s identity documents as collateral.

Fatima and her husband filed a complaint, but the police did nothing. A court official stated, “You Syrians make problems. Then ask us for help.”

Another victim stated the same landlord threatened to rape her. The UNHCR directed her to contact local law enforcement. When she complained, the police asked, “Why are you not wearing a hijab?”

The authorities then offered to place her under “administrative detention” which means, imprison her for protection. According to Reuters, 65 percent of women in Jordan’s prisons are incarcerated for their own protection from male violence.

Another victim, Raghad Hamdan Al Musa, interviewed with Adam Coogle of Human Rights Watch, tried to move after several complaints of no water in the apartment were not appeased.

The same landlord blocked off Raghad’s taxi, physically restrained her, and threatened her entire family warning, “Syrian refugee blood is gold to me!”

The next day after this interview, Raghad’s son was arrested by plain clothed Jordanian security officers. The remaining four of eight families abused by this landlord were too scared to participate in prior scheduled interviews, after hearing of her son’s arrest.


According to the UNHCR, in 2018, 145,000 Syrian refugee children were enrolled in schools. This is grossly insufficient, like the medical services and medicine supplied to urban Syrian refugees by the UNHCR and NGOs. There are 714,000 Syrian refugee children in Amman which means only 20 percent of Syrian refugee children are in school, since 2011.

In addition, Syrian refugees are also exploited in education. Syrians are forced to pay the more costly international student tuition at universities, instead of the normal rate reserved for Jordanian citizens.

Miha explained that three universities over-charged her oldest daughter, more than Jordanian tuition, and required monthly, instead of annual payments. All of her seven daughters were also turned away by Jordanian public schools.

She couldn’t pay for blood tests or prescription glasses for her children. She couldn’t afford the medication for her husband’s diabetes. The UNHCR and NGOS in Jordan refused to help.

She aspersed, “I don’t want anything in my life, just a chance for my children to have an education.”


Urban Syrian refugees have little access to legal employment. Due to this, exploitation occurs during and in consequence to illegal employment.

As of 2018, the Jordanian Ministry of Education issued 108,000 work permits for 120,000 registered Syrians within camps. There are around 1,400,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, the majority of which, 80 percent, dwell outside camps. This means only 8 percent of Syrian refugees, the ones within camps, have work permits and 92 percent are without.

Syrians caught working, without a work permit, are immediately deported back to Syria. Yet, they must work illegally to meet the lack of aid and services from the UNHCR and Jordanian NGOs. The preceding formula consequently enables the exploitation and human trafficking.

According to interviews, Syrians are paid significantly less, not allowed to form unions, are provided no medical or accidental insurance, no employment contracts and experience unjustifiable termination, late payments or none at all, unwarranted deductions from salaries, passport or ID confiscation, physical and sexual violence, and the threat of deportation if they complain.

It’s human trafficking on an enormous scale, yet the accepted norm in Amman, Jordan. It occurs in the agricultural fields, constructions jobs, and even in schools.

Additionally, according to Al Fanar Media, Syrians are also not permitted by the Jordanian government to work in medicine, law, accounting, teaching, engineering, or as drivers.

The Jordanian government has also imposed fines for any Syrian opening home businesses such as computer programming, designing, translation, and cooking.

Amer’s situation highlights the frustration of the average urban Syrian refugee. His son needs a liver transplant which costs 100,000 JDs. He doesn’t receive help from the UNHCR or any NGOs. He was eventually arrested for working illegally as a construction worker and escaped deportation by obtaining a Kifala.

He stated, “They handcuffed me like I killed someone…Syrians can’t work. We can’t live. We have nothing. What can we do? The salaries we get from work is not even enough for food.”

Amer confided off camera that the agreement for his Kifala to escape deportation was 10,000 JDs, which he hasn’t paid yet.

The nastiest part of the urban Syrian employment exploitation though, is child labor.

The Jordanian NGO Tamkeen reported that though legal employment age in Jordan is sixteen, Syrian children as young as three have been working. Also, 46 percent of Syrian children over fourteen are currently employed for twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

Diala al-Amiri of Tamkeen stated, “Let’s say it is modern slave labor.”

Based on interviews with Jordanians, the Jordanian daily minimum wage is 10 JDs, precisely the meager amount the UNHCR gives most urban Syrians for food provisions monthly. Syrian children are paid much less than the minimum wage.

Zuhoor Fares Yousef stated her twelve year old child works as a fruit and vegetable seller for one JD a day.

Ahmad, who was permanently injured while absconding from Jordanian labor police at work, reported his twelve year old child now works for half a JD daily, to support a family of five.

Nearly a quarter of interviewees also admitted their children resorted to begging, some being paid by Jordanians to do so. Those Syrian children and mothers begging, also risk deportation. Jordanian cultural canards believe all beggars are liars or thieves, thus making begging a criminal offense.


The UNHCR and NGOs are not providing sufficient cash or food assistance to the majority of Syrian refugees.

The UNHCR claims on its website, “Cash and vouchers help the displaced meet a variety of needs, including access to food, water, healthcare, shelter, that allow them to build and support livelihoods, and to facilitate voluntary repatriation.”

However, the majority of urban Syrian refugees interviewed in Amman, Jordan, were not being helped by the UNHCR or NGOs with apartment rent or utilities, decent clothing, child or infant necessities, food provisions, and medical services or medicine, with exception to a very small few.

Many Syrian refugees felt they were purposely being neglected and coerced by the UNHCR, NGOs, and the Jordanian government, to voluntarily return to Syria.

Most reported receiving cash assistance or vouchers of approximately 10 JDs, sometimes a little more, which can only purchase a falafel sandwich for dinner daily, for a single individual, with only ten days of starvation left in a month.

According to a UNHCR report from 2017, it provided $85 million from a donor to 30,000 Syrian refugees, which should equate into $2,800 each family if completely divided equally. Yet the UNHCR reported it only gave amounts between 80 ($112) and 155 JDs ($212) to each household.

This a huge problem. The average cost of living for an average family in Amman, Jordan, according to the Jordan Times, requires a monthly salary of 854 JDs.

It seems the UNHCR may be misusing funds also. Although 85% of Syrian refugees in Amman currently live below the poverty line, the UNHCR purchased a high technology eye scanner in 2015, to provide 100 JD cash vouchers for only registered Syrian refugees inside camps.

Meanwhile, Zuhoor Fares Yousef explained her husband has a broken femur bone and severe back problem, and is completely unable to work. The UNHCR promised to visit her household. They never showed and still refuse to help her family.

She complained, “Inside or outside the camp. Life is horrible.”

Another urban Syrian, Abdullah, exclaimed, “They give us 10 JDs here and there, maybe more, one or two times, if we might be deported for debt or die. It’s crumbs for birds. But in the news, they show a good face for helping a few people and quiet like a mouse about not helping all of us.”


Refoulement is the deportation of refugees and political asylees back to a nation where they may be subjected to persecution or death. International human rights organizations and the United Nations are adamantly opposed to refoulement, as it violates a cornerstone of human rights.

However, refoulement is a policy and norm in Amman, Jordan.

Human Rights Watch reported that an average of 400 registered Syrian refugees are deported monthly without reason and without being able to challenge deportation proceedings.

A source within the Jordanian Ministry of Interior, Ahmed, commented, “We are deporting more than this a month, thousands. Mostly after the last ISIS attacks (Karak, Rukban, and Salt).”

A source within the Sweileh Jordanian police, Faisal, stated, “We deport Syrians all the time. Sometimes people ask, but they don’t see. We give them a number. Syrians have a country. Not like Palestinians.”

The reasons for deportation mentioned by urban Syrian refugees were working without a permit, being caught outside the camps without permission, an argument with a Jordanian, Syrians fighting each other, lies by Jordanian racists that a Syrian is a terrorist, a wife jealous of her husband’s relations with a prostitute (real or unreal), complaining of employment exploitation or UNHCR and NGO corruption, deriving from a city in Syria which the Jordanian intelligence dislikes, and more.

One reason mentioned for deportation is calling relatives in Syria.

In an article by NBC News, a family of seventeen members were all deported because just one family member called her relatives in a government controlled area of Syria. According to interviews with urban Syrian refugees, the above is not an anomaly. It happens regularly.

One Syrian, Fayez, explained, “The Jordanian government is listening to our calls. I know many people who called Syria to speak with family, they were kicked out from Jordan.”

A source within the Jordanian intelligence indicated, “Umniah, Zain, Orange. We look at records of all calls. Not just refugees, also NGOs, journalists, Parliament, UNHCR. It’s our right.”

A computer consultant, Tom, opined, “Dictatorships like Jordan are currently seeking spy technology like Pegasus from companies like NSO in Israel, may already possess Davinci and Galileo platforms from Italian firms, and Semptian from China; all of which allow these bad people to spy on their citizens in real time.”

Other Syrian refugees exclusively singled out for deportation are Palestinian Syrian refugees. Despite the Jordanian Queen, Rania Abdullah, being Palestinian, the Jordanian Bedouins have drawn the line with Palestinian Syrian refugees entering Jordan.

A mother, Sanaa Abdul Razaq Zain, had her son and husband wrongly identified as Palestinian Syrians and quickly deported, despite documents proving otherwise. She described 75 percent of her family as sick, listing a litany of untreated ailments her family members suffered from such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gunshot wounds, etc.

Sitting beside her daughter who was suffering from brain paralysis and her daughter-in-law near to birth, with the father of the child, her son, recently deported to Syria, Sanaa Abdul Razaq Zain pleaded in a personal message to King Abdullah II of Jordan in tears, “I ask anyone with a heart from God to help us…Please return my son and husband in any way.”


There are two main reasons for the extreme neglect of Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan.

One is insufficient funding from the international community. The UNHCR in 2019, only received 20 percent of its budget for operations. This hints that the international community, some of which has been promulgating the Syrian Conflict, has inexcusably and utterly failed to meet its financial obligations to the innocent victims of war.

The international community is not to blame alone though. The Jordanian government is as well. They developed the non-altruistic Jordan Response Plan of 2016-2018 for Syrian refugees.

According to the Jordan Response Plan of 2016-2018, approximately 60 percent of all international donations for Syrian refugees goes toward benefitting Jordanians, more than Syrian refugees. The plan allocates more money toward Jordanians in education, health, and electricity, than to benefit Syrians.

The second reason is corruption within Jordan.

Urban Syrian refugees interviewed complained of UNHCR personnel promising resettlement, extra food provisions, additional medicine, and protection from deportation in exchange for money, and even sexual favors.

One Syrian, Rashad, stated, “I think all of us Syrians know about the corruption. It’s in our faces every day. They waste money on useless programs and give us so little. They use us for money. We don’t even have what we need to survive. Why register? We risk deportation if we register and get little more in aid.”

One UNHCR employee, Omaya, explained corruption leaked into the UNHCR when Jordanians were substantially integrated. She continued, “They (Jordanians) carried their prejudices from their own culture and religion into the UNHCR. They and the families they support, come from a poor nation which finds corruption acceptable. It’s the same the UNRWA did to Palestinians. What do you expect?”

A different UNHCR employee, Ismael, stated “We exaggerate costs and pocket the rest. We move funds here and there. We aren’t helping these refugees. We’re robbing them of hope, so they’ll leave. If your country won’t help with money, we’ll do it our way.”


The international community absolutely needs to resettle more refugees in developed nations and increase its aid and services to Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan.

The international community should also send a stern ultimatum to the Jordanian government that increased funding and increased resettlement will not begin until seriously significant actions are taken to:

  • Punish and halt the inhumane exploitation of Syrian refugees
  • Fully protect Syrian refugees and punish past cases of abuse
  • Investigate and punish criminal corruption effectively
  • Abolish the exploitive and disgusting Kifala system and allow freedom of movement to and from camps
  • Permanently cease unjust refoulement.

It is absolutely unacceptable that the current system has been victimizing Syrian refugees twice.

The media should also shift from gossamer grandiose media publications which focus on small positive acts within camps, and give the honest spotlight toward urban Syrian refugees’ suffering. An amnesty should also be immediately enacted for all Syrian refugees to register, without deportation.

A problem can’t be resolved without honestly identifying it. Additionally, a part of the corruption derives from not accurately assessing and helping the total number of Syrian refugees. The total 1.4 million may itself be inflated.

The United Nations should also make more frequent unexpected visits to UNHCR affiliated locations and camps while checking, on the ground, the application of funds toward Syrian refugees. They should also perform an investigation of how its resources were spent in Amman in the past, train and vet UNHCR personnel on corruption and bigotry, and it should completely scrap cooperating with the Jordan Response Plan of 2016-2018.

Significantly more work permits, at least six to seven times its current status, need to be granted so as to remove conditions which augment exploitation and human trafficking. There are plenty of potential jobs Syrian refugees could do, but Jordan and the UNHCR prefer to depend on donations or funding for job creation.

If one views all of the unfinished construction projects in Amman, Jordan, the Syrian refugees could finish them. They also could help with the dearth of transportation services and cleaning the streets which are dirty and garbage infested. The tourism department could also use some help.

Access to education should be increased as well, at least three times its current status.

There are many qualified volunteer expats who have offered to teach Syrian refugees for free, but have been consistently turned away. The UNHCR and Jordan prefer funding for teachers, educational supplies and programs instead.

There are so many empty hotels and buildings not being employed for affordable housing in Amman ,yet housing rent is the most costly expense of Syrian refugees in Jordan. The UNHCR and the Jordanian government rather receive funding for tents and fences instead.

This all has to stop and something needs to change quickly. We are creating a new generation of victims who will hate us later for our neglect and exploitation.

Special thanks to Jamal Albes who acted as an interpreter. He was later deported from Jordan and separated from his wife, after helping with some of the interviews entailed within this report.
Taiyo Davis is an author, independent journalist, and ESL/Social Studies teacher, commanding six languages. He has researched refugees in the Middle East for ten years, without departure. He was also a former political lobbyist in the United States, with fifteen years experience as a human rights activist.

American Child Support: Broken, Corrupt, Misandrist, and Inhumane

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via American Child Support: Broken, Corrupt, Misandrist, and Inhumane

Bruce Eden, Director of Dads Against Discrimination stated, “The longer the state engages in social engineering of families, it delays the day that the state is out of the killing business of families. Death is a product of state Family Courts and its judges and attorneys. They view it as the cost of doing business in the ever expanding fraud business model that is styled as family court.”

Finally, America should suck in its pride and catch up and learn from the rest of the world. The American Child Support system has to accept that government intervention in family affairs is not always the answer, it’s sometimes the problem.

Authors Irwin Garfinkel and Annemette Sorenson stated, “The United States fosters parental irresponsibility, is inequitable, exacerbates already poor family relations, and impoverishes single parents and their children. It would be difficult to imagine a more dysfunctional system.”

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