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An Open Letter to His Majesty King Abdullah and Her Majesty Queen Rania

Luma Mufleh


Your Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania,

Jumana Salti and I grew up together. We played together on our school’s soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams, and we shared the unbreakable bond of teammates ever since, until her untimely death on Friday, November 6th. My heart aches. Jumana’s spirit, her generosity, her playfulness and her goodness will live on, but she is gone. I have been trying to write a tribute, honoring Jumana’s life. But I can’t because I need closure. Her friends need closure, her family needs closure and most importantly the citizens of your country need closure. And it is for that reason I am writing you.

Like so many people who knew Jumana and Soraya Salti, I believe from the bottom of my heart that they did not commit suicide. This is not denial or wishful thinking; it is a tragedy no matter how it happened, and nothing…

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Appeal for Donations: Nofal Hamdan Musa: 300 JDs Stolen from Syrian in Jordan

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Source: Appeal for Donations: Nofal Hamdan Musa: 300 JDs Stolen from Syrian in Jordan

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