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The World Declares to Israel “Hands Off Gaza!”

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The World Declares to Israel “Hands Off Gaza!”.


One or Two State Solution for Palestine: A Lesson From African American History

One or Two State Solution for Palestine: A Lesson From African American History.

One or Two State Solution:

How can one give HALF of what is one’s own or shared amongst all religious denominations of Palestine!?

In African American history, African Americans faced the same dilemma. Return back to Africa or be segregated into lands away from the white population. Thomas Jefferson, the author of the declaration of independence influenced thousands of influential and powerful southerners and northerners with his warning that the many years of slavery which caused anger amongst the African American population could never be forgiven. Thus Thomas Jefferson averred that whites and blacks could NEVER be integrated because the many years of oppression resulted in the psychological, religious, and cultural conditioning of BOTH to hate each other. He declared if whites and blacks were integrated, it would result in only one thing, a war of extermination where one race would exterminate the other (Notes on the State of Virginia, Section titled Laws)
What was the response of African American Civil Rights leaders?

Richard Allen

” I have no doubt that there are many good men who do not see as I do, and who are for sending us to Liberia; but they have not duly considered the subject–they are not men of colour.–This land which we have watered with our tears and our blood, is now our mother country, and we are well satisfied to stay where wisdom abounds and the gospel is free.”

The first African American abolitionist, David Walker:

“Let them commence their attack upon us as they did on our brethren in Ohio, driving and beating us from our country, and my soul for theirs, they will have enough of it. Let no man of us budge one step, and let slave-holders come to beat us from our country. America is more our country, than it is the whites–we have enriched it with our blood and tears. The greatest riches in all America have arisen from our blood and tears:–and will they drive us from our property and homes, which we have earned with our blood? They must look sharp or this very thing will bring swift destruction upon them. The Americans have got so fat on our blood and groans, that they have almost forgotten the God of armies. But let them go on.”

Dr. King jr accomplished more than peace. He proved one of the most intelligent men in history wrong, he showed Thomas Jefferson was incorrect about human nature. Although it is not acknowledged in history today, African Americans contributed to American culture today by teaching all Americans a lesson that EQUAL RIGHTS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LAND!

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