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Quotes in the Bible about Killing Non-Believers and More

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The Real News Report from Gaza Palestinians mark Nakba

May 25, 2013 1 comment

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Hamas and Fatah to unite within 3 months

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Hamas official tells Palestinian news agency the two parties held positive talks in Cairo, agreed on timeline for reconciliation.

Fatah and Hamas agreed on Tuesday to form a unity government within three months, a senior Hamas official told Palestinian news agency Ma’an.

Moussa Abu Marzouq, deputy chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, told Ma’an that Hamas and Fatah held positive talks in Cairo and that the parties agreed to a timeline to implement reconciliation by July.
Marzouq said that no names were discussed for the new government in the Tuesday talks.

Last year, Hamas and Fatah reached an agreement in Doha, Qatar, to form a unity government that would pave the way for new presidential and parliamentary elections. The agreement stipulates that Abbas would serve as prime minister in addition to his job as PA president.

Amal Hamad, a member of the Fatah Central Committee from Gaza, said on Monday…

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KFC smuggled into Gaza through tunnels from Egypt

May 25, 2013 2 comments
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It Takes a Smuggler to Satisfy KFC Cravings in Gaza


Colonel Sanders would be proud. While the 74-year-old secret recipe for his fried chicken has remained firmly under wraps, cravings for his deep-fried deliciousness have become so widespread that an entrepreneur has begun smuggling KFC to customers in the Gaza Strip using secret underground tunnels. According to the New York Times, Khalil Efrangi, 31, runs a small shop in Gaza called Yamama that will deliver a 12-piece bucket of KFC for $27, about twice what it costs across the border in Egypt, where the food is prepared.

Since Israel strengthened the blockade on its Gazan border with Egypt in 2007, “People have used the hundreds of underground tunnels that connect Egypt and Gaza to smuggle in everything from motorcycles to fish to brides,” reports the New York Daily News. So KFC seems like a natural extension for the clandestine trade route, even if the contraband meals can take…

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A Promotional Video From The Municipality Of Gaza.

KEEP LEFT!!! councillor padraig mcshane

Gaza , also referred to as Gaza City, is a Palestinian city in the Gaza Strip, with a population of about 450,000, making it the largest city in the Palestinian territories. Inhabited since at least the 15th century BC, Gaza has been dominated by several different peoples and empires throughout its history. The Philistines made it a part of their pentapolis after the Ancient Egyptians had ruled it for nearly 350 years. Under the Romans and later the Byzantines, Gaza experienced relative peace and its port flourished. In 635 AD, it became the first city in Palestine to be conquered by the Rashidun army and quickly developed into a centre of Islamic law. However, by the time the Crusaders invaded the city in the late 11th century, it was in ruins. In later centuries, Gaza experienced several hardships—from Mongol raids to floods and locusts, reducing it to a village by the 16th century, when it was incorporated into the…

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High hopes for Palestinian 3-D animated film The Scarecrow

Tales of a City by the Sea

The National

AFP May 18, 2013

Filmmakers in Gaza have finished making what is believed to be the first Palestinian animated feature in 3-D, in a bid to show a fresh perspective on life through a child’s eyes. Called The Scarecrow, the 40-minute production tells the story of a 9-year-old orphan named Rima and the scarecrow she was given by her parents who died in a car crash.

One day, the scarecrow – who represents the guardian of Palestinian land – is taken away by an Israeli soldier from the family’s land near the border and Rima sets off with her school friends on a mission to find it.

It is a story which evokes some of the suffering of Palestinian refugees, says the director Khalil Al Mazen. “The world is used to seeing Palestinian children surrounded by death, destruction and war, but this film focuses on their simple dreams,” he…

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