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Jordan’s Failing Security and Xenophobia Muffles Syrian Abuse and Neglect

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Source: Jordan’s Failing Security and Xenophobia Muffles Syrian Abuse and Neglect



Jordan’s Failing Security and Xenophobia Muffles Syrian Abuse and Neglect

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Republished from NSNBC  Siraj Davis (nsnbc) :

Below is an interview with an elderly Syrian wife and mother, whose handicapped husband was forcefully kidnapped from their peaceful home, humiliatingly tied to a tree in broad daylight, and publicly whipped without interruption with several strokes of a belt. Their adolescent daughter witnessed this shameful unjustifiable tragedy. Insult to injury, the ‘unbiased’ Jordanian government sought ‘compromise’ with no criminal prosecution against the landlord who committed this unconscionable offense. She is one of seven Syrian families victimized by this same landlord in Salt, Jordan.

Source: Jordan’s Failing Security and Xenophobia Muffles Syrian Abuse and Neglect

Gaza Camp Summer Program

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Gaza Camp Summer Program

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Please like the Gaza Camp Summer Facebook page here:
ارجو الاشاره بلايكلهذه الصفحه

Gaza Camp (also known as Jerash Camp) is in Jerash Jordan. Its occupants originate from the 1967 Gaza diaspora. It is the worst Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan.
مخيم غزه وايظا مخيم جرش في الاردن الناس الذين يسكنون في المخيم نزحو من سنة 1967 وهو اسوء مخيم فلسطيني في الاردن

These refugees have less rights than Gazans and Palestinians living in the West Bank. They also live in homes without windows or doors, dirt roads, sewage which overflows into the streets, zinc roofs, and endure the highest unemployment rate of any city in Jordan.
لديهم حقوق اقل من اللاجئين في الضفه الغربيه وهم يسكنون في بيوت خاليه من الابواب والشبابيك والسقوف من الزينكووالمجاري الاسنه طافحه في الشواع ونسبه عاليه من البطاله
Its residents are used to being forgotten. We hope the world will change this and help them. They need donations and volunteers.
الناس الذين يسكنون في المخيم منسيون من الجميع نتمنى من العالم خارج الاردن ان يغيرون هذانحنا بحاجه الى متطوعين وايظا بحاجه الى دعم لوازم مدرسيه وعينيه وماديه


Music Video for Gaza Camp:
فيديو موسيقي

via Gaza Camp Summer Program.

Gaza Camp Summer Program

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Investigate the Israeli Regime for War Crimes

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Investigate the Israeli Regime for War Crimes.


We remind all civilized nations that international human rights laws are not a meretricious gimcrack as the Israeli regime persistently and tacitly flaunts by its uncontrollable actions and haughty over-confident impunity thrown in the concerned faces of humanity-loving world citizens, civilized nations, and the respectable international community. The preceding demands are the salient footprints which prudent world citizens absolutely expect to be humbly followed for an apotheosis of a better world for all of our posterity. We sincerely hope that Israel will not succumb to the dictum that power corrupts leading to the inevitable outcome of being overcome by a deepening noble resistance by proceeding generations of her many victims, but that mutually beneficial reciprocity of peace may be procured under rational and fair diplomacy by astute erudite humans embracing wisdom in contrast to violent and cowardly obtuseness, if such diplomacy and wise minds still exist today.

The Israeli regime has ceased hostilities against Gaza as of now. We Palestinian activists don’t forget. We don’t forgive. Any enemy of Palestine – Fatah, PLO, PA, Hezbollah, Hamas, Gaza, West Bank, Ramallah, etc – is an an enemy of all of us! The more Palestinians you mercilessly kill , the tighter the fibers of strength in our muscles awaiting to flex against overwhelming power.The more heartless oppression, the fiercer the dangerous burning sensation upon you from the noble flame within our chests, burning for justice. The more you cowardly harm those who valiantly defend Palestine, the more risk we willingly accept and the closer the ties of our family. We won’t stop, nor will our posterity.

It’s our turn now.

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Investigate the Israeli Regime for War Crimes

September 16, 2014 Leave a comment

Investigate the Israeli Regime for War Crimes.

What does a clear pathway to final peace in this horrific conundrum cost? The following may reveal how far off the direction of current Western and Israeli foreign policy has been speeding away. The glacier silence and banal marginalization of Palestinian victimization by the Israeli regime from such charlatanic media outlets as the BBC must end. The vituperative and transparent propaganda of claiming ‘religious fanaticism’ as the culprit of resistance to the Israeli regime instead of the ‘oppressive conditions’ of ethnic cleansing, genocide, and apartheid by Israel against Palestinians– as done with the slave rebellion movement in the US Southern states by the slave aristocracy- must be finally concluded as an obvious failure.

The false imprisonment of Americans and UK citizens – as Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Hamid- who vocally condemn and limn despotic policies such as Western nations’ blind support for the jezebel Israel and Western jingoism in the Middle East, must be corrected. Yaghi is an American Muslim of Palestinian and Jordanian heritage arrested for his thoughts and associations alone. Hamid was convicted of being a terrorist for solely participating in innocuous paint ball games which was ridiculously construed as military training by the fantastical UK government. The unjust wrongful imprisonment of Palestinians for solely being Palestinian- such as Alaa Hammad -must be retracted.

The racist and the burdensome Kipling notion that Democracy is suitable for Europeans but not for non-Europeans, must be demolished, by accepting the democratic decisions of Palestinians such as the election of Hamas.

The proliferating Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian lands created ex post facto – without government vote by the majority must be quickly reversed. The coercion of Palestinians to leave their lands so that Jewish settlements may be built must be immediately halted. The evil formula which victimized the native indigenous of the American continent must not be repeated in Palestine. The apartheid in the Israeli regime must come to a final and peaceful conclusion.

The Palestinians outside of Palestine – based on their own discretion-must be either financially compensated or their inalienable right to return to their ancestral homelands be reestablished. Then we may have a lasting fruitful peace in Palestine rather than a conflict which persistently humiliates all venerable monotheistic faiths, exposes the uselessness and effete power of the international community in upholding international laws, and upholds on a pedestal the dangerous avarice and hypocrisy of so called civilized nations which support the tyrannical Israeli regime.

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