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Sands National Academy in Khelda Jordan: Corruption, Labor Violations, Terrorism


Garth would not be the only victim to Nihad’s labyrinth of deceit. On uncountable occasions for several months, my optimistic trips to the Human Resource (HR) and Nihad Kanaan’s office in expectation of that elusive labor contract copy were vain efforts. The HR replied with an enervating tap dance of buncombes every time, which several years of shoe polish couldn’t cover the wear and tear on my patience. Nihad also had two rude female secretarial watch dogs who would persistently eagle eye visitors and snap back with attempts of quick witted insults besmirching one’s self esteem, while insulting a person’s intelligence by arguing that one’s eyes were misleading when one witnessed a bloated cheap-suit draped Nihad enter his office earlier.  My nascent yet firm commitment of resolving my immigration issue were freshly energizing my persistent efforts and resilience against such underhanded tactics. However, that glimmering bleak light of hope became darker gradually.  Conversations with fellow employees inevitably revealed, there were others employed several years without their own labor contracts. I felt as if climbing a pinnacle while glancing down at the frozen 200 or so corpses lingering untouched at Mount Everest today. I surpassed my initial careful reluctance to enlarge the preceding conundrum, when I briefly thought of Nihad’s racist vexation on Garth and his discrimination I witnessed against a different African American female. It’s irrelevant that I am not African American, I am still human. Therefore, I  and Garth and other American expat employees of Sands filed complaints, submitting affidavits to Atef Majali at the National Centre of Human Rights, Dina at Tamkeen, Ruba at the Anti-Corruption Commission, and others.

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