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Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

I give an Ameen and two thumbs up along with my toes to Al – Ghad and Jordanian writer and educator, Zuleikha Abu Risha, who has stated that the presence of such virulent and dangerous ideologies are apparent and serried to the curricula of Jordan schools , and school faculty, and that a state of emergency within the Jordan education system exists and palimpsests should be immediately created.

Her words,

“The poisoned Islamist tree, planted in the 1960s, has borne fruit – in the form of an educational system that opposes creativity and asking questions, sanctifies the past, does not deviate from its [rigid] path, detests logic and anything new or innovative, levels accusations of heresy, and incites to hatred, violence, and killing – to the point where students have become robots who recite prayers to keep themselves from harm, instead of investing efforts in finding solutions.”

I fear and tremble that if things are not changed, the preceding status quo will only ignite a powder Jordan and risk her neighbors’ and donors’ pristine security consequentially. It will definitely not suffice the criteria for David Cameron’s Golden Thread Theory.

Former Minister of Culture, Sabri Rbeihat, stated:

“Many politicians ignore the fact that the problem today lies in the emergence of a new culture that hates life, celebrates death, and attacks and quickly eliminates anything symbolizing liberty, life, and happiness.”

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