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Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

The extremism in Jordan not only derives from its noticeable presence allowed by the security apparatus of Jordan such as the now popular Jabhat Al Nusra, but is persistently perpetuated by its education system as well. According to former Ministry of Education official, Zogan Obiedat , the ideology of ISIS / DAESH is within the school’s textbooks. MEMRI research fellow Z. Harel notes such ideology extends in the universities and also highlights through his astute research an interesting diametric relationship observed in both schools and universities, that see-saw status entails the vehement repression of critical and free thought while ISIS / DAESH ideologies proliferate at favor. I add that after 6 years of working as an observant teacher in the private international schools within Jordan, that I not solely concur, but append that ISIS / DAESH ideologies are routinely regurgitated and steadily propagated by faculty with liberty, at these schools as well. Pun and oxymoron intended.
Eg. An anile colleague and biology teacher named Nura Abboud of Sands National Academy commenced a conversation with me about the Jordanian soldier, Ahmed Daqamseh, who shot innocent Israeli children crossing the border to Israel from Jordan, on a school bus. Because I declared he was not a hero, but a villain, and anyone who kills Israeli or Palestinian children is a villain; she consequentially spread the venemous rumor throughout the school that I was an Israeli spy.
In response, the female hall monitor called me DAESH in front of other teachers after Nura’s childish verbal chronicles throughout the school and the schools principle , Naima Al Momani , responded to Nura’s artifice by directly approaching me face-to-face and stating in a caustic voice that all of us Americans were the REAL terrorists.


The following music video was produced/directed by Collective Consciousness productions and stars rappers Taiyo “Siraj” Davis, Ahmed Habjoqa, Ali and entails authentic stories from the …

Source: Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

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