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Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

The education system is not the sole culprit. Also, a sundry of Parliamentary members such as Hind Al-Fayez demand and push for a better and closer relationship between Amman and Hamas, while I have witnessed Hamas operate with near impunity in front of the security apparatus within the Hashemite Kingdom. Additionally, the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization outlawed by the majority of Arab nations as a terrorist group, is a recognized and powerful fact here in Jordan. And both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have connections to government and security personnel here as well. I’ve seen it. We, the perspicacious and genuine, all apprehend it.It is only denied by the naive or the poker players here, like a Baghdad Bob in the 2003 Iraq War.
Some within Jordan, may peruse my above comments and maliciously castigate me in quick retort for my comments about unerring Hamas and the perfect Muslim Brotherhood. I only counter that I do not bash the right of resistance to oppression or occupation or the right to practice one’s own religion in a spiritual or fundamental manner; but I absolutely condemn indiscriminate hatred, bigotry’s repression of free thought and tolerance, discreet extortion and financial fraud, falsely accusing innocent journalists and free-thinkers of being spies or traitors, claiming the deaths of innocent Palestinians justifies the death of Israeli or American or any nation’s children, condemning the Jordan government in a pipsqueak ambivalent voice while simultaneously employing and manipulating it as a means of intimidation, victimizing or neglecting other refugees at the expense of channeling aid and funds to Palestinian refugees, discrimination, and worse.
All of the preceding I have emetically witnessed by the aforementioned’s constituents. I castigate anyone or any group or any religion or any nation for not allowing a single individual to be HUMAN! To be different and honest. To dare hold a mirror up to a Medusa of hypocrisy. Although I have glanced at some of the ‘good’ in the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, I’ve also seen activities within Jordan by the aforementioned organizations which deeply disturbs me. And such prior organizations will NOT garnish the transition from exclusivity to inclusiveness, necessary to win the political gambit of legitimacy and recognition they aspire toward, unless they seriously change their desultory course.

Source: Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

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