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Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

Additionally, the aid granted by the ignominious West for Jordan needs to be closely supervised and more effective stipulations or control mechanisms attached to those allocated funds are wanting. The West is blindly transferring resources for the Syrian victims in Jordan to a Tammany developing nation with a very unsettling past of corruption.
The protests in Jordan since 2010 have demanded such reforms to thwart the modern Boss Tweeds
Two former Chiefs of the Jordanian Intelligence, Muhammad al-Dahabi and Samih al- Battikhi were convicted of corruption.
A relative of the royal family was also charged and convicted of corruption
Leaders of Jordan’s main Bedouin tribes sent an open letter accusing Queen Rania of corruption.
One of Parliementary members, Laith Shubailat , accused the King of Jordan of corruption pointing toward the latter’s valuable land appropriations and shares in the Rotana Group.
Former Mayor of Amman, Omar Maani, was arrested for corruption.
Poet Haider Mahmoud wrote a poem warning of the proliferating corruption only to be fired and stigmatized as a trator in state-run media.
Former minister, Adel Qudah, former JPRC director general Ahmad Rifai, the prime minister’s economic adviser, Mohammad Rawashdeh, and business tycoon Khaled Shahin were incarcerated for corruption in regards to the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company
The Anti-Corruption Commission of Jordan has capitulated and admitted it is severely under-funded and under-staffed.
There also exists a consensus ‘on the ground’ among NGO and government employees, the regular population, and numerous others that the donated money is ending up in the Tammany pockets of individuals and individual companies, rather than Syrians.
Another circumstantial indicator of this virulent corruption is the severe lack of transparency and follow up of cases by NGOs within Jordan, who slyly refuse interviews (even when questions are provided with notice) and not answering or returning phone calls for pleas of exigent help and service to Syrian victims in Jordan. Worse, no explanation is returned for such silence and circumvention. However, any philanthropist or donor with money is met with a Fort Knox reserve of blandishments.

The following music video was produced/directed by Collective Consciousness productions and stars rappers Taiyo “Siraj” Davis, Ahmed Habjoqa, Ali and entails authentic stories from the …

Source: Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

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