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Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

A second impetus for the spawning of this music video, is the assistance contributed by the international community is both insufficient and also being pocketed by extractive institutions and corrupt individuals, thus not reaching the intended target, the Syrians who have crossed the Jordanian border hoping to survive. American selfishness and lack of concern is gossamer. America is not accepting more Syrian refugees as other generous nations like Jordan. Yet one of its smallest states Wyoming, from 50 states, has twice the GDP, 11 times less the population of Jordan, and is about the same in physical size. That’s completely not fair, it’s called the racism and cruelty of empire! To place pressure upon empire’s outposts rather than its own motherland.


Such meretricious relationship is not of nurture, but indicative of that relationship between a mother and a feral child like the Russian boy Vanya Yudin who could only chirp like birds. Such preceding outstanding premise warrants the absolute  and unquestionable suspicion as to whether the West’s efforts to liberate or benefit the Middle East, are indeed sincere. Especially, since the West is commonly identified by the international world population as the culprit in causing the political turmoil which has tragically launched this tidal wave, and others, of fleeing human victims. The West needs to accept more refugees and address its Islamophobia.

Source: Our Own Way: Music Video for Syrian Refugees in Amman Jordan

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