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US seeks ‘political vacuum’ in Syria

US seeks ‘political vacuum’ in Syria.

“I believe that the US policy of arming insurgents and other irregulars in the Low Intensity Conflict in #Syria is a very detrimental policy to all of the neighboring countries. As we see with #Jordan, Jordan has a huge influx of refugees. It’s pulling a strain on its economic conditions and in result augmenting possible protests and an #ArabSpring within the borders of Jordan itself.” …This whole issue of #JohnKerry – Secretary of State John Kerry – supplying arms and weapons and finances and what not, to the insurgents in Syria have done nothing but produce repercussions that are ‘horrible’ on humanity surrounding the country and within the country of Syria. When you declare a war on an ideology…the groups entailed within that ideology aren’t so monolithic and that is what we are seeing with #ISIS or #ISIL.” http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/09/26/380087/us-seeks-political-vacuum-in-syria/

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