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US seeks ‘political vacuum’ in Syria

US seeks ‘political vacuum’ in Syria
Republished from Press TV

The United States is pursuing the same failed policy in Syria as it did in Iraq, and that is to create a “political vacuum” by removing “major power holders,” says a political commentator.

The best thing the US can do to combat terrorism is “work with those in power,” Siraj Davis, Jordan-based freelance journalist and human rights activist, told Press TV in a phone interview on Thursday.

The US invasion and occupation of Iraq led to the rise of insurgent groups that roam the country to this day, Siraj said. “Look what happened, we have insurgency even till now.”

US policymakers are pursuing the same policy in Syria, he said. They are trying “to take the major power holders out of position of influence and we are going to have anarchy and we are going to have ISIS (or ISIL) and it just gets worse.”

If that foreign policy succeeds in Syria, the analyst emphasized, it would create a “political vacuum” in which extremist groups will freely thrive. “They are not necessarily the best people you want to have as a neighbor.”

Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that the US will provide the so-called moderate militants fighting against the Syrian government with $40 million in urgent aid.

“The people of the region are very critical of what John Kerry is doing,” because ultimately they know the US is “supplying insurgents” to divide the Muslim community, Siraj said.

“Until John Kerry realizes that ‘we Americans caused this problem in Syria and the innocent children are suffering because of our decisions’ … it is going to get worse in the region,” he added.

The US military has been conducting airstrikes against the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq and more recently in Syria.


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