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Investigate the Israeli Regime for War Crimes


There is also another form of collective punishment not involving significant armed exchange , yet it is tantamount to be addressed since it is the crux of antipathy toward the Israeli regime from Gaza. In 2007, Israel and Egypt invoked a modern land, air, and sea medieval warfare siege of Gaza. The siege of Gaza was/is the longest in history- exceeding even that of Leningrad in World War II- despite the hostilities between Israel and Gaza not being classified as a belligerent versus belligerent conflict, or a civil war.

Food, supplies, fishing, trade, and even immigration has been slowed to such a trickle that life is at bare exiguity subsistence for the fragile humans within the Gaza strategic hamlet (in Vietnam we forced civilians to remain in strategic hamlets to protect them, in Gaza it is to bomb them). Fuel imports have been significantly reduced, resulting in blackouts that last 12-16 hours a day. Over 80% of fettered Gazans are in dire need of persistent humanitarian assistance to survive. The International Committee of the Red Cross has cited a spate of over 90% of Gaza fisherman – due to the naval blockade by the martinet regime of Israel -are below the poverty line and subject to the vagary of confiscation of their boats, warrantless and arbitrary arrests, and even death for attempting to fish for shoals past the nautical limits of Israel.

A World Health Organization cited that the level of anemia in babies is about 65%. In regards to agricultural land, EUNIDA notes 46% of fertile farming land is inaccessible due to the blockade. In consequence of a want of materials, the International Red Cross has stated that only 50% of Gazans are connected to a sewage system. In August of 2009, OCHA described a dangerously bleak and severely languishing situation of dire need for humanitarian assistance in result of the blockade. The International Committee of the Red Cross, several UN officials, and others have described the siege as a violation of Geneva Convention laws against collective punishment.


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