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Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding

An Evil Unseen Ideology Made Me Do It Finally, the foppish prosecution and media excluded the primary feeble premise employed by Kellhofer to establish the litigants possessed an agreement for conspiracy. The prosecution embellished the appellants shared the same seed of ‘terrorist ideology’ -as the prosecution described it- because Boyd testified that he believed-admitting an absence of certainty- that some of the defendants comprehended that he meant violent jihad when he vocally ‘inculcated’ others with such loose phrases as ‘find a way’ or ‘order ice cream’ or ‘marriage’ or ‘best brothers’, and other cockamamie . It was Boyd’s testimony, after turning state’s witness that the prosecution heralded around as the leit motif against a few immigrants -a couple incapable of functionally communicating in the English language- to assert that the accused wanted to commit violent jihad. I say that just because a participant in a casual conversation is recorded complaining about his ‘blue’ shirt and another mentioning his sister is ’17′ years old, it doesn’t translate into an audible for a pass from a certain formation to a rushing pattern of receivers in American football. Neither does the prosecution’s cherry-picked dummy calls of imaginative and neo-logistic jargon for terrorism. Kellhofer and the US government’s estranged-from-reality logic runs further than this though. Kellhofer outlandishly and explicitly besmirched that all 7 defendants were die-hard followers of Islamic Sharia law. To an astounded, frightful, and ignorant jury; Kellhofer’s trumpery claim was that these followers of Islamic Sharia law were anti-Western, anti-secular government, and -the most ludicrous proposition by Kellhofer- obliged by Islamic Sharia law to not only viciously fight against Western governments, but to cold-heartedly murder or maim ‘any’ Westerner. This is ‘not’ Kellhofer’s meretricious characterization though, but informant Melvin Week’s definition of Sherifi’s ideology during trial questioning by Ms. Kocher, as Weeks concluded his explanation -which Kellhofer ‘exactly’ echoed in the preceding sentence- stating, “and this ideology and the people who follow it are known for that. This is what — they’ve been known for this since 700 A.D.” This ideology’s depiction was also Evan Kohlmann’s when he preposterously claimed that Salafi Jihadis are a sect of Islam during the court. Salafism is a sect of Islam, not Salafi Jihadis. It was also Boyd’s classification when he alleged Anes Subaisac was infected with this contagious ‘ideology’ because the latter opposed voting.shariasharia-protest-in-USanes-subasicanes-subasic At the appeals conference, Kellhofer stated to the judges that when Yaghi praised a man -by liking his post on Facebook- who said he would cut his own flesh out instead of giving up any piece of Palestine, it was evidence of this ideology that is inherently opposed to “any government” and an example of Yaghi’s idea of “Muslims uniting against the kufar, again a government.” Kellhofer’s rational is not wanting, it’s grossly noisome and outrageous. Many believers of Islamic Sharia across the world do not engage in violent jihad against the West, or kill a Westerner. Yet, the tenets of Sharia law were exactly what the prosecution highlighted as proof of the presence of this suspicious alien ‘ideology’ within the 7 defendants. As Kellhofer stated about this ideology at the appeals court,“they believed that any non-Muslim is known as a Kufar, somewhat a derogatory term used by them. That the kufars are a hindrance to the further growth of Islam. That Muslims therefore should not be ruled by Kufar, that Muslims should be ruled by Sharia law. That any non-Muslim government is therefore a kufar government, and one that is in effect precluding and stopping Sharia law from happening. Therefore, under their cultish belief, you are ‘obligated’ as a Muslim, to take an offensive attack so that you’re later not put in a position of being defensive. So if you are a non-Muslim, and you are in a Muslim land, that’s a problem.”It is unclear if Kellhofer is conscious that Yaghi and Hassan were peacefully residing for twenty years in the non-Muslim land of America without committing violent jihad, radicalized Muslims don’t write rap lyrics mentioning marijuana or smoke it like Hassan, and that Yaghi is Palestinian which would completely explain his aggressive incongruities toward US foreign policy in regards to Palestine instead of his blind devotion or oblation to radical Islam or Sharia Law. I also found it unconscionable that Kellhofer – during the appeals meeting- championed his injustice as the equivalent reasoning of indicting bank robbers agreeing to target a bank, without mention of what specific bank. I believe that the true plundering was the US tax dollars in Kellhofer’s defalcation in fatuous pursuit of this Don Quixote Crusade.

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