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Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding

Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding.


Shady Criminal Informants and the 2nd Amendment

What the media is also not divulging is that all of the ‘weapons’ were encountered at Daniel Boyd’s house. They were also registered to Boyd. The ‘raising of money’ was a private transfer of a meager amount-approximately $500 is an absurd amount to fund an insurgency- between Sherifi (in Kosovo) and Boyd (in America).  Also, the ‘training’ involved discharging firearms -in a constitutionally protected right- in the forests by Sherifi and Daniel Boyd. Yaghi and Hassan were not significantly implicated in the above. However, as in the UK case of Muhammad Hamid , the prosecution included Yaghi’s innocuous paintball competition and Hassan’s possession of a 22 caliber pea-shooter rifle -which the latter concealed in a private compartment in his car and showed to Boyd on one occasion- augmented the guilt of both callow defendants as training for violent jihad abroad. I can’t comment on others’ thoughts, but I wouldn’t take a 22 pea-shooter rifle to any battlefront. Kellhofer-during the appeals conference- reasserted that because Hassan asked Boyd ‘privately’ to come to his car and view the weapon, it was evidence of training, and an act toward conspiracy to commit violent jihad abroad. As Yaghi’s attorney politely reiterated that this was insufficient evidence to prove a conspiracy at the appeals conference, Judge Robert King replied with emetic caducity, “why would they hide that thang [Hassan’s 22 rifle]  they found in that spot [private compartment in Hassan’s vehicle]?”


Commenting further upon the Constitution’s 2nd amendment right of possessing and discharging firearms, I have a paltry amount of collegiate friends yet with an aggregate number of various automatic firearm wielding photos on Facebook. One cohort, accompanied by other gun toting acquaintances, has a picture snapped 5 years ago of him releasing rounds from an AK 47 in the forests, while another picture displays him sporting a contumacious shirt with an emblem of a recognized US State Department Latin American terrorist group. Such young phatic bravado doesn’t mean he and his friends are violent or  pertinacious terrorists. On the contrary, he is now an esteemed teacher in East Asia. There are other examples too. The exigent unanswered probe is how many others have played paintball and discharged firearms in forests, without being charged with terrorism? And why? The results of my investigation from the preceding query is that Hassan and Yaghi’s convictions are simply discriminatory injustice.

The media and prosecution also relentlessly elude to the identities and moral character of the government’s informants. Not me! They were comprised of a former multiple felon of armed robbery Alvin Harris and a visa overstay Abdullah Eddarkoui whom were promised immunity from past legal violations, $200,000 in cash, and the latter a green card. Why weren’t ‘any’ of the prosecution’s witnesses of astute or half-way decent character and morality? Couldn’t the prosecution find any!? Even the prosecution’s star witness – Daniel Boyd- had a past history of robbing banks in Pakistan. Regardless, none of the informants attested that Yaghi and Hassan intended to perform violent jihad.

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