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Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding

Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding.


The confident prosecution also averred that gangsta rap lyrics by Ziyad Yaghi which mentioned smoking Jews like a ciggie, snapshot from his private Facebook account (in collaboration with My Pet Jawa), was ample enough animosity toward Jews to presume that Yaghi’s pilgrimage to Jerusalem was for terrorism. This is both outlandish and discriminatory. Ridiculous because posts on the social platform of Facebook and rap lyrics are expressions of thought by recusants and iconoclasts at worse, not actual ‘overt’ acts as a conspiracy charge requires. Discriminatory, because I have witnessed a much worse-qualitative and quantitative- on the internet. As head of the Investigative Project on Islamophobia, we have accrued over 500 screenshots of internet users threatening violence against Muslims.  And in contrast to the false deliberation that such hazardous Islamophobes are the uneducated and less affluent of Western society, the following is a record of refutation for the preceding assumption via tracked accounts of offenders:



A network administrator for Fulton County, Georgia State Government and a volunteer PFC at the Georgia Department of Defense

A cognitive behavioral psychiatrist at Netanyahu Academic College

An operations manager at British Airlines

A network security technician for International Security Management Group

A Master Gunny in the US Army in Kentucky

A GIS Mapping Specialist/Field Engineering technician at Florence & Hutcheson

Many airlines pilots

Numerous IDF employees

A defense contractor for Israel

A math teacher at an American High School

An executive at a loan corporation

A Facebook employee

A defense analyst for the US government

A Boy Scouts leader

A plethora of military soldiers (some deployed)

A US government media producer

A former GOP senatorial candidate

And more…

The use of rap lyrics from Ziyad Yaghi’s account is also discriminatory because, there have been other ‘white’ Americans who have done worse, but administered less reprimand as Yaghi. The following is a list:

Facebook Threat

An 18 year old with a long criminal record, Cameron D’Ambrosio, was arrested for his rap lyrics,

“[Expletive] politics, [Expletive] Obama and [Expletive]the government!!…All you haters keep my [Expletive]name outcha mouths, got it? What the [Expletive]I gotta do to get some props and shit huh? Ya’ll wanme to [Expletive] kill somebody? What the [Expletive] do these [Expletive] demons want from me? [Expletive] bastards I ain’t no longer a person, I’m not in reality. So when u see me [Expletive] go insane and make the news, the paper, and the [Expletive] federal house of horror known as the white house, Don’t [Expletive]cry or be worried because all YOU people [Expletive] caused this shit. [Expletive] a boston bominb wait till u see the [Expletive] I do, I’ma be famous rapping, and beat every murder charge that comes across me!”

The response on behest of the Center for Rights and Fight for the Future by Evan Greer to Cameron’s arrest,

“It’s untenable and unconstitutional that, amidst such broad criticism from civil liberties groups and legal experts for this blatant attack on the First Amendment, the prosecution has come to court unprepared to show probable cause for this young man’s incarceration…this is a travesty of free speech, and a travesty of the First Amendment,”

The grand jury subsequently refused to indict Cameron.


Justin Carter, with a prior restraining order for threatening to commit suicide after threatening to murder his girlfriend, typed on Facebook, ” I think I’ma [sic] shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down.” When insulted in retort by an internet peer, he posted the riposte in caps, “AND EAT THE BEATING HEART OF ONE OF THEM.” After arrested, Carter responded in shock, “I guess what you post on Facebook matters.”  After the prosecution offered to reduce his 10 year sentence to probation for a guilty plea, his defense refused stating,

“he didn’t do anything wrong…That’s what dictatorships all around the world used to do. They’d say, ‘If you confess to your crimes against the state, we will let you go.’ “

Carter is free and awaiting trial for a sentence of twenty years less than Yaghi received, 10 years. I predict at worst, he will do a quarter of that, but I’m honestly expecting him to be found not guilty though.





In April of 2012, rockstar and racist NRA (National Rifle Association) spokesman, Ted Nugent, countered to the liklihood of Obama winning the presidential elections- at an NRA convention on television- that Americans, especially armed NRA citizens, should  “ride into that battlefield and chop their [Democrats] heads off in November.” In front of other television and radio broadcasts, he averred to a vaster and more armed audience than any Yaghi or Hassan had addressed, “we’ve got four Supreme Court justices who don’t believe in the Constitution,” describing Chief Justice Roberts as a “traitor” and “turncoat” and declaring that” …the current administration should be hung and tried and shot.” His ‘venerable accolades’ also include inveighing Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm with “kiss my {EXPELETIVE].”

Nugent has only been investigated by the Secret Service as reprimand for abusing his freedom of expression.

Former Iraq War veteran Brandon Raub of Virginia, publicly posted comments much worse than Ziyad. I was intimately involved in helping to secure his release from his detainment.  In August of 2012, Raub, with a shot gun in his hands as a Facebook profile picture, declared on Facebook he was going to ‘sever heads’ (sound familiar? Hint: Nugent’s declaration of ‘chopping heads’ in April, prior to this), and that unidentified people were arriving at his residence the next morning, to commence a violent revolution. Nevertheless, during the course of attempting to liberate Brandon from detainment,  his family and John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute fired back at the US government that the latter had violated the US constitution by spying on Raub’s private Facebook account. The government did something I witnessed with piqued and jubilant interest; they vehemently denied this claim and trembled a bit. Raub’s family and Whitehead’s allegation, along with a massive public outcry, eventually led to Raub’s release. However,  there was a tiny mistake in their comments, Raub’s account was public not private, I checked. Despite this fact, Raub was released and Ziyad Yaghi-whose account is actually private- remains incarcerated with a sentence of 30 years.


There are other Islamophobic celebrities such as writer and Fox News special guest commentator Ann Coulter, who stated America does not have a gun problem, but a black and Muslim enigma. Adding similarly as Islamophobic prosecutor Jason Kellhofer’s tacit notions, firearm violence and terrorism are perpetuated by video games, rap music, race, and Islam. She has also publicly announced that all terrorists ‘look alike’, foreign and Muslim, while Kellhofer has tacitly insinuated that they ‘sound and speak alike’ – the latter via callously amalgamating and deceitfully confusing the religious rhetoric of Western and foreign Muslims (eg. meaning of jihad) – as if ‘all’ are a part of some evil monolithic Islam. Yet her most ‘gracious’ and ‘tolerant’ public suggestion and advice was the West-especially Americans-should aggressively invade all Muslim countries, murder their Islamic and secular leaders, and forcibly convert them to Christianity. In regards to the spouse of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlane Tsnarnaev, Coulter obstinately demanded that regardless if his wife was cognizant about a plot to bomb Boston or not, Tsnarnaez’s wife should be immediately incarcerated for wearing a hijab. If one were to unbiasedly examine Yaghi’s rap lyrics, with the above overwhelming affronts, juxtaposed against the daily terrorism that we American and foreign Muslims endure on YouTube, Facebook, television, and other social media… need I conclude? Although Kellhofer was quoted in the court transcripts for recommending a sentence of 30 years for Yaghi because “he won’t change his religion”, even charlatans end up being engulfed in a den of lions in the end. History is at present moiling, beginning to absolve Yaghi and others.

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