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Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding

Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding.


Masjid Shishanee in Zarqa Jordan

Also, the Reign of Terror judiciary alleged that a single e-mail between Yaghi and Boyd mentioning the ‘best brothers’ of Islam were situated at (Shishanee) Chechyan mosque in Zarqa, Jordan, was a codicia of a conspiracy to engage in terrorism. As US prosecutor Jason Kellhofer said during the appeal’s trial that there is:

“much much more than words as the, ugh, as the appellants would seem to imply. You have purchase of travel, you have, ugh, ‘actual’ travel, you have seeking out of specific locations as you recall, while, ugh, Ziyad Yaghi during 2006 was over in Jordan, he was e-mailing Daniel Boyd saying ‘is this the masjid [masjid Shishan (Chechyan) in Zarqa Jordan]? The one where we were talking about? Because he was talking about a conversation they previously had and Daniel Boyd testified that this was in reference to the ‘best brothers.’ And his understanding of what the ‘best brothers’ meant was those that are like-minded, those that are of the opinion of this ideology, this ideology that that requires violent acts up to and including killing individuals overseas.”

The preceding is exceeding rational comprehension. I and many Muslims, utilize the phrase ‘best brothers’, to mean devout Muslims able to provide deeply detailed answers to queries about Islam or whose character is of outstanding humility and altruistic sacrifice for their fellow humans. ‘Best brothers’ does not have the exclusive designation of terrorists. In addition to consternation at such claim, I also have prayed at the above mosque numerous times, reconnoitered the pleasant area surrounding the mosque -enjoying hot tea with friendly employees of a miniature coffee shop 50 feet away and comfortably sitting for hours with a long time residential shop owner directly within 10 footsteps across the street, while residents and I were intermittently and slowly shaking our heads, in disbelief about this whole ridiculous fantasy- and my team of investigators have intermittently observed the mosque. The US government has alluded that the Shishanee (Chechyan) mosque is a terrorist recruitment center, and that is hilarious! Native Jordanians ‘and’ foreign expats have literally laughed in utter shock and disbelief. The ordinary people in the neighborhood of Shishanee Mosque is a variegated population of tolerant fundamental and non-fundamental Muslims. I witnessed-without extraneous dint- many females with and without hijabs, only two people with long beards and dishdashas, men joking and gawking over female passer-bys, loud rap music in stationary cars, etc.

I’m also reluctant, at the least, to accept the prosecution’s allegation because of a geographical impetus. The mosque is within 10 feet across the street from a Jordanian government building, a police station is located at the other end of the street, immediately behind the mosque is a public school, and it is 5 blocks away from a Jordanian intelligence office. The incontrovertible facts I’ve purveyed with my eyes refutes the prosecution’s farce and our persistent surveillance of the Mosque has entreated a negative inference of anything remotely described as the truculence of a terrorist culture or a ‘hidden’ zombie ideology of terrorism that the incredulous prosecution dubiously besots exists. I am willing to sincerely capitulate my error in the above analysis if the US government and Jason Kellhofer would only be willing to distribute to me and my team, the PKE meter from the Ghostbusters movie that they are applying to find these lucifugous terrorists at the Chechyan Mosque in Zarqa, Jordan.

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