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Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding

I often describe the conglomeration of media akin to a mendacious puppeteer, forming shadows on the rocky grey walls of a gloomy cave in front of a lone illuminating flame. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave has been ingrained in my mind since Professor Tom Hiebel’s philosophy class at Tri-County Technical College in South Carolina, the location where I was attending a lecture on the metaphysical concept at the exact moment of the 9-11 attacks. A tragedy which consequently engendered my first wife’s and other family members’ military deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. I recall this life-event vividly today. And now, I apply that allegory while inveighing a source that initially petrified me into a naive supporter of the War OF Terrorism, which the panacea of rationale over time, eventually redirects one’s senses and disciplines emotionalism toward the undisclosed emotionless boulder of reality at this cave’s entrance. Though the hale media regularly reports on extraordinary or mundane incidents, the absence of experiencing the events firsthand separates them from the ungosssamer reality of the enticing shapes which they portray. Such emotional, dramatic, and exhilarating climaxes the media can employ, until the germane truth lets out its interrupting and subtle eructation. And on occasions, maybe even often, their shadows of terrifying dragons and cute rabbits and bold eagles have a monolithic agenda stamped George Creel underneath. And such is the specious story of the North Carolina 7 (Raleigh Jihad), disingenuously immured for the vague conspiracy to commit terrorism accusation. The allegation is a modern martinet of an early 20th century Espionage or Alien and Sedition Act of old. Whether intentional or not, the Western broadcasting giants are NOT divulging the entire story and also omitting pertinent facts, details which would normally succor the average interest to form wise decisions contrary to this secretive and fusty debacle.

via Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding.

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