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Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan: What the US Media is Hiding

                Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan:

An ‘Ongoing’ Investigation on What the US Media is Hiding

“Of all the offspring of time, error is the most ancient, and is so old and familiar an acquaintance, that truth, when discovered, comes upon most of us like an intruder, and meets the intruder’s welcome.”


Mohammed Omar Hasan Aly’s words at sentencing:

Of course, I thought what in the world did I do to deserve this. I was 19 years old when I met Daniel Boyd, and I had no clue that just by associating with him, just by taking a trip with him, that I would end up like this. I will admit, I did make mistakes in my life. I did say some dumb things; did some dumb things; I did get a misdemeanor here and there; and, I did post some highly inflammatory comments on the Internet. Yes, I admit to this. But I am no terrorist…When the FBI approached me in 2007 and kept asking me about Mr. Boyd, I realized to not associate with him again. And that’s exactly what I did.

Now, I want to speak briefly about my beliefs. I am Muslim. I’m proud to be a Muslim. And Islamic faith calls for peace and justice for all humanity, whether you’re Muslim, Christian or Jewish. And a verse in the Qur’an says whoever kills somebody — whoever kills a soul, it is as if you had killed mankind entirely. And if you — whoever saves one, it is as if you have saved mankind entirely. Another verse says there shall be no compulsion in the acceptance of religion. Those are just two quick examples of many in the Holy Qur’an that promote peace and justice. And Islam teaches us to be the best example, to be the best in manners, to be the most honest, to control our anger, to love others as you love yourself, to enjoy good and forbid evil.

This is what my religion preaches and this is what I believe in. My religion doesn’t preach the killing of others for any race or religion, whether they’re Muslim, Christian, Jewish, White, Black, Spanish, American, Iraqi. We’re all human. We need to coexist…

I never ever conspired with anybody to provide material support to terrorists. And that’s the truth. And there’s not a single person in this world that has interacted with me or known me that thinks I’m a terrorist. And, in fact, even those who testified against me in the trial, every single person, nobody said that they thought I was a threat of any kind.

And although the government claims I’m a terrorist, I want to say it again loud and clear, I am not a terrorist and I condemn terrorism. I emphatically reject any form of terrorism, whether it is domestic or international.

Ziyad Yaghi’s words at sentencing:

“Essentially, I’m here today for the assumptions and understandings, or should I say misunderstandings, of Boyd. He assumed a lot of things and he misunderstood a lot of things, and I think that’s clear to anybody who’s paid attention to his testimony. And, in his mind, he might have assumed this, assumed that, and misunderstood this, misunderstood that. But, in his own words, he admitted that there was no conspiracy between me and him, and I think everyone has failed to realize that. And I was found guilty by a jury not of my peers, but of complete strangers, who have no understanding of Islam, Muslims or foreign culture. And I don’t know whether that guilty verdict was a product of their ignorance or should I attribute it to the prosecution’s grand job of kidnapping, murdering and maiming the truth. Although they did find me guilty, I maintain my innocence,

and I will do so till the very end.”


                Last month, a Federal Appeals Court upheld convictions of Ziyad Yaghi, Hysen Sherifi, and Mohammed Omar Aly Hassan for Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism. The repudiation of the aforementioned appeal is approximately 50 pages. Its pristine quality is extraordinary, and is not a meticulously and noteworthy derived collection which should be lazily set aside for later reading. Without hesitation, this tendentious tautology should be thrown with full force into the trash! If one felt compelled to employ a euphemistic depiction in frank reverence for its overweening authors, suffice it to say that this imprecation is a verbose logomachy that creatively manipulates an enormous and esoteric lexicon to express tiny ideas. My only positive reactive comment is a sesquipedalian paroxysm.  In regards to the flamboyant prosecutor Jason Kellhofer, regrettably a humanitarian did not dragoon his poor mother into tossing this scurf aside, while feeding and clothing the stork instead.


Racism in the South

                I am very familiar with the Southern American culture that imprisoned such innocent appellants as Yaghi and Hassan. I languished from 25 conscience-wrenching years in this neo-antebellum portion of the United States. I persistently vacillated between two worlds-black and white- viewing and embracing everyone as an equal of humanity. A blessed trait Catholicism and my late mother implanted within me. This privileged me to grasp a glance at two perspectives, a multicultural and diverse eclectic viewpoint. Yet throughout my tribulations in the South, I could never escape the insidious innate racism. Throughout my life entangled in this ethnological barbwire, I was persistently fearful of which innocent direction of decision to exert while deterring being ostracized, conflict, or legal reprimand. However, I often tended to openly associate with African Americans and immigrants because my mind and body and soul acknowledged the discreet and subtle-yet significant- oppression against them. And it wasn’t a cheap price, but it was the ‘right thing’ to do, what Jesus would do. Nevertheless, such racism I witnessed was a subtle and tacit reality in the suburban white mentality , that there exists an ‘other’ entity, a volatile danger from lower socioeconomic dredges (predominantly black and immigrant minority) -which pervaded underneath the germane and happy white society- as if a remnant of the psychosomatic terror that reigned between indigenous and colonialists of Mystic River. Such paranoia has expressed itself in America, not only in the South as Sean Bell’s death in New York demonstrates-a place I lived for several years when a youth-but the prevalence of this demarcation line was even more felt in the South where Trayvon Martin met his own tragic fate. It is a nasty mostly unspoken stain-unspoken by many blacks and immigrants from fear of exacerbating the volatile animosity and also inured to the effect of its unanimous recognition would do and unspoken by whites because it would be explicit admission of such shame-a stain that no chemical could eradicate or conceal this societal blemish.



                I recollect the many acquiescent and uncomfortable moments of racist comments from many white cohorts, dismissing them as innocuous. Yet time always provides itself a bitter remedy to false assumptions, even ones we hold dear as axioms. And so these benign comments eventually transformed into overt discrimination, yet discreet and camouflaged under bureaucratic or institutional prejudice. I reminisce over many examples, such as when I unexpectedly witnessed a white Pickens law enforcement officer in a Clemson South Carolina local convenient store, casually brag with unconscionable bravado to the cashier about shooting and killing a ‘nigger’ -the derogatory slur he repeated several times, each occurrence with a smile-who this hillbilly officer asserted made a simple body gesture so as to label such murder ‘self defense’. I recollect witnessing my white co-manager of an Anderson South Carolina Ingles reprimand an African American bagger by firing him, retorting to me-grocery manager at the time-“I’m not letting that ‘nigger’ make things difficult for any of us”, in response to this employee’s refusal to serve a white female customer that initiated vulgar insults at him because of an antipathy toward the bagger’s sister at the local high school.

                Coming from a white family, I was also ‘privileged’ to learn about the white scale of justice,  overhearing court cases expeditiously  and callously decided on a golf course, as a caddy for a magistrate.  The victimization against African Americans extended to me as well -as an immigrant and from guilt by association with African Americans- I and an African American Muslim peer -while enjoying the pleasant and peaceful cool breeze and silent water of a landing on Pigeon Point Road- were detained against a law enforcement vehicle and patted down with both of our pants pulled off to our ankles by an elderly armed officer and the background laughter descending to a silence interrupted with the racial canard and warning, “wiggers and niggers don’t live in these parts. You’re not welcome!”


US Government Selling Drugs to African American Communities in South Carolina

                In reflection, it wasn’t such a harsh punishment. God helped us to discover an escape in the Waterfront Park away from such enervating penury, drug infestation, and high crime of our blatantly neglected neighborhood. I always silently asked God why such hateful discrimination and oblivious poverty, while within a few blocks, the bustling tourist industry brought loud laughter and decadent enjoyment from white tourists which made us all despairingly cognizant of our own pitiful and bleak situations. I also queried in sincere prayers why so many drugs were around us?  I witnessed a plethora of individual lives and families destroyed by addiction. How did the cocaine saturate our neighborhoods? Who brought it? Why were the police barely protecting and serving or forthcoming in aid to stop the drug flow and crime within our lower socioeconomic communities? And sometimes I questioned God if he hated and despised us, because we were so barefacedly neglected without succor? And occasionally in mysterious ways, God replies. The celestial response was the shocking knowledge of one white male detective and an African American female detective that paid unofficial salaries and distributed foreign drugs into our neighborhoods-as a part of some higher echelon foreign policy from our illustrious intelligence gladiators of National Defense- to be directly sold to African Americans and immigrants on behest of the US government. I realized-at an early age- another unspoken taboo, which was the relationship between foreign policy in Latin America and domestic policies in the US and its effect on the unsuspecting American citizen (*I can prove this with classified government documents*). Most importantly, I also realized just how inhuman and cheap we were, to the leaders of the society we were incarcerated within since our innocent births – a tabula rasa which was cannon fodder for National Defense, minority and immigrant human existence as toilet paper for avarice.



                One of the reasons I loved history in my undergraduate pursuits, is that it aided me to comprehend the patterns of social behavior underneath a superficial table cloth of a functional and equal southern society or government-where I spent a large portion of my life- in order to view the subtle racist rigid hardwood foundation. And here I am again, struggling for the innocence of another human, while recognizing the same difficulties as those great Caucasian and African American progressives who sacrificed and resisted the most pernicious court system of ‘good old boy’ bias and ignorant racism, upheld as justice in the South during the Civil Rights Struggle. Now, this unscrupulous migraine for readers of American history is the chimera for Muslim Americans whom are being incarcerated for thoughts and associations. The evidence hauled into the court rooms for the conspiracy to commit terrorism ambiguity, when juxtaposed to cases of worse merit by Caucasian Americans, demonstrates the nadir of blatant discrimination enabled by War OF Terrorism policies. And the media plays a huge part in it.



                I often describe the conglomeration of media akin to a mendacious puppeteer, forming shadows on the rocky grey walls of a gloomy cave in front of a lone illuminating flame. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave has been ingrained in my mind since Professor Tom Hiebel’s philosophy class at Tri-County Technical College in South Carolina, the location where I was attending a lecture on the metaphysical concept at the exact moment of the 9-11 attacks. A tragedy which consequently engendered my first wife’s and other family members’ military deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. I recall this life-event vividly today. And now, I apply that allegory while inveighing a source that initially petrified me into a naive supporter of the War OF Terrorism, which the panacea of rationale over time, eventually redirects one’s senses and disciplines emotionalism toward the undisclosed emotionless boulder of reality at this cave’s entrance. Though the hale media regularly reports on extraordinary or mundane incidents, the absence of experiencing the events firsthand separates them from the ungosssamer reality of the enticing shapes which they portray.  Such emotional, dramatic, and exhilarating climaxes the media can employ, until the germane truth lets out its interrupting and subtle eructation. And on occasions, maybe even often, their shadows of terrifying dragons and cute rabbits and bold eagles have a monolithic agenda stamped George Creel underneath. And such is the specious story of the North Carolina 7 (Raleigh Jihad), disingenuously immured for the vague conspiracy to commit terrorism accusation. The allegation is a modern martinet of an early 20th century Espionage or Alien and Sedition Act of old. Whether intentional or not, the Western broadcasting giants are NOT divulging the entire story and also omitting pertinent facts, details which would normally succor the average interest to form wise decisions contrary to this secretive and  fusty debacle.


                When I first commenced an investigation of Ziyad Yaghi’s dilemma after his mother’s (Laila Yaghi) plea of assistance, I initially refused to commit effort and time toward aiding her cause. This was ignorance, and my shameful compunction. Why? Facts printed in the farrago of the Western media seine, filled with panegyrics of effective counter-terrorism, decisively fingered at the certain culpability of these seven defendants. However, when Laila presented thousands of pages of macaronic court transcripts, I felt obligated to peruse the voluminous record with much lucubration. And here I and others are, embarked on this extraneous quest. We possibly risk styming our own careers, are occasionally insecure targets of negative public and government reactions, are extremely exhausted after exerting a plethora of tremendous effort and a dearth of resources, have lost close kin and intimate companions, and continuously fear the retribution of sharing the same unfortunate fate as these seven by being labeled a terrorist because something within our hearts, minds, and bodies continue to halt a single fleeing step opposite the base direction of an exigent yet vicious fight to bowdlerize a wrong  for a venerated justice. I have realized that Ziyad Yaghi is me, he is you, he is every single Muslim, and on a grander scale, he is every American and World citizen. If we accept and acquiesce to his tocsin of a conviction -premised on thoughts and associations alone- we may be next, and if not, one of our children or grandchildren.  Our posterity will read the pages of history in disbelief and disgust as to how cowardice and ignorance prevailed over their progenitors. My 25 years of languishing experiences with a discreet yet predominant culture religious zealotry and racism in the South (where the 7 were convicted), my faith and knowledge in history’s beneficial endowments, and my conscience coerces me to clear up and expostulate the initial fatality by the media under the in-vogue War OF Terrorism, the innocent and collateral truth. You may judge the media’s integrity and WOT’s prudence and equal application of the law, along with their foolish zombies, according to your own discretion, but only after I briefly elucidate the marginalized Ziyad Yaghi story.


Laila Yaghi


Laila Yaghi

Evidence Against Boyd

The News Tribune states:

“Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, Hysen Sherifi and Ziyad Yaghi were convicted in 2011 of conspiring to attack the U.S. Marine Base in Quantico, Va., and targets abroad.”


                The ‘chaste’ media is regurgitating the sly and manipulative tactic from the US government, goulashing all evidence (mostly aligned with Boyd) to ‘each’ conspirator, in default of explicitly deciphering what precise evidence buttresses the culpability of which specific individual litigant. Such deceptive maneuvering and horripilation imprints in the public’s mind a false notion. Of course, the prosecution defensively reiterates the legal retort that a conspiracy charge permits all damaging facts against a single appellant, to be callously tenoned in an ostensible invective against all the accused. However, they fail to confess two refutations.


Daniel Boyd

                The conspiracy code avers that if any suspected participant ‘appears’ to have left a supposed plot, then the defendant is insusceptible to its legal statute. The prosecution admitted its caviling during the trial, they could not fulfill the demand by the defense to sustain, irrefutably, that Yaghi and Hassan had ‘communication’ with the ‘ringleader’ and ‘star witness’ – Daniel Boyd – after 2007, before all the appellants’ indictment in the year 2009.  Not only did Boyd testify after transforming into a state’s witness -in a plea bargain for reduced time for him and his two sons- that Yaghi and Hassan had no knowledge of any conspiracy to commit violent jihad, but he made sworn statements indicating Yaghi and Hassan were on bad terms with him after 2007. Bluntly, the state’s star witness Boyd, from the witness’ box, described Kellhofer’s warlock concoction of a welter as ‘pure crap!”


                Secondly, diametric to normal conspirators where a tight-nit conglomerate possess close personal relations and persistent communication, some of the litigants never met. For example, Anes Subaisac never met Hassan or Yaghi, and Yaghi knew Boyd for less than 24 hours. The arrant U.S. District Judge and virago Louise Flanagan tantamountly and capriciously adjudicated that ‘association’ or friendship with Boyd (the one approximately 90 percent of the evidence involved) was sufficient quid pro quo for the US government to formulate an unseen and poorly defined terrorism ideology – from interpretative exaggerations of the defendants’ religious ideas and provocative thoughts- as a quintessential smoking gun to lock them away.


Judge Louis Flanagan (President Bush Nominee)

As one of the presiding jangling judges at the recent appeal conference cloyingly retorted in a burlesque manner to the respectful complaint of conviction solely on association by Hassan’s  attorney, Dan Boyce, “everyone that’s named as a conspirator has to be guilty…you don’t have these agreements written up and notarized.” Boyce responded,

 “There is no doubt that Omar Hassan did not need to know every single co-conspirator, I agree…but I respectfully submit that if you search through the record,  when you comb through it and read all the testimony, it’s [conspiracy and suspected associations of the defendants] just not there.”

 I am confident that if an enumerated list of the evidence was publicly categorized toward ‘each’ individual defendant, the results would be shockingly apparent for even an australopithecines’ version of a Hill Billy. Rednecks or Klansmen are another funambulism.


The following is a further compendium of how else the media cozens the American public. It results from court transcripts, evidence from the appeal trial, and an ‘ongoing’ investigation on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Most importantly, its credos delineate a forlorn

‘common sense’

                What the media’s cordon is connivingly not dispelling is the entire meretricious fabrication by the prosecutor Kellhofer, that all 7 ‘accomplices’ were secretly prepping and ‘training’ to attack the military base in Quantico Virginia,  solely resulted from a criminal informant’s edited tape-recording of a short conversation of equally brusque machismo banters between Daniel Boyd and Hysen Sherifi. Yaghi and others were neither recorded, nor present. But all were charged with this crime.

                Jason Kellhofer and the US government claimed that all 7 defendants were in collusion to venture to Pakistan, in order to be the fulcrum for the Taliban to conquer the US and NATO forces.  Yaghi and Hassan were neither recorded in any confab nor purchased airline tickets to Pakistan or Afghanistan. Neither speak the language of Pakistan also. My only response to this farcical epic story is an incredulous moue.

                Kellhofer limned that all 7 accused were endeavoring to craft a terrorist base from farmland in Kosovo because of an ambiguous 2 minute telephone conversation-a demonstration of the acumen of the prosecution’s Arabic language erudites is epitomized with the Islamic and Arabic word ‘Baraka’ (blessing) listed solely as ‘Arabic word’ in the translated transcripts- between Daniel Boyd and Hysen Sherifi. It is a vague recording that one can noticeably recognize the sole hortatory speaker leading such ‘indirect’ dialogue toward the ambiguous design of violent jihad (if in fact that ‘idea’ was actually fighting violently), was Daniel Boyd. Sherifi seemed reticent and barely responded, as if vacillating in confusion from the gusto of Boyd’s cajoling Sherifi to agree that Muslim’s are under attack, and have a right to defend themselves. As the defense for Sherifi, Mr. Fisher, strongly stated in the appeals court, “there was never that concrete evolution of these maybe plans into a concrete form of action and I would submit to the court that it takes ‘that’ level of concreteness before you have political or religious ramblings turning into a criminal conspiracy for any of these gentlemen.” Again, there is no evidence implicating Yaghi and Hassan to this charge.

                Kellhofer alleged that all 7 defendants were determined to slaughter Jews in Israel. A place that Kellhofer cited counter-terrorism charlatan Evan Kolhman during the appeal’s hearing as the number one target for terrorists. The ensuing narrative entails the only evidence, the sole ‘overt’ act -as defense attorney Dan Boyce described in the appeal’s discussion- accumulated against Yaghi and Hassan, a trip to Jordan and Israel. It is an example of the complex labyrinth within the US prosecutor’s dementia. The ‘eclectic’ calumny begins with the germane fact that Boyd purchased airline tickets to Jordan with his credit card for Yaghi and Hassan, since the former and latter youth had none. The logic behind the ‘brilliant’ prosecution is if Boyd is a ‘terrorist’, so should be anyone that he procures ‘any’ alarming miscellaneous material for on his credit card. Especially airline tickets for religious pilgrimage. As one reigning judge at the appeals conference commented, “if he bought a ticket for him, something is going on.” Honestly, my many peers have transferred money and purchased airline tickets on my behalf -with credit cards- when money was scarce, but I could never fathom that such rigmarole as Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism (CCT) could possibly materialize though. I naively entrusted faith in the pragmatic ‘good sense’ of the US government to not grossly exaggerate and fabricate the ‘intentions’ of ordinary humans from meager desultory decisions and chance coterminous phenomena in order to evince a ridiculous panjandrum fiction.  Humans make mistakes and perform stupid actions. The preceding axiom, coagulated with coincidence; occasionally makes it almost impossible for the outside eye to ascertain what one’s motives or intentions are, yet it doesn’t translate into terrorism. In addition, the prosecution also deemed it an undeniable CCT that Boyd and his two sons also journeyed to meet with Yaghi and Hassan in Jordan, and the aforementioned attempted to visit Jerusalem collectively. And so do many others who view Jerusalem as the capital of monotheism.


Evan Kohlmann

Israeli Border

                In continuation, the above trekkers were later rejected from entering Israel. The prosecution’s cacophonous crescendo proscribed with insinuation that Yaghi and Hassan’s denial of entry into Jerusalem, highlighted their insincere motives of an innocuous pious pilgrimage, according to the discreet ‘omnipotence’ of the ‘unprejudiced’ Israeli authorities. This seriously lacks realistic understanding of past and current immigration tutelary at the peccant apartheid border.  The Arab-American Institute (AAI) has published a large collection of stories from American citizens who were harassed, detained, or/and deported without cause when trying to enter Israel. It happens regularly. The internecine paranoia between the War OF Terrorism and Israel are succinct, yet they are opaque.  According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, a letter to Israel by 13 US congressmen complained that Israel continually restricts the access of Americans to the holy sites because of unsubstantiated terrorism concerns. The denunciatory letter questions the justification of the inspection of phones and laptops of American citizens. The letter to Israeli authorities also concludes, “we ask that you work with us to ensure that all American citizens are treated equally at Israeli ports of entry.”


                Such reports of indiscriminate abuse by Israeli border guards are habitually despotic. One of the popularized accounts is of Nour Joudah, a teacher at a US funded school who has been rejected twice. I also have had three humanitarian colleagues rebuffed at the Israeli border. One from California, who after temporarily departing Israel, could not return to attain her personal possessions that she left behind in Bethlehem. Another was a US citizen from Eugene, Oregon who was detained, stultified, and interrogated for several hours. After tearfully begging for salvation from Israel’s traducement via telephone to the US Embassy and her pastor in the US, she was freed and consequently banned. Finally, another who is an employee of the US Department of Defense was interrogated in hostile fashion, threatened in order to coerce and devolve him to be an informant, and consequently banned from entering Israel (*Affidavit of this person here at this link* https://www.facebook.com/notes/siraj-davis/israeli-border-policies/10152280688595987).  https://www.facebook.com/notes/siraj-davis/israeli-border-policies/10152280688595987 This insane and eccentric salmagundi of tales are common amongst travelers to a totalitarian Israel. It doesn’t denote a terrorist plot, just Israeli paranoia, amongst others’.  Denial into apartheid Israel to visit the world’s holiest sites is not conspicuous, what ‘is’ suspicious, is if the US government ‘honestly’ suspected that Yaghi, Hassan, and the Boyd’s attempted violent jihad in Israel around 2006, then why were the accused not arrested immediately after their return to America the same year, and only arrested by a vigilant FBI in 2009?







Nour Judah

Masjid Shishanee in Zarqa Jordan

                Also, the Reign of Terror judiciary alleged that a single e-mail between Yaghi and Boyd mentioning the ‘best brothers’ of Islam were situated at (Shishanee) Chechyan mosque in Zarqa, Jordan, was a codicia of a conspiracy to engage in terrorism. As US prosecutor Jason Kellhofer said during the appeal’s trial that there is:

“much much more than words as the, ugh, as the appellants would seem to imply. You have purchase of travel, you have, ugh, ‘actual’ travel, you have seeking out of specific locations as you recall, while, ugh, Ziyad Yaghi during 2006 was over in Jordan, he was e-mailing Daniel Boyd saying ‘is this the masjid [masjid Shishan (Chechyan) in Zarqa Jordan]? The one where we were talking about? Because he was talking about a conversation they previously had and Daniel Boyd testified that this was in reference to the ‘best brothers.’ And his understanding of what the ‘best brothers’ meant was those that are  like-minded, those that are of the opinion of this ideology, this ideology that that requires violent acts up to and including killing individuals overseas.”

                The preceding is exceeding rational comprehension. I and many Muslims, utilize the phrase ‘best brothers’, to mean devout Muslims able to provide deeply detailed answers to queries about Islam or whose character is of outstanding humility and altruistic sacrifice for their fellow humans. ‘Best brothers’ does not have the exclusive designation of terrorists. In addition to consternation  at such claim, I also have prayed at the above mosque numerous times, reconnoitered the pleasant area surrounding the mosque -enjoying hot tea with friendly employees of a miniature coffee shop 50 feet away and comfortably sitting for hours with a long time residential shop owner directly within 10 footsteps across the street, while residents and I were intermittently and slowly shaking our heads,  in disbelief about this whole ridiculous fantasy- and my team of investigators have intermittently observed the mosque. The US government has alluded that the Shishanee (Chechyan) mosque is a terrorist recruitment center, and that is hilarious!  Native Jordanians ‘and’ foreign expats have literally laughed in utter shock and disbelief.  The ordinary people in the neighborhood of Shishanee Mosque is a variegated population of tolerant fundamental and non-fundamental Muslims. I witnessed-without extraneous dint- many females with and without hijabs, only two people with long beards and dishdashas,  men joking and gawking over female passer-bys, loud rap music in stationary cars, etc.


                I’m also reluctant, at the least, to accept the prosecution’s allegation because of a geographical impetus. The mosque is within 10 feet across the street from a Jordanian government building, a police station is located at the other end of the street, immediately behind the mosque is a public school, and it is 5 blocks away from a Jordanian intelligence office. The incontrovertible facts I’ve purveyed with my eyes refutes the prosecution’s farce and our persistent surveillance of the Mosque has entreated a negative inference of anything remotely described as the truculence of a terrorist culture or a ‘hidden’ zombie ideology of terrorism that the incredulous prosecution dubiously besots exists. I am willing to sincerely capitulate my error in the above analysis if the US government and Jason Kellhofer would only be willing to distribute to me and my team, the PKE meter from the Ghostbusters movie that they are applying to find these lucifugous terrorists at the Chechyan Mosque in Zarqa, Jordan.

Below is video of Masjid Shishan in Zara, Jordan:





PKE meter

Ice Cube’s “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It”


                The confident prosecution also averred that gangsta rap lyrics by Ziyad Yaghi which mentioned smoking Jews like a ciggie, snapshot from his private Facebook account (in collaboration with My Pet Jawa), was ample enough animosity toward Jews to presume that Yaghi’s pilgrimage to Jerusalem was for terrorism. This is both outlandish and discriminatory. Ridiculous because posts on the social platform of Facebook and rap lyrics are expressions of thought by recusants and iconoclasts at worse, not actual ‘overt’ acts as a conspiracy charge requires. Discriminatory, because I have witnessed a much worse-qualitative and quantitative- on the internet. As head of the Investigative Project on Islamophobia, we have accrued over 500 screenshots of internet users threatening violence against Muslims.  And in contrast to the false deliberation that such hazardous Islamophobes are the uneducated and less affluent of Western society, the following is a record of refutation for the preceding assumption via tracked accounts of offenders:



A network administrator for Fulton County, Georgia State Government and a volunteer PFC at the Georgia Department of Defense

A cognitive behavioral psychiatrist at Netanyahu Academic College

An operations manager at British Airlines

A network security technician for International Security Management Group

A Master Gunny in the US Army in Kentucky

A GIS Mapping Specialist/Field Engineering technician at Florence & Hutcheson

Many airlines pilots

Numerous IDF employees

A defense contractor for Israel

A math teacher at an American High School

An executive at a loan corporation

A Facebook employee

A defense analyst for the US government

A Boy Scouts leader

A plethora of military soldiers (some deployed)

A US government media producer

A former GOP senatorial candidate

And more…

                The use of rap lyrics from Ziyad Yaghi’s account is also discriminatory because, there have been other ‘white’ Americans who have done worse, but administered less reprimand as Yaghi. The following is a list:

Facebook Threat


                An 18 year old with a long criminal record, Cameron D’Ambrosio, was arrested for his rap lyrics,

“[Expletive] politics, [Expletive] Obama and [Expletive]the government!!…All you haters keep my [Expletive]name outcha mouths, got it? What the [Expletive]I gotta do to get some props and shit huh? Ya’ll wanme to [Expletive] kill somebody? What the [Expletive] do these [Expletive] demons want from me? [Expletive] bastards I ain’t no longer a person, I’m not in reality. So when u see me [Expletive] go insane and make the news, the paper, and the [Expletive] federal house of horror known as the white house, Don’t [Expletive]cry or be worried because all YOU people [Expletive] caused this shit. [Expletive] a boston bominb wait till u see the [Expletive] I do, I’ma be famous rapping, and beat every murder charge that comes across me!”

The response on behest of the Center for Rights and Fight for the Future by Evan Greer to Cameron’s arrest,

“It’s untenable and unconstitutional that, amidst such broad criticism from civil liberties groups and legal experts for this blatant attack on the First Amendment, the prosecution has come to court unprepared to show probable cause for this young man’s incarceration…this is a travesty of free speech, and a travesty of the First Amendment,”

The grand jury subsequently refused to indict Cameron.




                Justin Carter, with a prior restraining order for threatening to commit suicide after threatening to murder his girlfriend, typed on Facebook, ” I think I’ma [sic] shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down.” When insulted in retort by an internet peer, he posted the riposte in caps, “AND EAT THE BEATING HEART OF ONE OF THEM.” After arrested, Carter responded in shock, “I guess what you post on Facebook matters.”  After the prosecution offered to reduce his 10 year sentence to probation for a guilty plea, his defense refused stating,

“he didn’t do anything wrong…That’s what dictatorships all around the world used to do. They’d say, ‘If you confess to your crimes against the state, we will let you go.’

Carter is free and awaiting trial for a sentence of twenty years less than Yaghi received, 10 years. I predict at worst, he will do a quarter of that, but I’m honestly expecting him to be found not guilty though.







                In April of 2012, rockstar and racist NRA (National Rifle Association) spokesman, Ted Nugent, countered to the liklihood of Obama winning the presidential elections- at an NRA convention on television- that Americans, especially armed NRA citizens, should  “ride into that battlefield and chop their [Democrats] heads off in November.” In front of other television and radio broadcasts, he averred to a vaster and more armed audience than any Yaghi or Hassan had addressed, “we’ve got four Supreme Court justices who don’t believe in the Constitution,” describing Chief Justice Roberts as a “traitor” and “turncoat” and declaring that” …the current administration should be hung and tried and shot.” His ‘venerable accolades’ also include inveighing Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm with “kiss my {EXPELETIVE].”

Nugent has only been investigated by the Secret Service as reprimand for abusing his freedom of expression.

Brandon Raub

Brandon Raub

brandon raub military

Brandon Raub

                Former Iraq War veteran Brandon Raub of Virginia, publicly posted comments much worse than Ziyad. I was intimately involved in helping to secure his release from his detainment.  In August of 2012, Raub, with a shot gun in his hands as a Facebook profile picture, declared on Facebook he was going to ‘sever heads’ (sound familiar? Hint: Nugent’s declaration of ‘chopping heads’ in April, prior to this), and that unidentified people were arriving at his residence the next morning, to commence a violent revolution. Nevertheless, during the course of attempting to liberate Brandon from detainment,  his family and John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute fired back at the US government that the latter had violated the US constitution by spying on Raub’s private Facebook account. The government did something I witnessed with piqued and jubilant interest; they vehemently denied this claim and trembled a bit. Raub’s family and Whitehead’s allegation, along with a massive public outcry, eventually led to Raub’s release. However,  there was a tiny mistake in their comments, Raub’s account was public not private, I checked. Despite this fact, Raub was released and Ziyad Yaghi-whose account is actually private- remains incarcerated with a sentence of 30 years.



                There are other Islamophobic celebrities such as writer and Fox News special guest commentator Ann Coulter, who stated America does not have a gun problem, but a black and Muslim enigma. Adding similarly as Islamophobic prosecutor Jason Kellhofer’s tacit notions, firearm violence and terrorism are perpetuated by video games, rap music, race, and Islam. She has also publicly announced that all terrorists ‘look alike’, foreign and Muslim, while Kellhofer has tacitly insinuated that they ‘sound and speak alike’ – the latter via callously amalgamating and deceitfully confusing the religious rhetoric of Western and foreign Muslims (eg. meaning of jihad) – as if ‘all’ are a part of some evil monolithic Islam. Yet her most ‘gracious’ and ‘tolerant’ public suggestion and advice was the West-especially Americans-should aggressively invade all Muslim countries, murder their Islamic and secular leaders, and forcibly convert them to Christianity. In regards to the spouse of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlane Tsnarnaev, Coulter obstinately demanded that regardless if his wife was cognizant about a plot to bomb Boston or not, Tsnarnaez’s wife should be immediately incarcerated for wearing a hijab. If one were to unbiasedly examine Yaghi’s rap lyrics, with the above overwhelming affronts, juxtaposed against the daily terrorism that we American and foreign Muslims endure on YouTube, Facebook, television, and other social media… need I conclude? Although Kellhofer was quoted in the court transcripts for recommending a sentence of 30 years for Yaghi because “he won’t change his religion”, even charlatans end up being engulfed in a den of lions in the end. History is at present moiling, beginning to absolve Yaghi and others.

                The strepitous prosecution’s persistent wrangling in prosecuting Yaghi-using the anemic premise of Yaghi’s rap lyrics- is an equivalent trenchant struggle that Hip Hop music has survived in the past. Public Enemy was censored by MTV for the phrase “Free Mumia”. Two Live Crew sued nefarious police detective Nick Navarro for pursuing the prosecution of the rap group for its lyrics in the album As Nasty as They Want to Be. The group’s album was also banned by a US district judge in 1990, only to finally be vindicated in 1992 when the Supreme Court overturned the former’s decision. When NWA came out with the song “[EXPLETIVE] the Police” FBI Assistant Director Milt Ahlerich publicly condemned it. Former Vice President Dan Quayle publicly condemned Ice T’s song “Cop Killer” and the company Time Warner and also demanded that 2 Pac Shakur’s album 2pacolypse Now be pulled from the shelves. Corey Miller with the stage name of ‘C-Murder’ profusely proclaims until this day that he is innocent of prior murder charges and was persecuted by law enforcement solely on the premise of his stage name.


Nick Navarro


Nick Navarro

2 Live Crew - Banned In The USA


Dan Quayle




                Such castigations -with its aim to govern free expression and silence thought-  has not only wracked the Hip Hop industry, but previously slashed its tentacles into the Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Elvis Presley. And now this tocsin and nevus on American honor has applied a manipulative and frowzy ploy to unjustly label Muslim opinions of dissent against American War Of Terrorism foreign policies-via amplifying ‘thoughts’ as conspiracy augmented by unproven and mannered ‘associations’- as violent terrorism. In addition to Yaghi’s rap lyrics, FBI agent Paul Minella orotundously testified that videos and articles Hassan and Yaghi shared or liked -which criticized the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US foreign policy in Palestine, and former President George Bush- had at its aim a retaliatory ‘conspiracy’ to intimidate the US government. I say this is disgustingly farcical and incredulous! What we have now is another antiquated Cold War campaign to silence freedom of expression and thought which has budged its seditious bull’s-eye to the Muslim American community. The virulent Islamophobic bigots are gleefully celebrating while the typical Westerner is content with apathy at such grave constitutional infringements and its discriminatory application, because the innocent and helpless victims -like those in Afghanistan and Iraq and Palestine- are Muslims. American and foreign Muslims are the same in their eyes. As the presiding magistrate over Yaghi and Hassan’s case ,  Louis Flanagan, repined in regards to Yaghi’s rap lyrics and shared or liked content on Facebook  by both Yaghi and Hasan,”you willingly became part of the Internet Propaganda machine that is a canker in the world. You were prey, and a component, of something that was incredibly harmful and destructive.” I say to Russell Simmons and Time Warner on behest of the previous immature and hyperbolic vagary and outlandish obloquy, that “smoke a Jew like a ciggie,” among other lyrics, is the most powerful expression in the history of rap, rock-and-roll, and other genres of music. It can land you thirty years! Unless you’re a white Anglo-Saxon protestant of course.

Russell Simmons 730

Russell Simmons

                Nevertheless, it’s ‘comprehensible’ why Yaghi’s lyrical rap expressions are under the War OF Terrorism’s scope, the Muslim today has become the manifestation of the bigot’s worst fears previously solely attached toward African Americans. As film journalist, critic, and screenwriter, Roger Elbert opined of such intolerance,


Roger Elbert

“Rap has a bad reputation in white circles, where many people believe it consists of obscene and violent anti-white and anti-female guttural. Some of it does. Most does not. Most white listeners don’t care; they hear black voices in a litany of discontent, and tune out. Yet rap plays the same role today as Bob Dylan did in 1960, giving voice to the hopes and angers of a generation, and a lot of rap is powerful writing.”

                In summation -according to Jason Kellhofer, Louis Flanagan, and the US government’s entertaining novel account- all 7 men were stridently planning to achieve more than what acting superstar Sylvester Stallone could fictionally accomplish in the valiant films the Expendables and Rambo. Worse, in a twisted version of the Minority Report starring Tom Cruise, Yaghi and Hassan’s  ‘associations’ and ‘thoughts’ -coagulated with the ‘overt’ act of a peregrination to Jordan and Israel- were sufficient proof enough to confidently aver that they were determined to commit violent jihad without a specific time, location, method, or target. And this rubic cube conclusion came despite the absence of Yaghi and Hassan on 750 hours of recordings by formerly convicted informants. ‘And’ despite a confirmation of the innocent motive of Yaghi for traveling to Jordan to get engaged- by a personal interview with the potential bride- which the court refused to be submitted as evidence.



The News Tribune stated:

“Two FBI informants testified that the defendants were part of an eight-man group that raised money, stockpiled weapons, took trips overseas and trained for jihadist attacks against perceived enemies of Islam.”


Shady Criminal Informants and the 2nd Amendment

                What the media is also not divulging is that all of the ‘weapons’ were encountered at Daniel Boyd’s house. They were also registered to Boyd. The ‘raising of money’ was a private transfer of a meager amount-approximately $500 is an absurd amount to fund an insurgency- between Sherifi (in Kosovo) and Boyd (in America).  Also, the ‘training’ involved discharging firearms -in a constitutionally protected right- in the forests by Sherifi and Daniel Boyd. Yaghi and Hassan were not significantly implicated in the above. However, as in the UK case of Muhammad Hamid, the prosecution included Yaghi’s innocuous paintball competition and Hassan’s possession of a 22 caliber pea-shooter rifle -which the latter concealed in a private compartment in his car and showed to Boyd on one occasion- augmented the guilt of both callow defendants as training for violent jihad abroad. I can’t comment on others’ thoughts, but I wouldn’t take a 22 pea-shooter rifle to any battlefront. Kellhofer-during the appeals conference- reasserted that because Hassan asked Boyd ‘privately’ to come to his car and view the weapon, it was evidence of training, and an act toward conspiracy to commit violent jihad abroad. As Yaghi’s attorney politely reiterated that this was insufficient evidence to prove a conspiracy at the appeals conference, Judge Robert King replied with emetic caducity, “why would they hide that thang [Hassan’s 22 rifle]  they found in that spot [private compartment in Hassan’s vehicle]?”






Yasmin Cass, daughter of Mohammed Hamid

                Commenting further upon the Constitution’s 2nd amendment right of possessing and discharging firearms, I have a paltry amount of collegiate friends yet with an aggregate number of various automatic firearm wielding photos on Facebook. One cohort, accompanied by other gun toting acquaintances, has a picture snapped 5 years ago of him releasing rounds from an AK 47 in the forests, while another picture displays him sporting a contumacious shirt with an emblem of a recognized US State Department Latin American terrorist group. Such young phatic bravado doesn’t mean he and his friends are violent or  pertinacious terrorists. On the contrary, he is now an esteemed teacher in East Asia. There are other examples too. The exigent unanswered probe is how many others have played paintball and discharged firearms in forests, without being charged with terrorism? And why? The results of my investigation from the preceding query is that Hassan and Yaghi’s convictions are simply discriminatory injustice.

US CONSTITUTION iStock_000007427085XSmall-300x214






                The media and prosecution also relentlessly elude to the identities and moral character of the government’s informants. Not me! They were comprised of a former multiple felon of armed robbery Alvin Harris and a visa overstay Abdullah Eddarkoui whom were promised immunity from past legal violations, $200,000 in cash, and the latter a green card. Why weren’t ‘any’ of the prosecution’s witnesses of astute or half-way decent character and morality? Couldn’t the prosecution find any!? Even the prosecution’s star witness – Daniel Boyd- had a past history of robbing banks in Pakistan. Regardless, none of the informants attested that Yaghi and Hassan intended to perform violent jihad.

An Evil Unseen Ideology Made Me Do It

                Finally, the foppish prosecution and media excluded the primary feeble premise employed by Kellhofer to establish the litigants possessed an agreement for conspiracy. The prosecution embellished the appellants shared the same seed of  ‘terrorist ideology’ -as the prosecution described it- because Boyd testified that he believed-admitting an absence of certainty- that some of the defendants comprehended that he meant violent jihad when he vocally ‘inculcated’ others with such loose phrases as ‘find a way’ or ‘order ice cream’ or ‘marriage’ or ‘best brothers’, and other cockamamie . It was Boyd’s testimony, after turning state’s witness that the prosecution heralded around as the leit motif against a few immigrants -a couple incapable of functionally communicating in the English language- to assert that the accused wanted to commit violent jihad. I say that just because a participant in a casual conversation is recorded complaining about his  ‘blue’ shirt and another mentioning his sister is ’17’ years old, it doesn’t translate into an audible for a pass from a certain formation to a rushing pattern of receivers in American football. Neither does the prosecution’s cherry-picked dummy calls of imaginative and neo-logistic jargon for terrorism.

                Kellhofer and the US government’s estranged-from-reality logic runs further than this though. Kellhofer outlandishly and explicitly besmirched that all 7 defendants were die-hard followers of Islamic Sharia law. To an astounded, frightful, and ignorant jury; Kellhofer’s trumpery claim was that these followers of Islamic Sharia law were anti-Western, anti-secular government, and -the most ludicrous proposition by Kellhofer- obliged by Islamic Sharia law to not only viciously fight against Western governments, but to cold-heartedly murder or maim ‘any’ Westerner. This is ‘not’ Kellhofer’s meretricious characterization though, but informant Melvin Week’s definition of Sherifi’s ideology during trial questioning by Ms. Kocher, as Weeks concluded his explanation -which Kellhofer ‘exactly’ echoed in the preceding sentence- stating, “and this ideology and the people who follow it are known for that. This is what — they’ve been known for this since 700 A.D.” This ideology’s depiction was also Evan Kohlmann’s when he preposterously claimed that Salafi Jihadis are a sect of Islam during the court. Salafism is a sect of Islam, not Salafi Jihadis. It was also Boyd’s classification when he alleged Anes Subaisac was infected with this contagious ‘ideology’ because the latter opposed voting.





                At the appeals conference, Kellhofer stated to the judges that when Yaghi praised a man -by liking his post on Facebook- who said he would cut his own flesh out instead of giving up any piece of Palestine, it was evidence of this ideology that is inherently opposed to “any government” and an example of Yaghi’s idea of “Muslims uniting against the kufar, again a government.” Kellhofer’s rational is not wanting, it’s grossly noisome and outrageous. Many believers of Islamic Sharia across the world do not engage in violent jihad against the West, or kill a Westerner. Yet, the tenets of Sharia law were exactly what the prosecution highlighted as proof of the presence of this suspicious alien ‘ideology’ within the 7 defendants. As Kellhofer stated about this ideology at the appeals court,

“they believed that any non-Muslim is known as a Kufar, somewhat a derogatory term used by them. That the kufars are a hindrance to the further growth of Islam. That Muslims therefore should not be ruled by Kufar, that Muslims should be ruled by Sharia law. That any non-Muslim government is therefore a kufar government, and one that is in effect precluding and stopping Sharia law from happening. Therefore, under their cultish belief, you are ‘obligated’ as a Muslim, to take an offensive attack so that you’re later not put in a position of being defensive. So if you are a non-Muslim, and you are in a Muslim land, that’s a problem.”

It is unclear if Kellhofer is conscious that Yaghi and Hassan were peacefully residing for twenty years in the non-Muslim land of America without committing violent jihad, radicalized Muslims don’t write rap lyrics mentioning marijuana or smoke it like Hassan, and that Yaghi is Palestinian which would completely explain his aggressive incongruities toward US foreign policy in regards to Palestine instead of his blind devotion or oblation to radical Islam or Sharia Law. I also found it unconscionable that Kellhofer – during the appeals meeting- championed his injustice as the equivalent reasoning of indicting bank robbers agreeing to target a bank, without mention of what specific bank. I believe that the true plundering was the US tax dollars in Kellhofer’s defalcation in fatuous pursuit of this Don Quixote Crusade.


Don Quixote chasing windmills



According to the News Observer, it quoted Judge Robert King,

“Of course, their argument ignores that the jury found – as it was required to do in order to convict – that the appellants had, in fact, agreed to take action in furtherance of violent jihad,” appeals court Judge Robert King wrote in the unanimous opinion.”Their convictions rest not only on their agreement to join one another in a common terrorist scheme, but also on a series of calculated overt acts in furtherance of that scheme,” King wrote.

                The media omits that the jury of the litigants’ peers had not one Arab or Muslim, one ‘attentive’ juror was caught napping, and the majority were elderly southern remnants of the ‘calm’ Cold War and ‘fair’ segregation. Likewise, the trial of the 7 defendants were under a modern McCarthyist-Red Scare witch hunt vis-a-vis the War OF Terrorism and the trial was also held on the week of the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks -which defense attorney Dan Boyce complained about at the appeals conference- wherein the American public, including the jurors, were re-indoctrinated with massive propaganda of the War Of Terrorism. Contrary to Judge Robert King’s assertion that “the appellants had, in fact, agreed to take action in furtherance of violent jihad” in what he describes as a “series of calculated overt acts in furtherance of that scheme,” there was no explicit agreement nor overt acts. I personally and publicly impugn  the honorable Robert King and the media’s credibility and honor, sincerely, to refute my challenge publicly via replacing media censorship with pertinent facts from the case in regards to Yaghi and Hassan. One insouciant appeals judge chimed in,

 “after a certain point, don’t these pieces of evidence begin to add up to a point where the jury can draw a perfectly reasonable inference that we allow them to do all the time?…shouldn’t we at the end of the day, give some, ummm, credit to the conclusions that they came up with? I mean sometimes we have trials that maybe last half a day or a day, but this one went on for a whole month.”

I retort that declaring generalizing weak platitudes with fallacious assumptions as a jury’s unanimous decision is 100 percent immutably correct, was insufficient as a heuristic for justice with the boys of Scottsboro or in the trial of the Haymarket Riots, as it is now.




Haymarket Charged

Political Prisoners

                The suffering condemned political prisoners of North Carolina -under the neogolistic appellation ‘terrorist’- are no more guilty than what the Voice of Russia estimates at 90 percent, and the Atlantic to assert generally as the majority of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to be, innocent. Like Obama’s promise of closing Guantanamo in 2008 which resulted in indefinite delay, Yaghi and Hassan are patsies for the heartless machinery of politics for the War OF Terrorism, wherein reversal of past verdicts-which epitomized the vigilance of the US government’s zero sum war against terrorism-would quiet possibly lead to the public questioning the extra-judicial tactics and Cheyney’s 1 percent prudence of the War OF terrorism, and thus inevitably bring its fragile legitimacy to the proscenium. As retired Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson conceded that the release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners -even after unanimous knowledge of their innocence was revealed- became politically impossible, and later accepted as collateral damage to the Bush administration. As with Murat Kurnaz, a Turkish citizen who was released from Guantanamo Bay 5 years after his innocence was proven; such blameless victims as Yaghi and other defendants of the vague conspiracy to commit terrorism hocus pocus are gradually fulminating to the public ennui as innocent scapegoats -as a result of the legacy of such great muckrakers and pursuers of justice as Thomas Nast and  Dr. King Jr –  from astute and courageous amateur bloggers and dedicated refulgent grassroots activists. No thanks to the media.




Colonel Lawrence Wilkinson


Murat Kurnaz

cheney twn




The News Observer stated that:

The evidence, though largely circumstantial, was nevertheless substantial,” the court said. “That evidence readily supports the determination that a rational finder of fact could (and in fact did) deem the evidence adequate to support each conviction beyond a reasonable doubt.”


Islamophobia and a Modern Witch Hunt

                A ‘substantial’ amount of ‘circumstantial’ evidence does not equate into rationale. That’s extremely presumptuous and bluntly asinine. It assumes enervating a person with verbose and insignificant baloney presumes truth. An hour of viewing Fox news refutes such absurd assumption. Furthermore, I capitulate that ‘substantial’ is the most accurate adjective above.  The unwonted court’s transcripts of anecdotal evidence in relation to a ‘possible’ conspiracy artifice ranged in the unbelievable estimate of a whopping thousands of pages. The Peloponnesian War written by Thucydides, a real war of authentic facts and more credible testimonies, reached its concise and valuable zenith of 300 pages. Inundating an individual person’s life under a microscope to accumulate a ‘substantial’ amount of ‘circumstantial’ evidence tacitly avers the other immune citizens do not sustain such a lifestyle as those examined like specimens on a cutting table, it’s simply not true. Others have done far worse, yet Muslim Americans are held in higher accountability, and that’s injustice. Muslim Americans are stepping on crackers while charlatans as Jason Kellhofer screams at each crackle a stethoscope reveals. Entirely oblivious to the parade of other Americans around him.  This pogrom highlights a paramount example of the distinction between law and justice. Power wields the former, wisdom the latter.

                The blustering US government and Crusading toady Kellhofer callously placed all defendants under a Scanning Transmission Electron Holography microscope, capriciously employed  tiny snippets of edited recordings from casual railleries conflated out of context, and then denied the appellants and jury and public access to that context for canvassing. For example, the prosecution submitted a public workout video of Hassan exercising in a gym-claiming it was terrorist training- but refused to allow the comment by Hassan in the message board below his video with him castigating terrorism. Furthermore, Boyce petitioned the appeals court that the defense was not permitted to cross examine Hassan and Yaghi’s Facebook posts to determine who ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ such links, what comments under these posts entailed, and under what context. As Boyce vehemently protested in the appeals trial about the government denying context, “it cut our abilities to cross examine significantly, and by some of the rulings, it gutted our defense.” The US government also snubbed evidence of Yaghi’s motive for traveling to Jordan by not acknowledging proof of his potential bride. But Hysen Sherifi’s own words accentuate Boyce’s complaint,  “when I sent Mr. McAfee to ask for these recordings, they said we’re not going to give them to you. I had made it clear that I did not want to come back to America… They set me up. They entrapped me to come back to this country, but they did not give those chats. Why?” One could argue such denial of access is the equivalent of forging a spurious narrative, not so distant from such nefarious and corrupt forgery as in the Dreyfus Affair.


Hysen Sherifi



Alfred Dreyfus

                Although the pharisaical Kellhofer dissembled at the appeals conference that he was not convicting the 7 men because of their innate spiritual beliefs on ‘jihad’ but on an extraterrestrial terrorist ideology, the complete kangaroo jeremiad of Kellhofer’s prosecution and the US government’s witnesses and Judge Flanagan-during the past court trial-repeatedly arrogated the vituperative tautology over the sole interpretation of jihad-along with other cardinal religious terms-as restricted to violence. They made little distinction between violent jihad and the higher non-violent forms of jihad. Thousands of pages of court transcripts are inundated with the incubus and behemoth term ‘jihad’ in them. Kellhofer even paid for the subterfuge testimony of Counter Terrorism cretin Evan Kohlmann to hijack Islam and augment such fabricated hyperboles.

                Kohlmann’s passionate and honest fight against terrorism -not Islam- includes such amazing accolades as not refusing ‘one’ single offer to testify as an expert witness to enliven carceral  terrorist trials. Sounds more like a mercenary-for-hire or cheap street harlot to me. His video the Al Qaida Plan, was shown at trials of detainees at Guantanamo Bay where the chief prosecutor of the Guantanamo tribunal conceded that Kohlmann’s dilettante video was extremely prejudicial. At one trial, Kohlmann testified on the Bangladeshi Islamist party Jamaat-e-Islami, but under cross examination it was shockingly exposed that he never professionally published anything for peer review on the terrorist coterie, never visited Bangladesh, and confessed he was unaware of the name of the leader for the aforementioned faction. Kohlmann has never experienced any hostile battlefield-Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Palestine, Syria, etc-  to witness firsthand, the terrorist engagements he claims ruminant expertise upon. And Kohlmann also admitted-after testifying on Arabic terms and meanings- he doesn’t know Arabic. This supposed terrorist expert is a modern witch doctor whose last encounter or debate with me on Tweeter validated his abysmal intellect. After publicly challenging the numismatist Kohmann to provide the correct transliterations of the word ‘martyr’ and ‘witness’ in Arabic, he jilted my query and resigned in cricket chirping silence (the court documents indicate the US government, on behalf of Kohlmann’s advice, confused the English transliterations of the Arabic words for martyr and witness, incorrectly defined Fard Al Ayn, claimed ‘marriage’ and other benign common English phrases were encryption for terrorism, and much more).


Evan Kohlmann

Tweeter Argument


Manipulation of Religious and Secular Vernaculars

                All of the above constricted minds of the War OF Terrorism cannot grasp or intentionally disregard the distinction between the following religious and secular vernaculars:

Allah commands all Muslims to perform jihad against the kufar.

Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine have a right to defend themselves if suffering underneath such unjust contraptions of apartheid, ethnic cleansings, and invasions enacted or funded by what they perceive as a foreign aggressor.

The pith of the former and latter is very simple to a rational finder of truth and justice, one-without being a Deist and solely possessing average ‘common sense’ rationale-who could deem that humans have a ‘natural’ right to defend themselves in various ways that meet their certain circumstances and situation, ‘if attacked first’. Just as Islamophobes-with shameless agog and a  leer-hijack  the term ‘kufar’ (disbeliever) from the Quran’s verses under the context of defensive war  to dissemble the violent offensive and intolerant nature of Islam- the Kapellmeister Jason Kellhofer and Evan Kohlmann and those barefacedly associated with the prosecution of the seven defendants-have also hijacked Islamic terms out of context-assuming foreign and Western Muslims the same- in their repulsive thespian shenanigan against the innocent seven. They wrongly assume that fundamental Islamic vernacular is an immediate red flag for terrorism, effacing the fact that there are millions of innocuous Islamic fundamentalists as Dr. Zakir Naik and Yusuf Estes, who openly condemn violence and intolerance.


John Locke


Thomas Paine


                In the following video interview, is one Othman Buraik, among many fundamental Muslims, whose discountenance and animus may provoke immature rage or over-reactive accusations of ‘terrorist’. He is not a terrorist, he just doesn’t like a besieging American foreign policy and is extremely proud of his religion. The thoughts he espouses in the video are ‘the same’ as the farcical harrowing  composition of what Kellhofer and the US government concocted to describe as an alien ideology in the 7 wrongfully convicted of North Carolina. The world community should humbly beg the obtruding and omnipotent US government if such din of ‘free’ thoughts may be allowed or is such ‘natural’ right the sole possession of the United States government and its templar crusaders as Jason Kellhofer? And when shall those inalienable rights be summarily transferred back with a blessed recrudescence  to our creator and us? Hundreds would testify that brother Othman, is one of the kindest and harmless humans one may meet. He is a responsible father, a community oriented Samaritan, would give his only shirt from his back to anyone, has never harmed an insect, and he isn’t a mujahedeen. Shockingly, not everyone who hates America is a terrorist. And not everyone who believes in Islamic Sharia law is either.


                An outspoken rhapsodizing fundamental Muslim who maintains the belief in Muslims’ ‘natural’ right to preserve themselves against aggression and criticizes US foreign policy -especially in regards to the horripilation at decades of horrendous injustice in Palestine- is not terrorism. It correlates to ‘common sense’ and a love for truth, justice, and peace with God and humanity above nationalism. As the sagacious Thomas Paine stated, “the World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” Although taboo and occasionally potentially dangerous under circumstance to aver, the unstated truth is that the US’ demented persistent support of a palatial apartheid Israel- which includes reprehensible ethnic cleansing, vulpine discrimination in immigration and migration policies, atrocious harassment via discretionary application of laws designed for a discriminatory detrimental effect, murder of non-combatants with more precision-accurate technological weaponry than the dearth of innocuous Arab hillbilly insurgents these deadly instruments are employed against, media silence to marginalize and secrete such policies’ effect, collective punishment on women and children alike in a gossamerly recognizable and dappled historical pattern of Western COIN tactics employed from Latin America to Africa to Asia and so on, perverse wrongful imprisonment on prima facie corpuscles not held equally toward others, discreet torture, and ‘worse’ against innocent indigenous Palestinians for the languishing length of over 5 US fascist Gestapo-like decades-caused the attacks of 9-11, lost the HUMINT reconnaissance on the ground in the Middle East which technology could and cannot compensate, created the formerly unheard of extremists we are battling now,  dramatically affected the lack of US success in Middle Eastern theaters of conflict, poisoned the minds of a paltry number of our nation into an  intractable xenophobia Islamophobia, wreaked havoc on our fragile economy as the returns from Middle Eastern investments in war are currently volatile at best,  have upheld our progenitor’s America to the eyes of the world community as a blundering hypocrite and maniacal tyranny questionably bridging on surpassing the demarcation of the evil despotism of WWII Japan and Germany, and also possibly have given an interpolated glimpse in Palestine as to what occurred to the native indigenous of America. This is what a war on an ideology-invoked by senile curmudgeons in seats of power- does best!




Charles MacKay

“Every age has its peculiar folly; some scheme, project, or fantasy into which it plunges, spurred on either by the love of gain, the necessity of excitement, or the mere force of imitation. Failing in these, it has some madness, to which it is goaded by political or religious causes, or both combined. Every one of these causes influenced the Crusades, and conspired to render them the most extraordinary instance upon record of the extent to which popular enthusiasm can be carried. History in her solemn page informs us, that the Crusaders were but ignorant and savage men, that their motives were those of bigotry unmitigated, and that their pathway was one of blood and tears…”Europe expended millions of her treasures, and the blood of two millions of her children; and a handful of quarrelsome knights retained possession of Palestine for about one hundred years!”

It’s Okay to Oppress Muslims

                Throughout my unbelievable career as a human rights activist, I have aided many non-Muslims. I’ve always done so from deep fear and sincere love of God, and as a conscious human. Religious tolerance and multi-culturalism as the sole Muslim in a family of Catholics breeds such principle. I believe that one honors one’s own religion, principles, nation, family, and one’s self; by the words and acts of tolerance, sacrifice, compassion, and kindness for others. And in this heuristic, my noble nation and misled government  -along with its partisan human rights activists-has utterly failed miserably. Few desire to help American Muslim victims, people exude such succor! I recollect ascertaining several signatures and approvals for a House Resolution from South Carolinian Congressmen on behest of US Campaign for Burma which led to the consequential release of democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi from imprisonment. Yet when my request for her to publicly condemn the continuous genocide against Rohingya Muslims in Burma were sent, egregious silence was her gratitude. I also recall typing a heartfelt message to Eric Cantor and other congressmen, speaking with Brandon Raub’s mother on the phone, aiding the internet campaign to free Brandon Raub; yet desiccant taciturnity was the response to my humble pleas for succor in Yaghi’s case. I additionally remember when I risked opening discreet communication with my Shia associations on behest of Sarah Shourd and her boyfriend (now husband), until her release. Unlike Robert Levinson. Viewing her Facebook page, not one single magnanimous comment in favor of helping imprisoned innocent Muslims in America such as Yaghi. Instead, a plethora of flustering condemnations upon Muslim countries, especially Iran, a country with a track record of less invasions and collateral damage than the slew of the US in the modern century.


Aung San Suu Kyi


Sarah Shourd

Missing American hiker Sarah Shourd is seen here in this undated photo released by freethehikers.org

Sarah Shourd

                With humility toward remittance, it is granted my efforts and many others were not the single derivative of resolve in the aforementioned tribulations, but where is the reciprocity? It’s called partisan human rights, and it’s disgusting. I have always embraced the dictum my professor of Southern history retorted with when I queried why more emphasis is placed on white racism against blacks than the aegis of the vice versa, “those with more power should be held more accountable,” and again, in this , my venerable yet myopic country and just government has missed its mark. Nevertheless, I hold my head high as an apogee, my unwavering conscience-the only thing I have left in life-  not exchanged for cheap popularity and indoctrinated and incorrigible  exceptionalism. As the first African American abolitionist David Walker elicited in his Appeal to the Coloured citizens of the World -from his mountaintop of freedom for his brethren in bondage- to inauthentic and partisan white activists of his time who traveled abroad to proselytize foreigners with Christianity and Democracy/Republicanism while southern governments criminalized instructing slaves and free blacks to read the Bible, you must do justice at home before God will grant you success in your efforts abroad. So succinctly true and deeply wise.


America’s Legitimacy

                Personally, I question the veracity of the great America my father portrayed to my mother in Japan before we assented and sought refuge via following the clarion of that great land to its shores. A land where-according to my father- his and my conducive progenitors arrived in 1711 and nobly sacrificed in wars from the exact date of its ‘human rights’ revolution 5 decades afterwards, until now.  Sincerely, I query as to whether everything indoctrinated within my innocent tabula rasa mind and open heart as an unsuspecting youth in America were utilitarian lies. Logically, I cannot concur to be a mindless and apathetic citizen of any bellicose nation that is insuperably guilty of such mutinous anathema to its principles as in Palestine, and in this specific statutory and morose case pertaining to an unruly yet innocently innocuous duo of Ziyad Yaghi and Mohammed Omar Hassan Aly. And I confidently and unfalteringly aver that if heartfelt honesty and rational truth is estimable terrorism, then please honor me with that dangerous laureate and kismet. My genuine love for a common creator, inalienable natural rights, and precious humanity exceed complaisant and obsequious duty to a cold abominable machine which produces injustice as in Palestine and the aforementioned horrific case of Yaghi and Hassan. And this includes being conscious where the fruits of my labor and money is spent. As Thoreau once opined,


Henry David Thoreau

Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.… where the State places those who are not with her, but against her,– the only house in a slave State in which a free man can abide with honor.… Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence. A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight. If the alternative is to keep all just men in prison, or give up war and slavery, the State will not hesitate which to choose. If a thousand men were not to pay their tax bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State to commit violence and shed innocent blood. This is, in fact, the definition of a peaceable revolution, if any such is possible.

America’s venerable legitimacy, and its domestic and foreign policies are being measured not solely in Palestine, but in the Yaghi and Hassan case. And it is exigently prudent to allude to some unwavering axioms, negativity breeds the like, positivity the same, and everything in this world is better dealt with wise balance. Where are the American scales of justice in the Yaghi and Hassan case?

                The appeals trial of the North Carolina 7 was a symbolic and despondent ritual only. Its superficial aim was solely to uphold Judge Louis Flanagan and Kellhofer’s Court of Oyer’s verdict. During the entire spiel by Kellhofer, moments of hesitancy from his lost train of thought or momentary confusion-not surprising- were briskly bandaged by the appeal trial judges-as if assuagingly leading Kellhofer back onto a lost path he may have capriciously ventured away from- with their persistent ‘filling in the blanks’ and adding extra evidence to augment his weak supplications. Not once did those ‘honorable’ judges scrutinize Kellhofer with equally caustic vehemence as they did with the defense. The Rockefeller jezebel, Robert King, was the worst clown of the misfit bunch. King, a federal judge who was voted into his sinecure by Senator Jay Rockefeller – grandson of the magnate and lucre prostitute John D. Rockefeller-  performed in a magisterial manner which reiterates the common suspicion that wealthy snobbery and false hubris is a monumental author of ignorance. Rockefeller has recently and publicly pronounced he will not run for election in 2014, fortunate for us all. Both he and King prove evolution has more than one direction.


Judge Robert B. King


Jay Rockefeller

                While the defense of Yaghi, Hassan, and Sherifi broached the contentious premises of the prosecution’s veneer of justice, there were complaints by the reverent defense which echoed the poignant emetic tragedy of the entire case. The prosecution surmised the guilt of Yaghi and Hassan solely because of Facebook screenshots which expressed their innate thoughts. And purported that their unproven and discontinuous prior association with their star witness Daniel Boyd -who testified under oath in court that the former and latter were not privy any conspiracy ‘and’ swore they had no communication after 2007 until their indictment in 2009- justified goulashing the evidence accumulated against Boyd ‘and’ Boyd’s personal ideology of Islam, upon the preceding youth, Yaghi and Hassan. The prosecution additionally exaggeratingly plodded that Yaghi’s paintball trip, Hassan possessing a 22 rifle, and their religious pilgrimage and marital rituals abroad were a culmination of ‘overt’ acts to prove a seditious conspiracy. In totality, they were convicted upon a cornucopia of  associations and thoughts only. And the ‘overt’ acts which the juvenile prosecution touted, were grossly discriminatory when juxtaposed to other Americans’ privileged actions and words and were also grave violations of these young gentlemen’s constitutional rights. Which strikes terror-till this day- into the hearts and minds of many Muslim Americans who cautiously breathe slowly and meticulously tip toe in the land of the free.  As Hassan’s defense attorney -Boyce- complained of the encumbrance, the jury was not instructed of the 1st and 2nd amendment rights of the US constitution, but instead Kellhofer and Judge Flanagan instructed the jury that the 1st amendment could not be a defense. Yaghi’s defense attorney Boyle stated,

“The issue is not whether the evidence of their beliefs is inadmissible. That’s not our claim on this appeal. The issue is that those beliefs can not constitute the basis of an agreement…we respectfully submit an abuse of its discretion not to at least tell the jury that that can’t be the basis of a conviction.”

Boyce again,

“When the judge says the first amendment is not a defense…We’re not saying that actions are not prosecutable, what we’re saying is the mere belief or expression of one’s belief is not prosecutable. And when the judge did not give that instruction, it gutted our case significantly.”

Sherifi’s defense attorney Fisher ,

“Here, because of the hundreds if not thousands of pages of ideology, without any framework, I would contend , respectfully disagree with Mr. Kellhofer, that there was no plan to be the object of a conspiracy.”


US Supreme Court

                As a few good humans step with their right foot into the US Supreme Court’s halls in the near future, all of us will endure an extremely enervating struggle for Yaghi and Hassan’s freedom. It’s the right thing to do. The defense of Yaghi and Hassan, and others, have sufficient prudence to realize the effect of this case’s precedent in Muslim American historiography. Such unrectified blatant injustice will relinquish our frail posterity as unequal to our American brethren, and possible future victims to an untamed wild Islamophobia-which has ran rampant since its uncaged release in 2001-devouring at its gluttonous discretion our own innocent children. Some of us already did not enrapture its appetite. We Muslim Americans will not remain fearfully inured or slinkly acquiesce with forbearance because this beast’s appetite is restrained from all of us-feeling secure with each sacrificial injustice- twingingly mauling solely on a portion of our innocent communities. We all share this vast land, America! And ironically-contrary to the small minds of such Crusaders as a portentous snubbing Jason Kellhofer who proclaimed at his graduation that he would take the fight to terrorism in the name of Jesus Christ- Muslims who hold America’s fundamentals dear are risking a lot and sacrificing much strenuous effort and a dearth of resources and time, to fight for the venerable principles of America by ripping asunder the artificial wall of glued garbage-Kellhofer described his conspiracy narrative as a wall of bricks- by GI-Joe Manichaean children such as Kellhofer. Kellhofer’s figurative wall is an American patina version of the Berlin or Palestinian wall diametric to justice, and a microcosm of freedom’s anathema under the NDAA and War Of Terrorism today with its full cast of evil characters as history has recorded in the past. And as history indelibly records in regards to the human phenomena of reaction against oppression and injustice;  today we witness how Islamophobia, invasions and death, apartheid, wrongful imprisonment, discrimination, and more -under the chicanery artifice neologism ‘terrorism’- have convoked us victims alike and spurned the assiduous wheels which are furiously turning against a design of dystopia-against our children and posterity- toward a brighter sunshine and stronger people and better future. After pouring and flooding rain, even the earth becomes hard, and so have we. And such vital step-amongst many prudent footprints of probity – commences with correcting the injustice against Yaghi and Hassan. Fear of failure is absent among us- we intend to scratch with tooth and nail and bite until toothless while outnumbered and overwhelmed with our backs against the corner- how we fight is the paramount objective. We are all victims and the cup is filled, we’ve had enough! The rest is in God’s hands.


Upon this point all speculative politicians will agree, that the happiness of society is the end of government, as all divines and moral philosophers will agree that the happiness of the individual is the end of man. From this principle it will follow that the form of government which communicates ease, comfort, security, or, in one word, happiness, to the greatest numbers of persons, and in the greatest degree, is the best.

– John Adams


John Adams

Salem News Story

(* I wrote about the infamous Islamophobic Internet Zionists -My Pet Jawa/ the Jawa Report-that cooperate with US government and their involvement with spying on Ziyad Yaghi’s Facebook account. Since then, I and my editor have been victims of their harassment continuously. Why is the US government relying on ‘fabricated’ and biased evidence from sources that clearly hate ‘all’ Muslims and Palestinian human rights activists and Palestinians!?*)

My Pet Jawa’s article on Yaghi’s ‘private’ facebook account

My Article on My Pet Jawa’s Spying on Yaghi’s Account

My Pet Jawa’s Personal Attack against Salem News, me, and my editor Tim King.

My editor Tim King’s Response to My Pet Jawa

My Pet Jawa’s Response to Tim

My Pet Jawa’s Personal sarcastic attack/harassment against me

  1. TaterSalad
    March 31, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Moral of the article/story:

    Barack Obama gives Hillary a shiny new Re-Set Button and she promptly gives it to Russia. The torch gets passed to Hanoi John (not Jane) Kerry and he then gets the same re-set button crammed up his rear-end. How does it feel there Kerry when something gets shoved up your as*…………..just like you guys did with Obamacare and your phony transparency and reconciliation vote?


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