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Gaza Camp: The Untold Story

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via Gaza Camp: The Untold Story.


Article by Siraj Davis


“The nascent conundrum escalated to brawls between multiple parties wherein Jordanian police reportedly participated in looting shops and aiding Al Haddada antagonists in Gaza Camp.

One resident stated, “the fight started at Haneen shop between just little kids.The Jordanians from Al Haddada attacked the father of one [Gaza Camp] kid who complain in police station. Then burn cars, library or bookstore, telephone shops, kitchen shops, and pharmacy…the police help them!”

According to all of those interviewed, after witnessing some of the Jordanian police siding with the assailants of Al Haddada village, Gaza Camp youth turned their hostilities toward both Al Haddada assailants and the Jordanian police by throwing stones and rocks in defense of their neighborhoods.
Though certain representatives of the Jordanian authorities have denied this narrative, one video has arisen to support such claims, and others are reported to be circulating still.”

******(One of the Videos is in the article) *********

“Reports from residents indicate no warrants, verbal reasons, or evidence were presented at time of arrest as some were dragged from their families’ homes or picked up individually on the streets. There are also complaints that bystanders inquiring into these arrests were either arrested or beaten.

Before EID, ten of the sixteen prisoners were released on bail, six remained incarcerated. Interviews with five of the ten released indicated torture in the form of hour long beatings, two continuous days of food and water deprivation with denial of bathroom privileges, and the administering of electrical shock.

One fourteen year old prisoner complained the police discharged a firearm near his feet to induce fear and anxiety. Another sixteen year old prisoner complained an officer took a shoe off his sole and began to slap him in the face many times, ending the malignant crescendo by shoving it into his mouth to near suffocation. This same teenager also stated he was beaten while seated with handcuffs on him. All of the formerly imprisoned maintain their innocence, that they were not asked any questions during the ordeal, and have also indicated that the remaining five in prison have worse injuries including broken teeth and bones.”

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