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You don’t know me. #Islamophobia

Media Diversified

This Week in Islamophobia

by Yasin Bangee

Another bout of specific assaults against Muslims has gone virtually unreported by mass media. We have had threats, a bizarre incident of bacon throwing,pornography and a racist attack.

Indeed the other week the mosque I attend was targeted by fools throwing eggs. It had an air of inevitability about it. Despite convincing myself that the area I’m from is beyond such knuckle dragging behaviour why would we be treated any differently? Anti-Muslim sentiment is at an all time high.

In America, post 9/11 all Mosques have been listed as potential terrorist organisations. That again, surprises me but only because I was surprised. It should be expected, shouldn’t it? Mosques are central gathering locations for Muslims, and Muslims are a dangerous backward lot hell bent on bringing down the western sinful utopia, right?

This week saw Stephen Fry engage in…

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