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It Takes a Smuggler to Satisfy KFC Cravings in Gaza


Colonel Sanders would be proud. While the 74-year-old secret recipe for his fried chicken has remained firmly under wraps, cravings for his deep-fried deliciousness have become so widespread that an entrepreneur has begun smuggling KFC to customers in the Gaza Strip using secret underground tunnels. According to the New York Times, Khalil Efrangi, 31, runs a small shop in Gaza called Yamama that will deliver a 12-piece bucket of KFC for $27, about twice what it costs across the border in Egypt, where the food is prepared.

Since Israel strengthened the blockade on its Gazan border with Egypt in 2007, “People have used the hundreds of underground tunnels that connect Egypt and Gaza to smuggle in everything from motorcycles to fish to brides,” reports the New York Daily News. So KFC seems like a natural extension for the clandestine trade route, even if the contraband meals can take…

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