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Collective Consciousness and TJP: Why We Refuse to Surrender

Collective Consciousness and TJP: Why We Refuse to Surrender.


History records the same determinant for other forms of injustice and oppression in the past. Avarice! Greed!! The same culprit behind the genocide of natives in the American continents and the slavery used to build nations upon the lands of the exterminated. Privileges or rights,standards of life, and often humanity is represented and exemplified by a piece of green and crisp paper known as money. As one examines these pieces of paper, it is an ironic despair when critically thinking  that a human in this world has rights according to how many wealthy and privileged faces on those pieces of paper he or she collects. It is one of the gravest crimes of nature that the inalienable rights our creator gave us is reduced to the equivalency of such a worthless object.

And always, as the annals of history testify, there are some that act to inspire and transform these conundrums that face human societies. There are those today who are the modern Benjamin Lays that speak and act vehemently against the injustice of their times. There are those who have the modern literary talent of a Frederick Douglass. There are those contemporary people who can bring the sincere appreciation for the beauty of simplicity and ancient wisdom to the age of technology as Ghandi in his time. There are also those who will be stigmatized with abstract terms and accused of fanaticism or radicalism because they took the role of a Gabriel Prosser. May we revere and honor all of them in this struggle.

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