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Collective Consciousness and TJP: Why We Refuse to Surrender

Collective Consciousness and TJP: Why We Refuse to Surrender.

For example:
The US state of South Carolina is a major supporter of Israel in America.

1) South Carolina’s unemployment rate is the second highest in the nation.
2) South Carolina has the 3rd highest infant mortality rate in the country.
3) South Carolina’s education system is below average in comparison to the rest of the nation.
4) South Carolina ranks the number one state in the nation with the most violent crimes and one of the states with the highest incarceration rates.
5) South Carolina’s life expectancy is ranked amongst the lowest of the nation.

Nevertheless, the South Carolina politicians’ dedication to the state of Israel is nearly unmatched as it joins a bloc of other impoverished states whose politicians are profiting from their allegiances with the Israeli lobbyists in America who have a plethora of money to contribute to these politicians’ campaigns and pockets. Thus the normal citizen of states such as South Carolina that blindly support Israel’s gross human rights violations must continue to suffer under penury themselves because of ignorance.

(*NOTE* US House Representative Bill 1105, the Appropriations Act for Financial Aid to Israel is based on weak premises. It Asserts that the aid is to counter the Arab Boycott but both Israel and the US claims the Arab Boycott is not significant in affecting Israel’s economy. It also asserts that the money is to be used to protect themselves against Al Qaeda. However, the money is being used to fight Hamas and Hezbollah. Finally, the money is to protect Israel from the threat of another Arab invasion which is unlikely because several of the Arab nations, the ones of significant strength have already signed agreements to recognize Israel).

Also, those nations aligned in an Axis of Israel endanger their own citizens’ welfare abroad and at home. A glaring example is the chronology of the War on Terror. The US government manipulates the continuity of the history of the 9-11 attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001. Instead the Axis of Israel, especially the US, claims they were the initial victims of the volley  in the 9-11 attacks and have only reciprocated the onslaught with wars to several countries in the Middle East for the purpose of preserving itself. This preservation is bolstered by the declaration of the US and other member states of the Axis of Israel, that they must seek vindication through killing millions of innocent civilians at the behest of the actions of 18 people, some of them with former connections to the Central Intelligence Agency in America and Mossad in Israel. All of them from Saudi Arabia, not Afghanistan or Iraq where wars were generated chasing the assailants of the 9-11 attacks, a phantom Al Qaeda secret organization  in these countries who number less than the gangbangers in the US state of California.

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