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Analysis: The forgotten refugees of Gaza

Analysis: The forgotten refugees of Gaza.

One of the volunteers, Dr. Essam N. Amiss, travels 1 hour back and forth to the Gazan camp. He has been a volunteer for the group Jordan Volunteers for 4 years and now helps this particular band of humanitarian activists. He is a dentist who believes in the principle that sharing is caring and repeatedly reminded me during my interview with him that the Gazan refugees have never known the degree of happiness we are accustomed to regularly.

When expounding on the conditions of Gaza camp, he described it as a grisly disaster with hapless people devoid of a meaningful existence. He continued that the humidity is scorching high, health and sanitation conditions are dreadful, and repulsive housing and appalling unemployment problems are endemic there.

When asked why he helps he replied, “I have a good life, I am a dentist. Other people don’t have the conditions I have in my life. So I want to make them happy.” When queried what does he want to say to those who prevaricate and acquiesce that they have neither time nor funds to help, he responded, “It isn’t difficult. Anyone can help. You can help in other ways. Blood donation for cancer patients for example. It only takes 15 minutes.”

Dr. Amiss has an unmalleable passion that demonstrates laudatory applause as he works selflessly to help others without asking for anything in return; it’s called heroism, it’s called having a prudent mind, it’s called having a heart, it’s called character, it’s called altruism.



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