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Cheers for a Palestine by Name, Forget the Rights

Cheers for a Palestine by Name, Forget the Rights.

Let me disabuse some further clear fallacies I have been reading about this event on Facebook.

One Facebook user stated in support of a second Palestinian state,

“A bird in the hand is better than another 64 years of nothing. America Indians can’t eliminate USA just as Israel is not going to disappear… the “real” revenge is to thrive and develop a working Palestinian economy despite the hardships.”
Sacrificing for an inclusive and Democratic state is very possible and it doesn’t necessarily entail hate, as some assume (some perceive that a one state solution translates into the destruction of the Jewish culture and rights). Similar enigmas of conflict have existed in many situations across the globe within the pages of history and it is very possible to apply in the Palestine conundrum. Although there are Palestinian voices that emphasize angry rhetoric in regards to the formation of one state, there are just as many voices that desire cultivation of peaceful coexistence, whose vernacular does not entail this.  furthermore, what one says and does are two different things.Moreover, we should expect that Israel and the US will make the economy for Palestinians scream (as Nixon said about Salvador Allende in Chile)  after their embarrassment in the UN.


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