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An Appeal to the Ummah in the World

An Appeal to the Ummah in the World.


When we are faced with so much potential and active harassment and threats for political participation, I ask can it get any worse for us? Is there nothing worse than watching our sisters and brothers suffer while we are afraid or apathetic to do everything we can to help them? All we strive to do is to practice the same rights accorded to every American. Aren’t we Americans!? So we must watch the suffering of our people AND live like second-class citizens!? Can it get any worse? Or how about the trumped up charges our government has placed upon those in America who have fought to stand for our brothers and sisters now!? Do you you know who has fought for you!? Do you know of how Affiya Sidduiqi was charged for conspiracy to commit terorrism b/c our government says she picked up a weapon that a soldier placed on the ground? Do you believe that a soldier would place a firearm on the ground while searching a house!? Are you serious!? Has lies brainwashed us into mindless sheep even now!? What of the Fort Dix 5 and the North Carolina 7? Are they really guilty? Or were they indicted for a fear and paranoia in this country which drove our government to overreact and invade two nations for the actions of a group of extremist Muslims who number less than the bloods and crips in this nation!? Did our government drop bombs on Tea Baggers or anyone else when Joe Stacks flew his plane into an IRS building? Did we invade any states? Did we blame it on any ideology with the suffix of “ism” like Communism or Terrorism? Did we blame it on Christians or whatever religion he was?

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