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CCTJP Tribute to Gaza: When the Rebels Rise



Reblogged from Salem News

New Song: When the Rebels Rise!

Tim King Salem-News.com

This is the time to say no more Israeli baby killing.

When the Rebels Rise!
Courtesy: Herald Sun in Australia

(SACRAMENTO / BOSTON) – In America we’re raised to be logical and then confronted with the most contrasting expectations as adults.

Muhsin “The Technician” Corbbrey –
“I am Palestinian”

One is that we support a government like Israel that kills children so frequently it makes one’s head spin. Muhsin “The Technician” Corbbrey, Siraj Davis, Jo McColl, Ace and crew address this chronic plague upon humanity in the new song, ‘When the Rebels Rise‘ which was largely inspired by Israel’s latest siege on Gaza.

We have seen more than enough of these disproportionate standards applied to human life by governments like the United States and its allies…their actions are wearing many of us thin.

The desperation those children in Gaza must feel… their families and friends constantly under attack because a few people there don’t like being in an open air prison surrounded by Israel almost completely and temperamental Egyptians in the south, many of whom conspire with Israel in keeping this population subjugated.

Siraj Davis is Palestinian

Siraj Davis said in regard to the new song:

“The recent protests all over the globe in reaction to the Gaza crisis where Israel murdered many innocent people in an antiquated COIN (Counter-insurgency) Doctrine of “kill more of them than us and they will stop or we will survive,” is a demonstration that the world is poised to explode against a volatile injustice that Western foreign jingoism has concocted in the Holy Lands of the prophets. A Collective Consciousness and Truth Justice and Peace collaboration of Muhsin “the Technician” Corbbrey, Siraj Davis, Jo McColl, Tim King, and Ken O Keefe; participate in the musical genius of Aldin Entertainment by creating a music video in order to motivate activists across the world. The goal is to invigorate the world citizens across the globe to speak out against the injustices against the Palestinians and Gazans by the Israeli government.”



We must stand up as people and demand an end to the wanton slaughter and ban the US ‘super veto power’ in the UN which perpetually prevents Israel from having to answer for war crimes.

Jamal Belica – “I am Palestinian”

Jamal Belica of Aldin Entertainment, hopes this type of political message reaches people:

“These children are valuable and precious, they deserve to live full lives and not have their existence cut short by the hateful weapons of an occupational army. Running and dodging bullets fired by supposedly mature and responsible adults… well that is not right, in fact there are few things more wrong. I see the pictures of the dead children and it makes me really super sad and angry and I think that if enough people see it and learn what is going on over there, many things could change, and maybe someday Israel can be good to Palestinians, I hope so.”

Belica, who goes by ‘JB’, is one of so many young people today who are learning about the history of the Middle east and taking a stand very early on.

They are the future and what we teach them will hopefully provide the tools for them to battle fascism and apartheid laws when they grow up.

Ken O’Keefe –
“I am Palestinian” (He really is!)

Of course we all need our motivation and that is why Ken O’Keefe has become such a central figure in the Palestinian struggle for liberation. There are many activists, but none from America have taken a more hands-on role than Ken, who like myself, is a former U.S. Marine.

Jo McColl –
“I am Palestinian”

His place in the first Freedom Flotilla is cemented in history and he was our man on point so many times in Gaza, up to and including the Murder of our treasured writer, Vittorio ‘Vik’ Arrigoni, who was taken away from us a year ago last April. The martyring of Vik only strengthened and emboldened the resolve to see Palestine become free.

From the other side of the globe, Jo McColl in New Zealand, is a strongly directed activist for Palestine who like so many of us, is in for the long haul. Her words in this song convey the power of absolute demand for liberation and for an end to the suffering, and she says the most important thing, that the resistance will continue until Palestine is free.

People will rise and this song is a part of this movement and will empower activists and mainstream people alike to take note and stop mixing their words when they talk about Gaza, worrying because they fear a Jewish person will call them antisemitic because they object to the slaughter of infants, families, Israel’s precision targeting of schools and hospitals in Gaza and its incessant desire to block many types of aid and rebuilding material.

Tim and Bonnie King and Agron Belica –
“We are Palestinians”

For our part, Bonnie and I are the parents of several children, and we know how difficult life can be right here in the United States where truth brings few rewards.

We can only imagine the terror and the tears that have evolved from Gaza during its years-long struggle for survival under the dirty heels of the Israeli Defence Forces. One would think that they could see at this point that public sentiment is against them and the support they have is worth less each day. The United States, Canada and Great Britain are some of the only Israeli ‘hold-outs’ that are left. It can’t be comforting for the Israelis either to know that the US government switches alliances and enemies when the wind blows.

Those who call for the killing of Gazans are not just enemies of Palestine, but foes of all peace and relief efforts. They literally support baby killing and I don’t care how much they try to sell their point, it will never fly and we hold this same sentiment toward all nations that wantonly kill.

Certainly that brings us to Iraq, where people were traumatized and destroyed for no reason in the world, other than the desire for American aggression and to revive the ugly evil crusades against Muslims from a thousand years ago.

No child deserves that, rise up people, be strong and be smart and have courage.




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