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A Bi-Polar Hate-Spewer and Gymnophobic Minnie Mouse : The Tale of Mary Rizzo

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Reply to Mary Rizzo

Posted on07 July 2012.

To whom it may concern,On behalf of Collective Consciousness, we would like to state ourappreciation for the courage, sacrifice, and astute character in which the aggressive and illegal behaviors of a group of misfits on the social medium, Faceb ook has engaged in against innocent Palestinian and other human rights activist. As a result of our pursuit of justice and desire to bring such a long train of abuses by assailants to the public’s eye, we have also been addressed in a provocative manner by individual constituents of these group of bullies.

Therein lays the attachment in this e-mail which I have forwarded to you on behalf of myself and the organization, Collective Consciousness. This attachment is a personal reply to an individual that challenged me by making her own web blog post using my name and screenshots form Facebook.

Therefore, I have not only used my screenshots to prove the connection between Mary Rizzo and the Facebook Hate website “No One in Gaza Wants Ken O Keefe” AND Kimberly Amatullah,but I have also provided a refutation of her article against Ken premise by premise with my own inquires and refutations and challenges of her ambiguous rhetoric in attacking, and most importantly are included screenshots providing the narrative of how Kimberly Amatullah and others attempted to intimidate, threaten my life, and harass me over a $100 loan because I refused to engage in a campaign to defame Ken O Keefe.

I believe, strongly, that my screenshots, along with others I have not included, not only prove the relationship of Mary Rizzo, Kimberly Amatullah, and others; but it shows what lengths of illegal and
unethical activity all of the aforementioned and more are willing to go to destroy Ken O Keefe.

Moreover, I hope to clear my credibility and name with this narrative and proof.


Taiyo “Siraj” Davis


Download Document:






  1. January 14, 2013 at 10:21 am

    This should not continue. It has become cyber-bullying and these sick women are pulling innocent victims into their destructive path, including me. Rizzo’s ego and her need for people to stroke it is not activism. She should accept the fact that she needs to stop obsessing on Ken O’Keefe, accept reality (that he was found by the British authorities not to have engaged in any crime) and let it go. But obviously she and her friends don’t have anything better to do. At this point, I think O’Keefe needs to take her to court and sue her. If law enforcement has determined that there was no wrongdoing on O’Keefe’s part, being civilized people everyone should accept that, turn to a new page and carry on. Rizzo and her friends are well advised to back off and shut the hell up because if this harassment continues, there will be legal consequences, if not from O’Keefe, from me. I will not submit to being harassed, slandered, stalked by compulsive crazies taking screenshots of my every move, and I have spoken to a lawyer who advises me that this is grounds for legal action if it does not stop. I am not and was not involved in the case against O’Keefe – I withdrew my support for it as of January, 2011, stayed out of most discussions about it, and I had no involvement whatsoever because I saw it as something that could come back and haunt me; I also didn’t understand what this “evidence” was against O’Keefe and could not simply accept the explanations I was given. I openly questioned the wisdom of publicly accusing a person of wrongdoing based on this “evidence.” I know absolutely nothing about what happened between O’Keefe and Catherine Myles et al, as they were never friends of mine, and the small amount of information I was given was not enough for me to get a clear picture in my mind of just what occurred. At the end of the day, it comes down to two things – if people want to give money to someone who is NOT a registered charity and they are willing to relinquish any and all control over their donation including what happens to it, and they trust the person or persons they are giving it to, then who is anyone to question that? Why haven’t the people O’Keefe allegedly bilked come forward to complain? Did Rizzo get ripped off by O’Keefe? If not, then why is she writing about him and claiming he is a thief? What the hell did the Road to Hope and the Samouni Project have to do with Mary Rizzo and her friends?

  2. Mags
    January 14, 2013 at 10:25 pm

    So when are you and Mary getting married? You’ve obviously got a hard on for her,posting sexual fantasies about her almost daily,should I buy a hat?

    • January 19, 2013 at 9:48 pm

      Was this the best your creative mind could stir up in that vacuous mind? It was not farcical a claim by you, I sincerely appreciate the effort because it literally made me laugh 🙂 You have proven yourself a craven for being an internet thug, stupid because you had the creativity and intelelctual acumen of a stone, and …you just buttress initial suspicions that you are a loser 😉 Get at me a little harder habeebee because I am smiling on this side of the Atlantic Ocean while you have a no pass. Your parents must be really proud of what sagacity and honor they invigorated within your mind and heart to become a hater. You make me look good , keep up the good work ❤

  1. November 28, 2012 at 1:00 am

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