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“Israel” metaphorically defeated in Gaza

Silver Lining

by Ismail Salami, source

At a time when the beleaguered Gaza became haunted by Israeli bombs and the innocent women and children were targeted by missiles, US President Barrack Obama together with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a journey to a number of SouthEast Asian countries including Myanmar, the land of pagodas and jungles, a poverty-stricken country which has recently witnessed a state-sponsored ethnic cleansing of the Muslim population in the Rakhine region.

Obama prided himself of being the first sitting American president to visit the country in the high hopes of consolidating the changes which have taken place in the country. With the promise of more financial assistance, Mr. Obama vowed to “support you every step of the way.”

Some international groups have viewed Obama’s visit to Myanmar with cynicism and criticism, believing that the trip is a premature reward for a country that still incarcerates political dissidents…

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