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Are prayers enough?


Time and time again I hear people say

“Oh, all we can do, is pray for the people of Gaza.”

Not to say that praying doesn’t help, or it isn’t powerful,
For yes, MashaAllah, it certainly is.

But that doesn’t mean we are only limited to doing just that…

Next comes the infamous,

“This is a test, a challenge, for the people of Palestine”

Yes, yes it certainly is a test to see the strength of their faiths, a challenge they must overcome for the eternal reward.
But do you not see, that this could possibly be, a test for us too?
A test to see if we’re brave enough to voice out our opinions, to share what is happening in their world, to stand up for their rights, a test to see, if we’re worth it or simply worthless.

Close your eyes for a minute, imagine yourself to be…

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