You know, when the Nazis were exterminating the so-called German Jews, it was classified as genocide. And even America was not quick to intervene.
History truly repeats itself, and now Israel is doing the same in Gaza, and neither America nor the UN are crying foul. America is Israel’s ally, and the UN won’t sanction them…Israel has basically said “We do what the fuck we want cause we’re Israel!”

If you think for one moment that ethnic cleansing and genocide are merely historical terms, you’re deluding yourself.
And let’s not EVEN get into how Israel treats their Ethiopian population.
Straight Jim Crowing them.

In closing, both presidential candidates stated they must keep Israel as America’s ally.
But per usual, America’s world policing is highly selective, and only in the name of its ‘interests’.

Murder is murder; genocide IS genocide. Stay tuned cause the shyt storm thickens…

fathom 9 (via fathom9)

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