Okay, this is going to be lengthy.

There’s just so many aspects to discuss and explain but I know it’s going to be impossible to mention every last human right violation Israel has committed against the Palestinian population — but I’ll quickly give you an overview of how we got to where we are today and you can judge it for yourself.

I don’t know how its done in Germany, but if its anything like America, our school  system shoves the Holocaust era down our throats from a young age. So I take it I don’t need to go over how Gypsies, the disabled, gays, Jews, or anyone different, were all persecuted under the reign of the Nazi empire. 

Around the end of this period in time (I’m skipping a bunch) Britain and a few other big shots including the UN were sympathizing with these Europeans who just so happened to have one thing in common — their religion. 

There was a push by this group of people to have a ”homeland of their own”, but they wanted a specific place — Palestine. (Which is today called Israel) 

One problem. This land belonged to the indigenous Palestinians, their homes, their trees, their olive groves, the Dead sea, the minerals, etcetc. All of it. Palestinian resources, and Palestinian agriculture.

The Palestinian population was predominantly peaceful farmers who tended to their precious lands. 

Do you know of farmers who know how to utilize, let alone OWN machine guns or tanks? No. Neither do I. (remember to keep this in the back of your head)

Now at this time, the push for a Jewish state (called Israel) was clear. By 1948, with the help of British weaponry, and a newly founded army we now refer to as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), these Jewish European natives banded together with their machine guns, tanks, and troops, invading Palestine — and the backing of the Holocaust sympathizers. 

Their justification? We are God’s chosen people. God wants us to have an all-Jewish state.

Now its obvious to anyone with common sense, that this absurd reasoning does not justify aggressively and violently invading a country and its inhabitants. 

My ancestors fled in terror. They left everything and fled to Lebanon, Jordan, and other neighboring parts of the Middle East. Their homes still furnished, their beds still made, the cooking on the table — abandoned temporarily until the violence came to an end. Unfortunately it never did, and the troops made up a flag, and stuck it in the ground. Israel was born on this day in 1948. Palestine was no more. 

And the Palestinians returned only to find their homes were stolen or demolished and rebuilt. All they had left were their memories and their keys to the home they were no longer allowed to go back into.

Of course many attempted, but were permanently deported into neighboring Jordan or killed in the process. With nothing to defend themselves, the Palestinians saw their country get taken over overnight. 

The Europeans were seen dancing in the streets, singing and praising God that they achieved their Jewish state. However, what they forget is that Palestine is a country for all religions. Muslims, Christians, and Jewish alike. 

In fact, Jews,  Muslims, and Christians lived side by side since biblical times — but apparently that wasn’t enough. Every other religion, according to these people, must be exterminated or expelled because they are not ”God’s people”.  Many Palestinians, including my grandparents and great grandparents, were massacred, orphaned, displaced, and forgotten — based on the fact that they were not the ”right religion” — sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I want to fast forward to today — because I don’t want to bore you with the extensive details and isolated accounts (we’ll be here another 30 years)

Israel became Israel because people made quick decisions without thinking in the long run.

Would you settle if someone from another continent barged into your home, kicked you out, changed the locks, and claimed it theirs? Or would you fight for whats yours?

What if you had nothing to fight with? And what if they had extensive war weaponry? Would you even try? What if this person was so good at manipulating and twisting the story that someone with a lot of power backed them up no matter how twisted and evil they are? 

Thats exactly our situation. 

The Palestinian people — although greatly disadvantaged when it comes to weapons and manpower, are very determined. This is something Israel can’t take away. And this is why this a conflict that will never be resolved. 

Israel has countlessly degraded,dehumanized, segregated, and took advantage of this  population for over 60+ years since the creation of Israel. I want to put stress on the term, CREATION of Israel. Because thats exactly what it was — created. Man made built on the foundations of Palestinian bloodshed and great manipulation of the superpowers. 

One Holocaust does not justify another. History should have taught them that, but they took the opportunity and ran with it while the Holocaust was still fresh in people’s minds. Something I find highly offensive to anyone who has suffered. 

The Palestinian’s did nothing to deserve being abused and terrorized.

Point blank. Period. 

I don’t care what religion you want to associate with. Its unacceptable. 

Real Jews denounce the creation of Israel and the stealing of Palestinian land. Real Jews also recognize Palestine. Love thy neighbor is a religious phrase incorporated within the readings Islam, Christianity and well as Judaism. 

Israel and its supporters who use the Bible or Torah or what have you, are merely using and twisting religion into what they want it to say. No where in the text does it say ethnically cleanse a land because you are XYZ.

This map shows the exact process of ethnic cleansing from 1946 – 2000

No one does anything to stop this — in fact America enables and fully supports this systematic attempt to rid the world of a Palestinian race. 

Just like we did to the Native Americans. Enslaved them and killed them off. 

”Israel” even controlled Gaza before they were forced to withdraw. Enough was enough.

To them, Palestine consists of the tiny Gaza strip (which is now an open air prison) and the West bank.

But even the West Bank, which is considered  ”Palestinian territory” , contains hundreds of ILLEGAL Jewish settlements — illegal according to international law. However they still live there and terrorize their Palestinian neighbors. 

They do this in many ways…

  • puncturing holes in their own sewage piping (which run underground into Palestinian farms ..completely contaminating the crops and spreading E.coli and other infectious diseases)
  • throwing rocks at children walking to school
  • threatening Palestinian people with the guns they carry slated over their shoulders (because they need to be protected against the savage arabs)
  • burning thousands of dunhams of Palestinian land — causing the family economic stress and turmoil.
  • massacring Muslims who are praying at the Mosque.
  • throwing molotovs at Palestinian vehicles. 
  • arresting Palestinian minors in the dead of night (you may know this as kidnapping in Germany) and holding the children without a charge, and no opportunity to trial. (Many children grow up in Israeli jails, being tortured into making fake confessions)
  • Age and gender restrictions on who can pray at the sacred holy sites.
  • Building an apartheid wall (also illegal by international law) separating Palestinian territory from Israeli — splitting families and businesses down the middle. This wall is over double the size of the Berlin wall — both in height and length.
  • Creating thousands of checkpoints for Palestinians only. They must wait hours on line, most of the time only to be turned back. Jews can go where they want, when they want.

The list goes on….

Towards the end of 2008 for 3 weeks, Israel, contrary to popular belief, broke the cease fire it begged for, and attacked the Gaza Strip killing over 1,000 civilians, injuring thousands more, and completely destroying Gaza’s already fragile infrastructure. Because Israel has imposed a siege on Gaza, its residents don’t get adequate nutrition, hospital care, or schooling — because Israel bombed them all and didn’t allow building materials to enter as needed. 

Hospitals that were spared were left with no medicines or machine replacements. People were dropping dead like flies. Israel didn’t care. 

Would you like me to compare their weapons? 


  • White phosphorus (targeting civilians — a war crime)
  • American-made tanks
  • Machine guns
  • DIME bombs (those contain shrapnel and other bits and pieces that disperse upon explosion)
  • Smart bombs (they know exactly where they are targeting.. no mistakes here)
  • Rubber coated bullets
  • Tear gas
  • Drones
  • Missile heads (used repeatably during the air strikes)
  • They also have a disproportionate amount nuclear heads when compared to the size of their territory.


  • Man-made rockets (non-guided non-tech and according to the facts, for the most part non-threatening)

They usually land in the middle of nowhere, or in open spaces, but occasionally, they are fast enough to break a window or damage a house. They don’t explode or release fragments of illegal chemicals. Most rockets are intercepted via Israel’s ”iron dome”, and no one is affected. Unless you’d like to consider ”momentary anxiety” as being affected, then sure. They are affected.

Israel claims it has the right to defend itself. Is that possible if its occupying a land? If they are constantly provoking, initiating, and killing people, is that self defense when the other side fights back?

Last I checked, that was a normal response. 

If someone punches you in the face, you’re going to punch them back — even if you are weak. You will stand up for yourself. 

They keep claiming that hundreds of rockets are entering Israeli airspace, but never tell us what the extent of the damage is. 

They also never tell us how many bombs they dropped on Gaza. It was enough to kill 25+ this week alone. Civilians, and infants. 

The facts are always kept hidden under the rug. Thats why Gaza has had enough, and thats why they are fighting back. Gaza is defending themselves. Israel is initiating it and is just angry that the Palestinians are stepping up.

If I can explain anything else, feel free to ask. Just know that I gave you the jist of the situation. 

You can’t support peace and stand with Israel. Thats counterproductive. 

They have an irrational craving for violence and bloodshed that has lasted over 6 decades. Everything is peachy and great, unless an Israeli’s life is at risk.

I thought we were all humans. But apparently not if you have a drop of Palestinian blood in you.

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