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PALESTINE: Mass Censorship?

Irreverent Rant

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In my opinion, it is the purpose of the media to inform the public of news throughout the world. Of course, certain journalists have the job of offering their opinions, but first and foremost, they should present the facts. Yet, when news networks and newspapers refuse to report on certain events in the Middle East, it doesn’t seem that way. Are we seeing censorship of information in the modern day?

The fact of the matter is, that although the Internet age has helped us become less reliant on these news networks and journalists, when events happen in certain parts of the world, we become reliant upon them. The massacre of Palestinians in the latest of many Israeli operations is one such case. Throughout the series of attacks over a few years, I have realised the very pro-Israel slant of the media. Certainly, those being slaughtered are being blamed as being…

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