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Gaza Operation: Israel and US Forefit Future Peace Plans


Israel has stepped past a line wherein that foot and its print can not be retracted. The response by the world will be humongous, it has already began.

We will not equivocate, hesitate, nor care for our own welfare to speak out against the

se injustices! Our voice will rise louder and with a larger audience until the world condemns the actions by a heinous, callous, and disgusting perversion of a “chosen” country.Until that government founded on terrorism which embraces a star on its flag, can behave like a civilized and wise nation, its very Right to Exist is rebuked and hurled like vomit by nature. Tyranny will not be accepted nor tolerated by neighbors willing to live peacefully and coexist when such acts of barefaced abuse and a blank check impunity witnessed by the world threatens them as well.

It is indeed a sad day. We will not gaze upon that land again with sympathy or hope for peace, instead we have thrown our own hands up in submission as to protecting her name as if peace from an apartheid bully can be transformed into a functional Democracy. The whole landscape has been changed where the late Rachel Corrie, Vittorio Arrigoni, and many more will have their justice alongside the many innocent Palestinians who have died without cause or provocation. In that moment, the earth over Israel will be fertilized by the manure of fleeing doves as peace will NOT BE THE PLAN OF THE US OR ISRAEL, but of the Palestinians’ choosing themselves solely. The former bloc or axis, have submitted their right to choose that direction of peace evermore.

We can not trust them with that responsibility! We see why now. God would not forgive us if we were to allow such a debacle in Gaza to lay the foundation for the US and Israel to use THEIR discretion as to how peace should appear. The attack on Gaza is a forfeiture of that privilege.

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