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A Treatise and Response to the Axis of Israel Over the Gaza Debacle





Israel has increased its internet propaganda. Applause πŸ™‚

Although pathetic, I welcome the dialogue instead of the silence of guilt.

A riposte:

We declare, all of us, that we are enjoined by a single mission despite our differences, forget our animosities, embrace our common aspiration; FREE PALESTINE WHICH ENTAILS ENDING THE HORRIFIC AND INHUMANE BLOCKADE OF GAZA!!! Those who share this ambition are my brothers and sisters, let our pasts, if bad, be erased!

A people can tolerate much because they are accustomed or inured to a government and oppression over time, they can even live as neighbors with the enemy as we discovered with Thomas Jefferson’s warning that whites and blacks could never do so because of the many years of hatred and animosity from slaver and religious indoctrination of citizens to support slavery; yet when it becomes apparent that a plan exists to destroy the very foundations of a people – its culture, language, its homeland- it is therein that a people have the unalienable right to resist in all forms those who impose tyranny upon the innocent. We will end that blockade or throw those god damn chains off ourselves!! Quote me on that!

Some of the differences between those who support Israel and Palestine is that the latter refuse to accept that money and power are the determinants of justice and truth. Perhaps it can augment efforts of peace, but not the former or latter. Another difference is that those who love Gaza recognize that power should be wielded responsibly with compassion and hesitation as an example for other nations and people in the world. In other words, the right of defense does not nor should it ever entail disproportionate force in response to a threat. More importantly, it should not involve the stealing and profiting from land while simultaneously dissembling to the world it is for a farcical national defense. Lastly, and a very important difference, is that those who understand clearly the history of this conflict refuse to buckle to amnesia produced by modern media establishments in regards to the continuity of this war in that years of oppression and injustice have caused the conundrum we witness now. Responsibility can not be imposed upon others until one demonstrates that trait themselves.

Again, Israel and the US and other countries have succeeded in emphasizing the point that western hegemony in the world, and perhaps in the past with the Roman Empire and Democracy in Athens, is failing due to its own actions in compromising the very principles it declared to the world it espoused in order to garnish the lack of resistance and increase the support it benefited from since its declaration of a New World Order.

The question remains, will we need to declare this observation to all and live by the responsibility of accepting this pill or shall we be proven wrong and avoid this suicide? It is not Gaza that awaits this challenge to Republicanism and Democracy, it is the world! As with previous predictions I have made, watch this one become true as well. That challenge hovers over the clouds of Palestine watching the rockets and missiles from both sides as a witness.

One thing is for certain and make damn clear it is understood Israel and my country, the US. Palestine and Gaza benefits from its world family and some of us, are prepared to extinguish the very existence within our bodies for their welfare at enormous costs and the heaviest of prices. Are you and if so, where will it lead all of us?

The new world order begins or ends in Gaza. Choose carefully for my own progenitors who helped to find America in its own revolution.


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