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The World Declares to Israel “Hands Off Gaza!”

If we allow Israel to attack and act with impunity toward our brothers and sisters in Gaza; old or young, Muslim or Christian or whatever religion or without; we will have contributed to the tribulations we are facing in all of the neighboring countries in the Middle East via our cowardice, lack of conscience toward humanity, ignorance from not realizing how these conflicts affect all of us everywhere near this tiny little land, and our own hypocrisy.

When we begin to peer upon each other as family, when we start to love our neighbors as wisdom purports, and when we act with unity instead of perfidy toward each other; it will be then that we will travel the right path toward a better region for everyone in the Middle East including our posterity. Consequently , the world. We are ALL connected in every tragic or inspirational event, every food we eat or share, every product or service we trade or decline, every thought or action that transpires between us, every smile or insult first impressions leave, and so on.

We can not allow any nation, including Israel, to spit on our pride and our Ummah with impunity! A bomb in Gaza is a bomb in every country in this world ♥How many more deaths of innocents will we tolerate!? How many more insults will be hurled at us under the witch hunt, terrorism!? How much worse can our condition get before the world throws their hands in the air, shake their heads in disbelief amalgamated with bewildered confusion as to why we have tolerated such insults and oppression without action!? How many more refugees must we write about!? How many more auguries must we witness before we our condition will have deteriorated to the nadir of the world calling all of us brutes instead of humans!?

President Obama promised change and this will NOT materialize until those who love Democracy listen to those of us who have and are sacrificing our careers and lives to advise the world in the best path toward that realization. And we aver we MUST send the message that those with power MUST act with more responsibility and with less impunity, a lesson from the American revolution has etched the axiom in the annals of history that unchecked power corrupts. It is time to check it in the Middle East or sadly another country inevitably will! We must give Obama a reason to stand firm with confidence to present truth, justice, and peace to his colleagues in the halls of Congress. He is not a dictator, he must convince others of this courageous and honorable challenge. And I am confident those underneath him desires this.

Injustices such as Israel’s attacks and most importantly the blockade of Gaza, create a vacuum for the very same opposition we claim are an anathema to our very lives. Wherein the truth, the difficult truth to admit is, that this “evil” or anathema are only trying to secure their own lives in their own home!

  1. November 15, 2012 at 9:51 pm
  2. starrynightiaa
    November 15, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    Our prayers are with Gaza. We all must join hands and speak up on the injustices brought about by Israel on the palestinian civilians immediately.

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