#OpFacebook (by ProfessionalHDStudio)

Facebook is a troll!

I download my e-mail contacts from my other social website to add friends and it blocks me from adding any more friends for 30 days. WTH!?

Facebook asked if I wanted to download the friends’ list AND it made such a task SO easy by giving me a screen with all of those contacts “check marked” with the selection marked “add all friends”. Then it turns around and reprimands peo
ple 🙂 Internet entrapment for those discriminated or targeted as some kind of “criminal” punishing internet or activists or people who have found themselves in a heated argument on this social site (which Facebook refuses to intermediate or equally apply the rules of Facebook toward everyone).

I have one! I don’t think its a bad idea living with LINKEDIN, Academia, Google Plus, MYspace, Twitter, and other mediums of “social networking” 🙂 Especially when they have more respect and rationality and trust than Facebook 🙂

Now that it blocked me, watch the genius of Facebook block me again for those friend requests still pending.

SO EVERYONE 🙂 I am moving to another social website 🙂

Hope everyone is well and will keep you updated with posts unless the Facebook trolls ban my account at which point, I will gladly be a Linkedin and Google Plus fan 🙂

The sad things is that despite warnings from friends and colleagues of Facebook allowing our personal information to be exchanged with governments and I have even heard some ambitious administrators of Facebook cooperate in spying of Facebook profiles, I remained using the service.

However, even the Declaration of Independence once said that people are prone to suffer abuse from an authority because they are not so inclined to change the authority in which they are accustomed to. As history shows, that abuse or stupidity goes but so far until the chains come falling off:)

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