#OpFacebook (by ProfessionalHDStudio)

And then after my account is canceled, I am going to write some diatribes, get them published, and focus on making another social site the best.

When have we as a people, begin to allow FACEBOOK dependency to coerce us to sacrifice our pride, honor, and privacy to a troll!?

I know most of our life is about dependency and sacrificing our lives for this dependency to the point of apathy, but when

is the line drawn?

Have we been reduced to such apathy as to allow the despotism of an electronic Zionist team of cowardly pin-striped shirt wearing geeks, led by a Zionist Minni Mouse with the false panache of a growling puppy to convince or scare us into believing that we are insignificant donkeys!?

Here is a message, I DON’T NEED YOU FACEBOOK 🙂 You are NOT ABOVE GOD! Now how do you like that sacrosanct retort!?

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